Three Toned LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Calvin from the UK.

Calvin wanted to make a watch that use words alongside Tokyoflash style of futuristic time telling.

The digital number on the watch face indicate hours.  The large circle shows groups of 5 minutes and the smaller circle shows single minutes.  All of the colors are basically the same but have different tones including the backlight.

Anybody who likes Tokyoflash watches with a touch of simplicity will love this watch with its easy to read time and a very unique design of numbers and shapes.


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Three Toned LED Watch Design , 3.9 out of 5 based on 76 ratings

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43 Responses to “Three Toned LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Gordon より:

    nice and clean 5*

  2. avatar Firdaus public より:

    pretty simple design, mixture between easy and difficult to tell time. I think its tokyoflashy enough to get acknowledgement but probably needs more uniqueness to the designs so it will be completely different from other watches. but since your target is a simple watch it probably fine, though there’s still room for improvement. goodluck kaltovin.

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    Oh interesting concept. I like the simplicity definitely and the display layout. Next to some color variatations some time variations would have been nice – because we mostly would see a “broken” display and this has to be convincing too. And I must say, this looks good :) But Firdaus has a good point, is it unique and striking enough? I hope for you, people see the potential because we know what Tokyoflash can make of concepts. With a cool case and strap wich a touch activation and date display and with a good price, it’s a 5*/Yes which you get now.

  4. avatar Bruce より:

    Great looking watch at night, but what about in daylight… not sure it would look quite so good without a bigger contrast in colours

  5. avatar Pete より:

    I like the mixture of blocks and digits (i have used a combination like this on one of mine) so I support this mix of styles. For me its a little to simple from a visual perspective but has potential, with a bit more querkiness could be right up TF’s street. 4*

  6. avatar Mitsu より:

    Kwl watch i wud love to buy this watch if tokyofalsh creates it for real :D

  7. avatar Tzu より:

    Sorry. I do not feel this watch is unique enugh for me atleast. Keep up the work though, maybe if you develop the time show system or add something special.

  8. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Jun,

    I hope my display with the LCD digits and blocks didn’t come across too similar to yours.
    Great minds think a like!!

  9. avatar onisan より:

    I like the simplicity of this & because of the numbers its very easy to read.

    Here is an idea though. The digits could be either Minutes or Hours depending on your preference.
    & if there were some way to arrange those blocks so they were more like the 1-12 on a clock it would be even more natural to read.
    The digits are in the 3 o’clock position, so you couldnt have a block there, but there is probably a clever way to solve that. (? having the 2 & 4 oclock blocks BOTH ON could indicate 3)
    In this case, the inside blocks could then become seconds or some other feature.

    Just some ideas, but well done on the overall look, it does capture the sci-fi theme. Reminds me of star trek for some reason…?

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      Thanks for the comment dude :D
      I totaly agree with you. I think the good thing about this design is that if there is a problem with it, it can be easily changed or solved just as you explained, also as bruce said it would be hard to read in the daylight because of the tone of colours, so if there was a button to turn the backlight off, it would solve this problem. :D

      • avatar onisan より:

        Well, LED is sometimes hard to see in the daylight yes. For me thats not a problem as you can tilt or shade the watch with your hand – I have to do that with my mobile phone sometimes & always with my lighter, so its sort of normal if you are in bright area.

        IDK, do you imagine this watch as hybrid LED/LCD like the “Rogue SR2″? So the time is always on with LCD & then press a button to light up the LED backlight? That would totally work right? Easy to see LCD in the day, LED lights up at night. No Problem.

  10. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    people, Y U rate but no comment?

  11. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    Be glad, they rate that good. It’s a cool minimalistic display but not so overwhelming. If it’s always on and costs 50$ or less, then it would be mine.

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      Its not overwhelming because its simple, like I said up top its for people who like simple to read watches, so of course it wont be overwhelming, It would be made the same as SR2 with the backlight function, so of course it wouldnt cost less than $50 haha

  12. avatar RamFuRong より:

    i totally would buy this watch! 5* , welldone mate

  13. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    If you scroll up and down slowly on the purple and blue watches…it gives a super cool effect…did anyone see that? XD magical

  14. avatar Industrial Design より:

    This watch reminds me of Kisai Rogue SR2, this is the simpler version.

  15. avatar William Ellis より:

    Nice watch, espicially at night………… definetly will grab a person eye !!! nice great band as well.

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      Thanks dude, i agree with you, :D at night and indoors this watch would look awesomeeee…but outside if its bright there could be a backlight button to turn the light off and show only the time ^_^…this watch could look so cool if tokyoflash puts their touch with it hehe

  16. avatar diclonius より:

    simple, sleek, awesome!

    just hope it has a stainless steel option, cause that all i will ever buy (don’t judge, im a silver guy :P )

  17. avatar Tom より:

    This is cool. Nice and simple. The design is very clean and I like the black & color contrast.

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      thankyou for your comment tom :D I have been waiting for a new comment for days haha. im glad u liek the design, i think the colour contrasting would be really cool if made

  18. avatar Pete より:

    Not long left now Bruce,
    Lets hope TF choose to work their magic on this one.
    Good luck!