Watch Design – Hidden Time In A Bracelet


Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick’s desire was to draw a very special watch design that captures elegance and class. A watch design that doesn’t look like a watch but more like a sophisticated bracelet or piece of jewelry. He wanted to draw a gem, with a watch hidden inside.

The result of this creative thinking is Rotate, a bracelet style watch design finished in silver, gold or IP black with a vivid colored LCD display to show the time and date with a subtle, discreet touch of the finger.

A sharp watch design with clean lines, the bracelet tapers from front to back and appears to have a retractable clasp so that the design wraps around your wrist. The time is viewed on the small circular medallion at the top of the design. From an arial perspective, this appears simply to be an element of design in the bracelet, but the time is actually hidden in this disk so that when you turn it with your finger, it reveals the information you need; time, date and day.

The display is LCD and is backlit with LEDs, perfect for night time and low light situations. Patrick suggests that this design would be suitable for refined women who demand something special and different.

What do you think about this concept watch design? Would you wear this or would you give it to the special lady in your life? Let us hear your feedback. As with all concept watches on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog, vote and this could become reality.


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41 Responses to “Watch Design – Hidden Time In A Bracelet”

  1. avatar Cherubim より:

    I will definitely buy this minimalist but elegant design.

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Great design!

    Maybe you don’t need the closing mechanism, if the bracelet is elastic enough – saves money and there are less breakable parts.

    Ok I’m not a girl but you get 5*/y from me because this design is fantastic :D

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Yes Sam, the band is always a problem for me, it is true that without locking system (if possible?), It would be simpler and more sober.
      Thank you for your appreciation!

  3. avatar Sylvie より:

    WOAAAHHH! I want this watch!!

  4. avatar sar より:

    very nice concept, but yes, remove the lock and bevel the interior part of the band for confort (just a little bit).
    i give you 4 for the mechanical simplicity of the display switch.

  5. avatar najib より:


  6. avatar logan より:

    I like the idea. Minor changes to the band to remove sharp edges and I’d buy it as a gift.

  7. avatar Bruce より:

    Great idea, nice design – 5* for that, but I wouldn’t buy one… not sure I want a 2 handed operation!!

  8. avatar Ferox より:

    Woah comes to mind.

  9. avatar Firdaus wants to learn より:

    I’d go with Samukun. And I’d wear one. Nice execution Patrick.

  10. avatar Yves Bertola より:

    Bravo pour la rotate-watch-simple : encore plus chic et sobre.
    C’est lui qu’il faut commercialiser

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Merci Yves.
      Comme je l’ai appris, il y a bien longtemps “le mieux est l’ennemi du bien”

      Thank you Yves.
      As I learned long ago “the perfect is the enemy of good”

  11. avatar Monika Suszek より:

    This design is so elegant!
    Please put it into market.
    TokyoFlash you need some watches for real women :-)

  12. avatar CC より:

    Make it for men & women!!!!

  13. avatar anthony montano より:

    Extraordinary,beautiful design.

  14. avatar Scott G より:

    Wow, you’ve dramatically improved with your art work!

    Love the hidden time feature. I’d definitely buy my girlfriend one.

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Scott? The famous Scott of the “Tron-inspired”? “The man with the 4.8 / 5? Firecrackers, I can not believe it?
      If the watch is produced, let me offer it to you.

  15. avatar Kalhaan より:

    Do you think that could be suitable for the guys too ??

    No because I really like this watch…definitly…

    And if not, anyway, I will just find a girlfriend to buy it and make a present

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Of course, this watch can be adapted to men, but it would be another project.
      You can wear this watch, even if you are a man, I am for freedom of thought and expression, I will be anyway, flattered!

  16. avatar Aphosno より:

    Bought (for my girl) *****YES

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Aphosno, I would say like for Scott, if this watch is produced, I offer it to your Girl (I’ll have to provide a special production for all my friends? Ah ah ah).

      Thank you for your comments!

  17. avatar hermit より:

    It’s unique, that’s great. I really like how subtle it is. I also like the symmetry of it and I would buy it as a gift. Nice idea.

  18. avatar Popop より:

    Congratulations Patrick it ‘s a very beautiful design, very pure and elegant i hope i can buy one very soon! and this one i can read the hour!

  19. avatar Laszlo より:

    J’aime à me donner plus d’idées!

  20. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Hi Patrick,

    Nice elegent design, will be popular with people who think “less is more”