Minimo – Aluminum LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Kambiz from the USA.

This watch design features a uni-body aluminum medallion in a variety of brushed anodized finishes.  Conceived as a minimal alternative to the complexity of traditional analog timepieces, it features an easy to read LED display system and behaves much in the same way as traditional analog watches.

To assist in battery conservation, the piece displays the time when the side button is pressed.  The wrist band has a hidden magnetic clasp and incorporates a hardware-less connection to the medallion making it possible to change band colors at a moment’s notice.

This watch design is very deliberate in its design sensibilities.  Every design move is made to draw focus to the medallion.  The hardware-less band connection and the magnetic clasp system removes excess hardware and allows people to experience the medallion and its time telling exclusively.  The negative space in the center of the medallion offers may technical challenges that would make the piece very special.


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70 Responses to “Minimo – Aluminum LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar i m says:

    amazing!!!! please i want to buy it!!!

  2. avatar Ikasu says:

    Nice Looking watches! =D…I like the on the left =P

  3. avatar mojimo says:

    Nice looking! never seen one like it, I’d like to try it on. Where can we see them at?

  4. avatar Patrick says:

    Very beautiful design, superb!
    5 * / Yes

  5. avatar Pete says:

    Simple but ****! I think the strap could do with a bit more detal but overal very pleasing to look at. 5* and Yes :)

  6. avatar Keiron says:

    looking good ;) in a way similar to the phillipe stark watch with the hole in the middle but like a shinier led version. Would definately like own it. 5*

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Keiron, with Philippe Starck its watch, you do not need to press a button to activate it, it works like an analogue watch with no activation time to read (on a screen LCD), but that of Kambiz is also very beautiful!

      • avatar Keiron says:

        yeah, very beautiful indeed, original too, i mean definately much different from Starke’s, in many ways i prefer this watch.

  7. avatar Samukun says:

    Instant buy. Time reading system is easy and the thin lines look really good. It’s not brand new but it goes well with the simple geometry. That geometry hits the pleasure center of my brain. The materials are great… a metal ring… want it. Very wise decision to use a detail-less closing mechansm for the straps. The hole of the case is good, small enough for hairy wrists. I finally like that the case is a bit concave (inverse cone shape I guess) That gives the shape a subtle depth instead of being just a flat ring. 5*/YES

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive and positive comment. I’m glad you like the design, hopefully we can both own one at some point.

  8. avatar Gordon says:

    great watch!!Like the concavity, wonder what a dome shape would look like

  9. avatar diclonius says:

    very nice!!

  10. avatar Sheila says:

    Beautiful and stylish! One of the best watch designs I have ever seen. If you are a watch collector this is def the watch style to buy. Kudos to Kambiz the designer!

  11. avatar KiliFilimonka says:

    Must . . . . Have . . . . Watch. . . (zombie voice)

  12. avatar Vince Ha says:

    Great looking & stylish watch. Love the different LCD light. The minute & hour are very unique. Would definitely Rock this watch :)

  13. avatar Watch lover says:

    Wow..What’s a cool concept..Where can I get this stylish watch?? They dont make any watch like this out there

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Glad you like it . . . It’s just a concept at this point. Hopefully one day it will be manufactured. Time will tell.

  14. avatar Winston says:

    Great work on this unique beautiful watch.. The concept are very cool and stylish. I owe lot of cool watches, but not as inovation like this ..but love to add this to my collection..Where can I get this cool stylish unique watch???

  15. avatar woofer550 says:

    I like it! Great looking, clean, easy to read and nice color. I wonder how it would look with a different color for minutes and hours? I’d buy one!

  16. avatar Gordon says:

    go with stainless or titanium, aluminum will get scratched hella quick!

  17. avatar GOLI says:

    Distinctive Style, Edgy & contemporary. LOVE IT

  18. avatar Frederich says:

    This is a watch that wows me with it’s style, it’s interchangability of watchbands (one watch to suit any situation; dress up or dress down), it’s sleek simplicity. It’s easy and intuitive to read while still gathering stares of the people around you.

    I’d be all over this watch like a tiger on a deer.

    Stainless or Titanium would drive the price up significantly; given the choice I think that aluminum (which can be anodized into full spectrum of colors) would be the smart choice. Acetate is an intriguing idea, but I don’t believe that you could easily get the small perforations needed for this design. If Stainless or Titanium could be used without driving the price too much above the $200 (US) mark (15,500 Yen) I would be greatly tempted.

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Frederich, thank you for writing such a comprehensive and positive comment. I’m really glad you like the design. Cheers! Good insight on the price point by the way.

  19. avatar Mariano Benavides says:

    I would love to have this watch and would be a big hit with techie`s

  20. avatar Rebecca Benavides says:

    great looking design

  21. avatar Angel Benavides says:

    very impressive a one of a kind a must buy

  22. avatar Liily says:

    Oh my god this is amazing! When is this coming out? I will soooooo buy this. This is awesome.

  23. avatar Kohan Goldenstein says:

    Beautiful! I wish I can buy this watch right now!

  24. avatar Wais says:

    I want this watch! Where can I buy it?

  25. avatar DanJonWig says:

    Strikes me that this is much cooler when it’s off the body than on. My wrist hairs poking through the center of the face would be much less attractive than your graphic artist’s carefully chosen background.

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Duly noted, perhaps the next iteration should have a built in trimmer. Thanks for taking the time to comment, cheers!

  26. avatar onisan says:

    Beautiful object. The subtle tints to the aluminium, the elegant arrangement of lights, the convex shape ; all come together very nicely.

    There will be some tough engineering problems to overcome though… Watch module has not much space inside & also needs a hole though it. Room for battery? LEDs rarely come close to edge of the watch because of inside case wall & module need some space. (5mm) Still, it looks possible & would be an awesome one.

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Onison, thank you for the kind words and well though out comments. This piece definitely presents a lot of engineering challenges. Perhaps it would need an EL panel with an LCD blackout system, that way we might be able to get all the way to they edge, as I believe those components can be cut to a variety of shapes, and are paper thin. I think that it’s these challenges that make it special. I think that if it were to go into production, it has a good chance of gaining a good amount of publicity from people like yourself, who are familiar with design and manufacturing processes. Fingers crossed here, cheers!

  27. avatar Dana says:

    Such a balanced design. The crisp led openings along with the subtle concavity really make it eye-catching. I would definitely buy this.
    The times displayed in the first image seem to be derived differently. Example: 4:16 shows four hour lights and 16 minute lights….the 9:49 shows 10 hour lights and 49 minute lights. Do you count the number of hour lights or does its position on the face (like a standard watch) determine its value?

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Dana! Great eyes, I missed an error here. It does read like a standard watch, the first image is incorrect. I guess it goes to show you the importance of stepping back and taking a 23rd look over your work to catch these things. Aside from that, I’m happy you like it, as you obviously really took the time to look over it. Thank you for the kind words. Cheers!

  28. avatar Chris says:

    I have yet to see a watch on this site that I found compelling enough to purchase. THIS is finally a watch I would be willing to purchase, and able to wear in a multitude of environments without feeling it was out of place.

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Chris, thank you for the compliment, I’m really glad you like the design, hopefully we both get the chance to buy it one day. Cheers!

  29. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    If this has a strap like RPM, so its all over the same material, it would look even much cooler! this watch has alot of potential and alot of things can be done with, its awesone, 5 stars and yes!

  30. avatar Firdaus says:

    I almost agree to most of comments above. 5* and yeas. Haha like to see watch with ring style in TF product line.

  31. Awesome, the only thing I wish would be the watch would display the LED without having us to push a button.

  32. avatar Kambiz says:

    Im glad you like it I.D., cheers!

    • avatar Kambiz says:

      Lazlo, thanks for taking the time to share this with me, I really appreciate it! It’s good to see people like the design enough to post it on their blogs. Hopefully we can get this piece made! Cheers!

  33. avatar Spike says:

    Can’t wait to buy!!! Wish I designed it