Hunter Time Killer – Engine Dials Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Peter from UK.

Peter says: “I had two watch ideas in my head: the first was a four dialed digital (analogue style) watch, two dials for hours and two for minutes.  The second was for a watch in the style of the flying hunter killers from the Terminator films.  I decided to combine the two ideas into this design”.

The time is very simple to read.  The top two dials display the hours in 24-hour format (regular digits can also be used) and the bottom two dials make up the minutes.  The dials can be rotated to the wearer’s preferred angle and have an LED backlight.  The dials could also have a spinning engine animation when not in use.

Peter imagines this watch would appeal to sci-fi fans, film fans, gamers, and anybody who is interested in jet propelled, metallic tree frogs.


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Hunter Time Killer - Engine Dials Watch Design, 3.4 out of 5 based on 86 ratings

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34 Responses to “Hunter Time Killer – Engine Dials Watch Design”

  1. avatar Gordon より:

    classic, love this guy. Does he come with sound effects that would be awesome 5*

    • avatar Pete より:

      I think we should go the whole hog with this one and it should definatley have sound effects.
      Subtle it is note! hehe. Thanks a lot for you comments and vote Gordon! :)

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Peter loves science fiction and spaceships, like me, so 5 * and a Yes!
    Beautiful watch!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I am a bit of a sci-fi film buff I must admit. Its a stark reminder that robots will take over the world! hehe
      Thanks a lot Patrick! ;)

  3. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this crazy concept to your blog!

  4. avatar CLP より:

    Wow, thats as mad as a box of “jet propelled, metallic tree frogs” I love it! 5* and Yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      Wow! thanks for the wow! When I finished the model I could help thinking it looked kinda like a tree frog! So it my apeall to people who buy National Geographic! hehe.
      Thaks for your comment and vote :)

  5. avatar Cole より:

    Im really into to sci-fi film aswell, so this really appeals to me! Its got to be made!
    5 stars/ Yes

  6. avatar Firdaus より:

    Not my cup of tea, but its very interesting to see this concept become reality. Considered insane idea but its wort it, 5*

  7. avatar Pete より:

    The inevitable decent has begun! hehe

  8. avatar Bruce より:

    Sorry, but I can’t see anyone but kids wearing this, and they won’t get the Terminator reference. Re do it as a desk clock maybe (even with wheels so it scoots around), but on your arm – no way.

  9. avatar logan より:

    I’d be more likely to buy this as a desk clock than as a wristwatch, and I think the rotatable dials would work better in that format. There are a lot of Terminator fans, even now, although Arnold doesn’t do much to help the franchise.

  10. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    This is an awesome watch, and if people dont like it as a wrist watch, this would be a beast as a desk clock, just imagien the cool thing sitting right next to you with super shiny chrome finish and hot leds inside the engines…sooooo damn cool id buy that 5* and yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      The more I think about it the more I like the idea of a desk clock, mind you would be pretty cool as wall clock too, it would look like is was flying! hehe. Thanks for the comments and the stars Bruce :)

  11. avatar Dek より:

    Its not subtle but I like it! I agree with the comments above that it would make a fantastic clock! I think if the body of the “hunter killer” was merged into the strap more and there were less stickyouty bits it would work even better. Bags of potential 5* and yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      A desk clock does seem to be the way to go with this one!
      I agree that making the craft blend more into the strap may make it a bit more subtle. I think the dials should still be able to move as thats a nice feature.
      Hopefully TF will see a way of making this more universal but keep the dramatic effect.
      Thanks for the comment and the stars! :)

  12. avatar Xenagogue より:

    Love it. Hunter/Killers were one of the coolest concepts to come out of the Terminator franchise. Also, one of the few to be made (mostly) real, in the Predator drone.
    The design may be a little bulky, but the effect would be worth it. A desk clock would indeed be a great way to display it.
    One minor technical note: The 6 should be eliminated from the tens of minutes hand in the render, unless 12:65 was an intended possibility. Getting the hour hands to auto-rotate back to zero at the 24th would be doable, but I think the simplicity of the design isn’t well served by needing that in both increments.
    5* and yes (especially the possibly realized desktop version)

    • avatar Xenagogue より:

      there was supposed to be a smiley after the word possibility. (smile)

      • avatar Pete より:

        Hahaha, I was waiting for someone to spot the mistake (6) on the 10s of mins dial!
        I know what you mean regarding the return to zero after the 24th hour. The time telling method needs a little work.
        Im glad you like the concept and the desk clock would be sweet!
        Thankyou Xenoagogue for your feedback, vote and cloaked smiley! hehe :)

  13. avatar Cassone Alain より:

    Encore une montre fantastic, I hope to buy it Oh Yyyeeesss. :-) )

  14. avatar Samukun より:

    Okidoki :)

    + it looks cool, no doubt
    + has a the fan bonus
    + time reading is cleverly implemented

    - too literally the original. I fancy abstraction in favor of simplicity.
    - too many small and fragile parts. Touch idea, but feasability…
    - the nose of the machine should point towards the hand (“forward”) so you can fly around with it, with the hand stretched out like Superman ;)

    Can the machine be detached from the strap? I can see is landed on the desk when you’re at work.
    Although it does not fit my taste, I can see why people would love it.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks for the critique.

      I can understand you prefering more abstract style.
      I like the idea of it being turned 90 degrees like you say.
      Detachable is a novel idea, would appeal to kids and big kids alike.

      Thanks a lot Sam :)

  15. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    As much as I like Terminator, I don’t want a toy on my wrist. A toy! For a movie rated R, so not even kids can handle this.

  16. avatar Pete より:

    I’m not convinced this is right but the computer tells me this is the last day for this entry.

    So just in case it is I would like to thank anyone who took the time to comment and vote on this design.
    It got a moderately good score considering it isn’t everyones cup of tea.
    Hopefully TF see some positives in the idea and think its worth developing into a form that would please more people.
    Thanks all

    Kind Regards

    Pete from the UK :)