No-Sun Dial Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Peter from UK.

The idea for this watch design was based on traditional sundials and the lack of sun in the UK.   Peter thought that it would be novel to replace the light source but use the traditional method of telling the time using shadows.

To tell the time, you simply press the button on the side of the watch.  The two individual lights mounted on two rotational bezels illuminates and then sweep around to the appropriate places to cast shadows instead of hands to tell the time.


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No-Sun Dial Watch Design, 3.2 out of 5 based on 101 ratings

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28 Responses to “No-Sun Dial Watch Design”

  1. avatar Anders S より:

    It’s a clever idea, no doubt about that! I know since I (for once) managed to submit it first and it ranked fairly highly…=) I can’t remember exactly when (and since I’m at work I don’t have the time to find it), but it was some time during the summer if I’m not completely mistaken.
    My version is slightly different (the lights were hidden and I used two layered faces to catch the shadows), and just to be perfectly clear I’m not accusing anyone of IP theft or anything daft like that, I just think it’s interesting that people seem to have similar ideas, and it’ll be interesting to see how this ranks compared to mine… Which I still prefer, by the way… =)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Anders,

      I’m totally aware of the simularities and apologiuse for them, I did comment on the light beam watch some time ago which had simularities with another of you earlier designs that I had submitted this one before seeing your design.

      I would have been happy for TF not to have shown this design for that reason.

      I quite understand you prefering your own design.
      Besides the personal taste regarding styling , I think the main advantage with my design is if the lights fail or used in bright light you would still be able to read the time by looking at the postion of the two moving lights (opposite of the time).

      Thanks for the comment Anders :)

      • avatar Anders S より:

        You’ve got nothing to apologise for, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the same basic concept, but you’ve done your own thing with it.
        As for the comment about my preference for my own design, it was intended to be a bit tounge-in-cheek…=)

        Good point about the readability, I wouldn’t have thought about that…

        • avatar Pete より:

          Thanks for not being funny about it.
          Its anouying because I did go through the blog before submitting but some how missed your design (which is impressive really considering you named yours Gnomon!)
          As hopefuly you can tell by my other concepts that I try to be different (sometimes to different) from other peoples designs, although UFO was a little similar to one of Patricks older designs (again undeliberately)
          Hopefully my other submitted concepts do not have any resemblence to other peoples work.
          Anyway cheers for the comments! :)

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Pete, it’s an idea that every designer watches has at one time or another.
    This watch is sympathic, now I ask myself if it works in an area where the sun shines bright?
    The idea 5 * / Yes!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I think that in the event of very bright light you woud be able to read the time by the positiuon of the moving lights (opposite of the time) Thanks as ever for the positive outlook. :)

      • avatar Patrick より:

        Indeed, the position of the light flux clearly indicate the time, but with the shadows, it’s nicer to watch the world go by.
        Your remark confirms my positive note.

        • avatar Pete より:

          Its a shame for this one, I cannot get enthusiastic for it becasue of its simularities with Anders’s design.

          BTW I always appreciate your comments Patrick :)

  3. avatar rachid より:

    Cool concept, cool design but not réalistic having the Hands(lamps) outside the case will not work the clothes will block the movement, and the mechanical elements will suffer from dust infiltration, you might be able to transpose this to a wall device the mechanics being larger.

    • avatar Pete より:

      You make a fair point that due to the lights being external they may be exposed to external forces/friction. The intention was that have to activate the watch for the lights to move rather than them constantly moving like a regular analogue movement, so there should be minimul exposure to external friction/forces etc when in actual use.
      Thanks for the critique rachid :)

  4. avatar Firdaus public より:

    mantap siot jam ko ni, takyah tnggu matahaari leh sundial, oh lupa ni no sundial… masyukk!!!

  5. avatar Gordon より:

    pretty cool Pete!!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Gordon! its a shame with this one, when I drew it I thought I was the first to come up with this priciple. Unfortunatley it turned out Anders had beaten me to it by some time and I had not spotted it. We will just have to see if this is deemed to much of an issue for this design to be accepted. Thanks for the comment! :)

  6. avatar LatishaMullins27 より:

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  7. avatar Samukun より:

    lol @ Latisha … nevermind

    Ouch, that’s way too much underrated. I like it, but two things bug me. The first is, it’s a variation of an already shown idea. I could start a debate, weighing the right of using time telling principles vs the early bird catches the worm, but I don’t. The second thing is the external light. I see the artistic expression of celebrating the sun :) But I’m afraid moving parts can’t be outside the watch, especially such prominent ones. Oh a third thing (of the two, lol) is: the lighting elements are seen, so you could tell the time without light already. Ok, that said, I support the idea and wish an optimal execution. With my 5*/YES I say again, I want such a watch.

    • avatar Pete より:

      The low rating doesn’t supprise me because of the simularities with Anders’s design, the blog at least remembers older designs which is good.
      I haven’t self promoted this one other than my page as it probably shouldn’t have made it onto the blog.
      Thanks for your positive view and comments Sam! :)

  8. avatar DW より:

    I remember the other sun-dial watch by Anders. I think this one is different enough not to be a problem.
    After all when you think anout there are loads and loads of analogue, LED or LCD watches that have more simularities than these two concepts but no-one brings that up!
    I give it 5 stars and Yes as the principle for both this and Anders’s is a good one and should be realized!

  9. avatar Cole より:

    The concept is nice, I quite like the light sticking out as it does but can see it being an issue. Maybe just drop the outer light down a pinch like the lower one and have a fixed external bezel to protect them.

  10. avatar CLP より:

    I like this! its a nice simple idea. I agree the light that sticks out should be in-board but thats a minor detail.
    5 stars and yes please

  11. avatar digitalleftovers より:

    To resolve the protruding light, I would suggest that you just make them different colors. Cool idea!

    • avatar Pete より:

      The original reason for one light being fitted at a different height to the other was to create two lengths of hands (shadows) short for hours, long for minutes. But the difference in height could probably be reduced. The two different colours would give it an interestind dynamic. Thanks for the feedback DLO! :)

  12. avatar Gordon より:

    just had to mention, the overall look would make a very nice anolog watch without the little lamps. I would experiment with that with different materials. Would like to see the results

  13. avatar Pete より:

    This entry is about to dissapear into oblivion so will quickly round up.
    I havent premoted this design as it shares obvious simularities to another design that has been featured on the blog. That said it has had some possive comments and has scored higher than some of my other entries.
    So thank you to all the people who took the time to vote and commnent.

    Kind Regards

    Pete from the UK :)