Intersection – An LCD Watch Design for Two

(English) Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says: “Each life is a line through time and space, and the most important times are the intersections.  The idea behind the Intersection watch is to measure the time you share with that special someone”.

This watch design is a watch for two, for you and your beloved to wear.  The watches ping each other wirelessly every 5 minutes to detect when they are nearby (e.g. in the same house) and measure the total time you spend together.  The upper display shows the current time, while the bottom display shows the time you have shared (when you are nearby) or the time that has elapsed since you were last together (when you are apart).

Optionally, you can select a secondary mode for the bottom display: the percentage of the last day, week, and month you have spent together, or a countdown until the next alarm you have set.  There are also special audio/visual alarms that announce anniversaries like 1 month spent together (the audio part will only sound during the daytime).

The watch face and strap are made from stainless steel, optionally with IP black, IP white, or gold surface coating.  The display is an always-on LCD with several color options.  Instead of buttons, there are two touch-sensitive zones on the watch face.  The narrow links in the strap should make it easy for men and women to get a great fit by removing links.

Intersection is a watch for techie couples.  A perfect gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, when chocolates and roses are too generic and fail to capture the special interests you share.


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27 Responses to “Intersection – An LCD Watch Design for Two”

  1. avatar Heather より:

    Logan, 5* for an incredibly creative and innovative idea. Definitely a whole new concept in watches! While I love the idea, I don’t love the look of the watch – maybe you can do a play on the idea that it is a “watch for two” and make each one look like half a watch? I think it could have a much more interesting look. I like that you have a selection of colors – for women, the white/cyan or white/pink are nice choices. If the women’s version has a narrower band, even the black or steel would be nice. :D I like the idea of no buttons and having the touch sensitive zones. And of course, I always like “always on”. ;)

    • avatar logan より:

      Thank you for your comments, Heather. Making each a half watch is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how that could accommodate the displays…maybe, that should really be a separate design. As for narrower bands, perhaps TF could offer a choice of bands, so that any color combination could be made more fitted for women. That might be a good idea for many of the designs, if it’s not too expensive to do.

  2. avatar Eric より:

    I really like the idea, however you should put in the feature to sync with any other intersection watches. i wouldn’t want to have to get a set of his/hers.

    • avatar logan より:

      In principle, I like that idea, Eric. However, what are the chances that you will randomly bump into someone else with this watch? TF watches are always made in very limited quantities. I guess if you do happen upon a girl wearing one, and she’s also single, then you’ve met your match and must sync immediately!

      • avatar Eric より:

        Nooo, i was thinking i’d like to get a set of guys watches and hoping i could sync them together. I mean i don’t want to have to buy a set of just his/hers. i think they should also come in his/his and hers/hers. I’m just suggesting they are able to sync maybe through IR or something to the other watch.

        • avatar logan より:

          Ah, I misunderstood you before. Yes, you should be able to get his/his or hers/hers, if you want. In my mind, none of the watches are specifically his or hers, you just order any two and then sync them.

  3. avatar Firdaus より:

    Cool idea Logan! Design is too simple though.

    • avatar logan より:

      Thank you, Firdaus. When I imagine the finished product, I think the display will take up enough space that it won’t look quite as simple.

  4. avatar Patrick より:

    Logan is in love!
    For that reason, I set 5 * and Yes!

  5. avatar Pete より:

    I’m not sure I won’t reminding how long I’ve been with the other half, it will seem like considerably longer anyway! hehe. Its a nice idea and clearly some though has gone into it. It also reminds depressed singletons that they are depressed singletons! and reduces you market to couples (maybe)
    I do however like the display style and think there is scope for development. 4*

    • avatar logan より:

      Thank you, Pete. Yes, you’re right that it could be depressing for some…but, they have the rest of the TF catalog to cheer them up. I suppose you could use it solo for the alarm features, although you’d always have that reminder. Maybe, you buy two and save one to give as a gift when you meet the right person?

      • avatar Pete より:

        If it could detect other watches in a certain range you could have a relationship status (single, spoken for etc) and it might be a means of meeting other people in the same situation? (match making watch)

  6. avatar Samukun より:

    Ok, I do see the basic-ness of the concept too, but remember, Kaidoku was a mere sketch once – all is possible. If TF takes care of this great idea, it makes many people happy :D

    I like Heathers idea of the half watch. Well maybe not 100% literally a half watch, but a subtle yet recognizable hint of being a part or a pair. On the other hand, relationships break so the watch should keep a neutral apperance…?

    I also like Erics hitn about having other watches visible in your own watch. That’s a cool communication starter. It could say “another INT♂ in range”.

    The counting up the time, two people are together “within range” is WON-DER-FUL! It’s so romantic!!! Exciting 5*/Yes !!!

    • avatar logan より:

      Sam, thanks for supporting the idea :) Regarding Heather’s idea, I don’t know: subtle vs. remaining neutral, as you say. It would be interesting to hear what other people think about this.

      I agree Eric’s idea is neat, but see my response to him: TF watches probably aren’t made in large enough quantities for this to be practical. Have you ever randomly encountered someone else wearing a TF watch (of any design, let alone the same design)?

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Good point! The more funnier it would be to meet such a guy/girl/stranded alien :D Since the watches would be able to detect each other, I think it’s a small step to make them detectable for all models. If this pair social watch thing get more and more popular, and if the price is right, it will get more possible to meet others with such a watch… We will see. All the best for this!

  7. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    5 stars and yessss dude….this is unique and original and the theme is damn cool haha, 5 stars from me and le yes xD

  8. avatar Xenagogue より:

    My wife and I just “squee”d a little bit at how sweet the concept is. The design is a bit simple, but with the elegance of the concept, I find it quite fitting. This would definitely make a lovely anniversary/wedding present, and would be the talk of all the wife’s knitting groups.
    4*/y for these.

  9. avatar NL1 より:

    Really good idea.
    More than a watch design, a simple & smart concept. If it doesn’t exist yet you could make it a phone app.
    The visual is clear enough to see what the watch would look like, so 5*.

  10. avatar logan より:

    Thank you for your comments, NL1! Yes, I think you’re right that it would work well as a (Tokyoflash) phone app.

  11. avatar Tim より:

    I don’t think it’s good for people to measure their relationships this way. It says nothing about the quality of the time spent together, or the interaction between people. It’s a meaningless measurement to say, “Gosh honey, we’ve spent 4236 hours, 43 minutes, 29 seconds within 10 feet of each other.”

    It might simply be enough to have the watches shoot stars or hearts across the screen when they are near each other. Hers could show flying butterflies and his could show flying rocket ships when they are near each other. Something graphic and fun would be better than saying the number of hours you’ve been hanging around each other’s general vicinity.

    • avatar logan より:

      I understand your position, but the watch isn’t trying to tell you how to value the quality of your relationship. You already know whether you have a good relationship or not. It’s just trying to show you how much time you’ve spent with someone you presumably want to spend time with. If you don’t want to know, then this watch isn’t for you. But I think some people attach a meaning to the time they spend together, and wish they could spend more…and this watch is for them.

  12. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    It doesn’t need to make a quality statement Tim. It’s a cool statistic watch for those who love it. Some people celebrate the first month or the first 100 days, why not celebrating the first 1000 minutes? It’s a cool, geeky and romantic idea. I don’t care much about the design, it’s ok. I’m totally convinced by the concept, a mere sketch or a textual description would’ve been sufficient. Tokyoflash should consider to make it at a good price.

  13. avatar Pete より:

    Not long left for this entry now Logan, best of luck! :)