F1 Steering Wheel Concept LCD LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: “I wanted to come up with a car related wrist watch design. An F1 steering wheel seemed to lend itself as it not only has various displays and buttons but the wheel itself gives a means to attach a strap.

The hours 1-12 are displayed by LEDs where the shift lights would be on F1 steering wheel. The minutes are displayed in digits where the speedo would normally be and the seconds are displayed in a rev counter style.

I think that this watch design would appeal to petrol heads, motorsport fans and anyone who is into gadgets and gizmos. I think that this design stands out because its novel, easily recognisable, and uses an existing product in a new context. Also the combination of LEDs, LCD both digital and numeric add an interesting dimension.”

We love the theme and creativity of this concept watch design, it’s a fascinating idea and would surely appeal to F1 fans out there. How do you feel about this idea? Do you think it has potential? What do you think about the color options? Would you like to see this concept wrist watch become reality and available to buy at Tokyoflash? Offer Peter your feedback below and don’t forget to vote.

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F1 Steering Wheel Concept LCD LED Watch Design, 3.5 out of 5 based on 69 ratings

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68 Responses to “F1 Steering Wheel Concept LCD LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Jordan from Canada says:

    Pretty, but not tokyoflashy.

    I’d still buy it though :)

  2. avatar Firdaus public says:

    its so henshin belt, now I am feeling like want to transform to kamen rider… hahaha
    ok pretty neat and considerably unique designs, not strange to me, the reading method is fairly untidy, but not tricky, from technical perspective, this watch might be madeable for large wrist size. Hermmm and I think it has too many buttons. 5 and Y with T&C.

  3. avatar Graham says:

    This watch should appeal to “petrol heads” who follow all motor sport. 5* and yes

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Graham,
      I hope it will appeal to petrol head every where. I hope it will alos appeal to people who just like funky products too. Thanks for the vote and the comments.

  4. avatar Pete says:

    Hi TF,
    Thanks for adding this design to your blog.
    I submitted quite a few concepts before this one, were they not up to the standard? or should I try sending them again?

  5. avatar Clare says:

    I really love this one, I would defeniatley buy this for my boyfriend.
    I especially like the tyre tread strap. Could also have a strap made in the same material as a seat belt/harness?
    You could even make limited editions in F1 Team colours!!! 5* and very yes! Please make.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Clare,

      Fantastic feedback.
      I did think about a seatbelt strap but couldn’t find an easy way of ilustrating that in the pictures.
      I like the idea about the F1 Team colours, epecially if you could get it endorsed by a team etc.
      If they make it I will buy your boyfriend one!!!

      Thanks for the feedback and the stars!!

  6. avatar Gordon says:

    cool! great modeling on the strap

  7. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    Great design pete!! The way you have integrated the time telling methods into the case design is genius! 5 stars from me ^_^

    • avatar Clare says:

      Thanks a lot mate!!! Cheers for the stars

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Jun,

      I need as many stars as possible just to make up for the ones who give low scores and don’t say why!

      • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

        True say!…When people give good ratings they give positive comments….but when people give negative ratings they dont say why! and it really is annoying and it leaves you sitting there wondering why the ratings are low, designers need lots of feedback, so we can work on our designs for improvements.

        • avatar Pete says:

          I totally agree.
          If it was up to me I would make it compulsory to leave a comment if you want to give a score of 3 or lower so that it is a constructive critique.
          Still all part of the fun!

  8. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    that is a great idea!!…it would make all of our lives much easier too haha

  9. avatar Samukun says:

    As for this watch: It’s cool. First I thought, it’s too much going on there, but that’s authentic. It even looks tame compared to a F! steeling wheel ;) The tire texture for the straps is just great. There is something easy and something hard to produce, that I would change on that watch. The easy: The center peace would look better with also curved sides, parallel to the outer “handles”. It would look more dynamic. The hard to make thing, I would cange: I think a continuous strap with a blank case and an attached steering wheel on top would be great. Not fully turnable, maybe +/- 45°. And the four orientations could be used to let the watch do things (time telling hehehe, date telling, vroomvroom sound, setting mode…). Besides the fun, the both sides of the steeing wheel would be free. Now they are “prisoned” by the straps, which kills a bit the iconographic image of the steering wheel.

    Clare mentioned team colors – that’s a great idea! Imagine a Ferrari style F1 steering wheel watch!

    As for the ratings: Great you mention this. The more people are aware of this, the better. Let’s hope, TF interprets the data wisely. It’s a fact, that mean/lazy/depressed people can do whatever they want and the rating system is not 100% secure. But don’t overrate the ratings. Many different factors are important. A convincing watch can make it into reality, even with a <4 rating.

    Good luck from my side :)

    • avatar Pete says:

      Now thats a critique!
      I appriciate the time and thought you put into your comments.
      I love the idea of being able to turn the wheel to control different modes thats inspired! whether its doable is probably another story but it would be sweeeeeet!
      A few people have said that there are too many buttons/details, its hard to get the balance right between it looking authentic but not gimmicki (excuse my spelling). I personally like the detail.

      Just image this watch on one wrist, your traffic light one on the other, all you need is white pyjamas and you are the stig!!!!

      Thanks for the comments!!

    • avatar Pete says:

      I agree with what you said about the center part should have curved sides parrallel to outside, I just saw an image of a F1 wheel with that very shape and it do look much tidier!
      Also in regards to the wheel being mounted on a case this would also allow me to add grips to the curved sides of the wheel which are currently covered by the strap, which would make it look more authentic. ;)

  10. avatar Bill says:

    Fun concept I like the racing theme, but it seems like it would be awkward to read unless rotated 90 degrees. The steering wheel could be rotated with only minor updates, perhaps by putting the hours on the rounded parts once rotated.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Bill,

      If I was to mount the wheel as Sam suggested to a case rather than the strap it could easily be re-orientated either permanently or turned to tell the time.
      Thanks for the feedback Bill

      • avatar Bill says:

        That sounds fun, being able to rotate the face would really be cool and fit with the steering wheel theme. I like the tire tread band design too.

  11. avatar Gordon says:

    pete dont give up you got a great inspiration there. this is good but im sure you could make this great

  12. avatar Pete says:

    I could also put a seatbelt style of clasp on the strap, clunk click! To add to the theme. Thanks for the comments Bill ;)

  13. avatar Pete says:

    Crikey! I just googled F1 steering wheel watch and my design is featured on a handful of sites. Lest hope people who visit these sites, visit TF and vote :)

  14. avatar Derek says:

    Wow this is cool. I’m really into F1 and this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
    I would buy one of these in a heartbeat if it was made. The only thing I can think of to improve it would be the addition of some carbon fibre!!! 5 stars and very yes!!!

  15. avatar Pete says:

    Hi Derek,

    Wow, great comment!
    I can imagine the surround around the main LCD display in carbon or maybe a carbon fibre strap would be nice, again this would add to the authenticity!!
    I’m glad you like it and thankyou for the stars;)

  16. avatar AcanthaceousShrike says:

    I respect the inspiration but the result is more like a toy to me. Sorry, not my taste.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thankyou for taking the time to comment, what do you think makes it look toy like? Not enougth detail, colours? You have to bear in mind that this is just a concept and would be refined if it was taken further. Also size is an issue, the more detail the harder to produce (and more cost)

      • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

        this guy says bad things about everyones desings…seriously.

        • avatar Pete says:

          I don’t mind people making negative comments (better that than not making any comment and leaving just low ratings), if they don’t like designs thats fair enough.
          It shows your design provokes a reaction, better that than going unnoticed.
          It would be useful if they said what they don’t like specifically, cos it could be something that could be improved upon.

        • avatar Samukun says:

          Wisely spoken Pete.

          The reason could’ve been more detailed, but ok. Nevertheless we cannot expect flours and marshmellows with each of our designs. Maybe it’s not fun to write negative comments, which is why the most downraters are silent maybe…

      • avatar Pete says:

        Design like so many things: art, music etc is a subjective thing. Not every one will like the same things.

  17. avatar rachid says:

    Definitely not my taste (that’s for the useless comment ;) )
    Your concept is original, specific but original, Now there are few things that could have been made differently in my opinion:
    - there are too many buttons the ones on the central part are sufficient
    - the upper connection between the central case and the wheel is useless, I think you can remove it.
    - asymmetry is a risky choice in design, people are used to symmetry, I think it would look more harmonious if the side linking parts were more centred

    Now about the rendering, it looks to me like you are using a 2.42 blender internal renderer (at least same result), that could have contributed to the toy aspect, try another renderer.

    An other thing about the ratings, most of the people here are not designers, and will simply rate 1 if they find something ugly with no consideration for the work it’s seems rude but it’s normal we have to accept this.

    3*/ no for me

    • avatar Pete says:

      I agree that the top link to the wheel could be removed or the main display could connect directly.
      Its a difficult thing because the influence I used had more buttons that I have used here.
      The grip (the side linking parts) are asymmetrical because thats where your thumbs would be on a real steering wheel, but there is nothing stopping them being moved more central.
      My design maybe a little literal to the original wheel but if I had changed it too much it may have lost its authenticity and looked more characaturish (excuse spelling)
      Regarding the renderings, I could have used different materials with less reflections which may have helped.
      But if materials and colours are the biggest issues I’m a happy chap.
      I will just have to hope TF see the potential and can work their magic on it to raise it to a higher level!
      Thanks for the comments ;)

  18. avatar Clare says:

    Why is everyone being so tight with there ratings? This is definately worth a five, four at the very least.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Clare,

      I must admit I thought this concept would be more popular than the ratings suggest. I certainly thought it would score better than my other entries. But design is a very subjective thing.
      I will just have to hope TF like it enough to see past the ratings.
      Thanks for the comments :)

  19. avatar Cole says:

    I like this a lot. A few minor tweaks to the shape to simplify it a bit and you have a winner.
    I like Samukun’s sugestion about mounting the wheel so it can rotate.
    Get it made TF! 5 stars/ Yes

  20. avatar Ash says:

    I have to say, I’m a great fan of F1 and I will DEFINITELY buy this product if it comes out. 5/5

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks a lot Ash,
      I was begining to think this entry had been forgotten!
      If they make it I’ll send you one!
      Thanks for the comment and the stars! ;)

      (click on my name if you want to see a couple of other watches of mine)

  21. avatar Tom says:

    It looks like a childrens’ toy. Maybe it would be cool for an 8 year old, but I can’t see adults wearing it. All those primary colors.

  22. avatar Pete says:

    If colour is the biggest problem that I am a happy man.
    Please google F1 steering wheels, you will see that a lot of them have colours to highlight the various switches, the driver needs to be able to see them quickly and clearly.
    I’m sure if TF were to consider this concept for development they would play with variations of colours of materials. Thanks for the feedback Tom.

  23. avatar Cole says:

    Tom, Do like anything?
    I’m a fan of this concept and think that it has potential.
    Would you avoid a model of car because you saw a red one once and you don’t like primary colours?! Surely you would ask if it was available in other colours you do like!

  24. avatar Pete says:

    Wow 3.4! Thats impressive for all the wrong reasons!

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      hehehe what do u mean?

      • avatar Pete says:

        My rating 3.4/5 its rubbish!

        Do you think this is a fair rating for this concept?

        Its a good job I stopped worrying about the ratings weeks ago! :)

        • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

          Hehehehe…its not fair raitings for this concept, it should be much higher!..the problem is people on the blog see the design “AS IS” instead of what it could become…this is the problem. this design here has tons of potential, alot of things can be done with this watch by TF, so many variations and tweaks could be applied to this concept

  25. avatar Pete says:

    Thank you who ever voted and got the rating back up to 3.5! ;)

  26. avatar Pete says:

    If anyone would like to see MKII of the F1 Steering Wheel watch which incoroprates ideas from feedback given on this blog, please drop by my fb page (PF Design) or click on my yellow name above.

  27. avatar Pete says:

    There is only a couple of hours left for this entry so I might as well summerise.

    I was hoping the newer images of MKII (which has been tweaked using feedback from the blog) would have been added to this entry but the guys and girls at TF are busy with new realeases. If anyone is interested in seeing MKII please feel free to drop by my fb page (PF Design) click on my yellow name to link straight to it.

    Its been a mixed bag with this one, the overall rating is a bit disapointing but on the whole comments were positive, its featured on at least three external blogs that I have spotted which is good.

    Thank you to all that have voted and commented and it will soon be in the hands of the TF gods, hopefully they see some potential.

    Kind Regards

    Pete from the UK ;)

    • avatar Samukun says:

      I saw your MKII and it’s so cool. I really like that the wheel is turnable! Maybe the MKII returns here as a new entry (we had such twice or three times already on here). It’s totally worth it.

      I cross my fingers Pete. X^-^X