Merged Time Watch Concept

(English) Design submitted by Yann from France.

Yann says he wanted to create a design which looks like two merged watches with leather bracelet, a simple reading method, and an existing technology.

Time reading on the LCD display is easy with twelve blocks on the left for hours, twelve blocks on the right for 5 minute group, and four block in the center “eye” for minutes from 6 to 9.

This watch design is both an impressive and intriguing watch integrated with Tokyoflash watch concepts.


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Merged Time Watch Concept, 3.9 out of 5 based on 119 ratings

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19 Responses to “Merged Time Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    It’s. So. ****. 5*

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Beautiful 3D, original!

  3. avatar rachid より:

    great job! eccellent product

  4. avatar Anton より:

    Дизайн симпатичный, но слишком громоздко смотриться. Также блоки по пять минут трудно считаются, надо было сделать блоки по десять минут, а внутри минуты от1 до 9. Так зрительная нагрузка была бы меньше. В общем скучноватые часы: 3/N.

    • avatar Anton より:

      Design nice, but it is too bulky. Also blocks for five minutes difficultly are considered, it was necessary to make blocks for ten minutes, and in a minute от1 to 9. So visual loading would be less. 3/N.

  5. avatar Pete より:

    Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone it to this concept. I like the idea and the display is nicely done. (reminds me of: Horological Machine No1 by MB&F, which is no bad thing) The renderings are top notch.
    For me it looks a bit on the large side, maybe if you reduced the centers between the intersecting dials?
    4 1/2* but No from me

  6. avatar Gabriel_BB より:

    very **** indeed. because of the shape I guess … :) I really like it. Beautiful design.

  7. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    I want the black and orange one ehehehe…I dont know if i like the double bracelet idea though, but that doesnt matter…the watch face is important not the bracelet heheheh. its super cool, very original, it has a good pattern mixed with simple time telling…very futuristic and tokyoflash looking :D 5 stars le yes

  8. avatar Avatara より:

    Fantastamazing! If aliens landed on planet Earth, this is what they would have strapped to their wrists.

    Beautiful renderings too, well done Yann. What was your inspiration? Would love to see more of your ideas. I like white & green, it’s kind of out of this world looking. Mega.

  9. avatar logan より:

    Best renders ever? Maybe. Yann, if you’re not already doing 3D for Hollywood, they need to give you a call :) However, this isn’t a rendering contest, so I’ll limit my view to the watch. The concept is great, but the face is just too big for my taste. I hate to say that, but if I’m honest, I can’t wear it because of the overall size (the width alone is okay, but then I’d like it to be narrower top-to-bottom). If you can make it smaller, then I’ll be interested. The colors are perfect, though…I assume this would have an EL backlight?

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      “this isn’t a rendering contest” Indeed, Kaidoku proves just that. Renders of this level are just more satisfying, and it gets the idea across much more clearly :)

  10. avatar Cody Hawley より:

    I strongly feel that this watch would be a beneficial addition to the already stellar line up of available watches. I find that Tokyo Flash has beautiful watches that are very affordable and stylish however none currently appeal to me. This watch does however and it would easily be my first purchase from Tokyo Flash. Thank you Yann for such a wonderful and original master piece!

  11. avatar hb2000 より:

    Astounding watche with a futuristic look, witch is really nice, and push away the design of a classic model with the double dial : future is back Doc !

  12. avatar laurent より:

    i’m dying to have one ;

  13. avatar Gordon より:

    very cool , me likey

  14. avatar jC より:

    Just loving it…..

  15. avatar diclonius より:

    it’s a nice design, but it’s just not something i would wear.