Gothic Eye Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Inspired by Eyes of Rinnegan from Naruto and by the song Cradle of Forest from Silent Hill 4 OST, Firdaus came up with this watch design.

This watch design describes the three paths of time in analog format – left section for hours, right for minutes, and the middle section for seconds. There is an integrated button on the right side and a screw to set the time. The eyes glow in the dark but there is an added LED illumination if necessary.

Once activated, the eyes will continuously glow every single minute for 10 minutes. It also has a set of rich solar panels to support longer use.

A unique watch designed with horror, creepy, and Gothic theme.


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Gothic Eye Watch Design, 4.1 out of 5 based on 213 ratings

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57 Responses to “Gothic Eye Watch Design”

  1. avatar Cherubim より:

    Venomous!I’d buy it.

  2. avatar Greg より:

    Great job Firdaus! An extremely unique design, a fantastic way to read the time, and some great variations of the watch as well. I am especially floored by the fact that both the face and the strap are visually striking, opposed to usually only the face being the unique factor. I would personally purchase the “love metal” version due to the colors working so well. The colors going through the watch face and the strap are elegant and very appealing. 5/5 would buy!

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Half of the variations are not posted, maybe because there are so many of them… Almost 20 species in 15 images… Yeah love metal is a love metal theme, Soft rock… Thanks for the input. Glad it’s liked.

  3. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    I like the goo variant and the last picture =) very professional

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow definitely an eye catcher! I’m a bit too shy for such a watch, although I played Silent Hill :) But I can imagine this watch in the shop. It’s really different from anything I’ve seen before. Very cool variations, pretty impressive presentation. Respect (^^)/

  5. avatar Gabriel BB より:

    very interesting and original. I like it. :)

  6. avatar Patrick より:

    It is a very unique watch.
    I admire the work in 3D!

  7. avatar Ferox より:

    Holy !@#$. That is incredible.

  8. avatar Tzu より:

    5/5 Would probobly buy it if the price what right. Is there anyway you can post the picturs of the other variations you made?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      As a synthetic material base watch, the price should be affordable right for the masses. Please find out the photograph on my Flickr. I am posting the link soon. (But some of the variants might not be a Gothic, but probably cute? loL). Thanks ;-)

  9. avatar logan より:

    Firdaus, this is a watch for Hollywood — some movie will want to use it. It might not be my personal style, but it’s a clear idea well executed, and I think you will find fans.

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Its not my style to use Hollywood or any movies to achieve popularity. But its probably true, the watch would be used in many movies, depends on the theme. I guess that is a compliment, thank you. ;-)

  10. avatar Firdaus より:

    For those who want to have a look at other variant or species of Nirvaana, find them out on my Flickr. You might share the link as you wish. Thank you

  11. avatar Tzu より:

    I’ve checked out the other watches and let me just say wow. Its so hard to pick a watch i like the most, but it would be either the “normal” red (no name?), the Galaxy Watcher, the Alderbaran or the Love Metal.
    I would probobly buy the Galaxy Watcher though. The 3 colours + the beautiful background is just perfect. Well done mate

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Thanks again Tzu for the likes, The original Nirvaana is my favorite most, since it represents the Gothic theme, next is love metal. ;-)

  12. avatar Sandra より:

    Wow! This is sick! And I love sick stuff. I would definitely wear it but like Tzu said, it would be hard to pick the coolest one because they’re all so cool ^^ Yay! Changeable covers would be cool…

  13. avatar rachid より:

    definititly not my kind of watch, but it’s a good product, original, well proportionned easy to read and energy efficient, i like the idea of solar cells, have you thought about solar ink?

    • avatar Firdaus here and there より:

      I designed several watches and aware that not all my designs will be necessarily liked by everyone. I was curious about upcoming feedback on this design since it somehow creepy-weird-looking, but I had to continue submit it since I spent some time on making it… the feedback was unexpected though, and finally here someone who sincerely says not his type…. well it dedicated to Gothic and metal theme actually. Regarding the solar, if solar ink is possibly applicable here it will be cool, and should be implemented if possible — if that is really necessary and significantly save the cost and space. Thank you very much for the insight Rachid-kun ;-)

  14. avatar sheldon より:

    bravo firdaus….strong concept…very like it!!!! would love to buy all of them…yup all of them!!

  15. avatar penny より:

    OMG!!!! its like my dream of having gothic-like watch is become a reality!!!! fantasy in my realm? time to walk around the city with my new watch!!!! ~~

  16. avatar fullyhousewife より:

    hello firdaus….what have u done to my children??? they all cry to buy ur watch…u know what worst? they don’t know which want to pick…..and d worst of d worst part me n my husband want tooo…. look forward 4 d price

    housewife+husband+our children

    pasadena, california

    • avatar Firdaus here and there より:

      Hello housefife-san., if you were aware of, there is no price tag for these watches since they are a concept design for the time being (or forever and ever). But I appreciate your love and desire for them… and…. seriously, are you the mother to ^ penny-kun? hrmmm…. anyway thanks ;-)

  17. avatar Cory より:

    I like the shape of the watch, and the red/black one, but I don’t think it needs the solar panel part of it. Photovoltaic cells only work with direct sunlight, which would discolor the other parts of the watch over time. That said, I think hardcore Naruto fans would go bonkers over this design. I think your risk has paid off, Firdaus.

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      I apply principle if the element has no function, it shouldn’t be there. I meant the solar panel is placed under the lens so it helps to greater light absorption and make shape to the eyes, at the same time. Most of mainstream analog watches, has hidden solar panel beneath the hands, but I am not too sure about technical stuff though. Anyway, I like your informative comment, appreciate it. Yeah, I am lucky the risk paid off. Thank you again Cory ;-)

  18. avatar Dean より:

    This watch is pure genius. Beautiful design, simple to read and visually stunning. Could easily be digital or analogue dependant on manufacture (I know you said analogue but digital could be easier to produce).
    I look forward to this becoming available, I’d get my order in now if I could.

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Thank you for the input Dean. I just bought the Kaidoku LCD watch and I guess the LCD is not the best solution for this kind of watch, in reality… especially one with analog mechanism, so by utilizing the quartz movement and using disk for making the cornea look hands is the better approach to make the time visible at all time and can save allot in R&D for making the ideal LCD. — refraction by the lens helps further the make the cornea curvy look. But who really knows the reality but the watch engineer. Thank again for the like. For the time being, the design and concept first. Jaaaa ;-)

      • avatar Dean より:

        I see your point, I was thinking the glass was flat, but now I see the curve. So even with flat dials it would have the effect of a curved eye, very clever.
        I disagree with Travess though, I think the watch, in it’s plainer forms, is very stylish and modern.
        Fingers crossed for you :D

        • avatar Firdaus here and there より:

          yeah but all likes thanks to both of you. INDEED, Dean, the lenses for the cornea are “convex” type, I missed to mention this. Thank you for the wish ;-)

  19. avatar Tzu より:

    I also think that the solar panels will not be needed, im afraid they will just add cost to the watch. Im not sure how a digital version of this would work, but i think you should stick with analog.

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Even without solar panel, the watch would last for a long time since it’s indeed obvious analog movement watch with weird different look. So probably not a big deal. Thanks again Tzu, it seems you really like this design. Triple thanks ;-)

  20. avatar Travess より:

    Very unique design man. Cool and creepy, perfect for all those convention going cosplay crazies to buy and flaunt HAHA. Ok but seriously, wicked look. Very original and hopefully it gets snatched it up to be made.

  21. avatar Akmal Sentinel より:

    wow..that watch make me scared…

  22. avatar Aphosno より:

    I need to comment here. The watch looks awesome. But it is too hard to read. Too small displays, no numbers, no helpful dots or lines. But i like the style! If the price is right (doubtful with three analog displays) i would like to have the white goo.

    • avatar Firdaus here and there より:

      First, I need to thank you for giving feedback on this design. To answer some doubts, yes I was aware when I designed this watch, I designed several variations of the eyes and some of them have dots, lines etc to indicate the exact time… but I ended up decided to choose this design and deleted the others (it was never ending works before, which one should I chose, so to end the madness I had to delete the other variations) so I can’t help to show you right now. There are many mainstream watches that have multiple dials and the price were right, so don’t worry about the cost. The price of this watch should be okay considering the utilization of already established tech and synthetic base material use. And please note that as for watch design for Tokyoflash, even though this is an ordinary analog reading watch, kindly consider and remember these factors:

      Thanks again. Comments and critics are always welcomed and highly appreciated. ;-)

  23. avatar Jarrod より:

    Nice watch.

    I will most probably get predator or Nirvaana.

    Tokyoflash, please seriously consider getting this design up for sale.


    • avatar Firdaus here and there より:

      Congratulation Jarrod, what a clever selection. Predator theme is so cool if you like to pet a gecko, dragon, chameleon etc, but don’t have commitment to feed the pet, you’d better get this watch. Don’t worry about feeding and taming the pet. Just wear it on your wrist. As this creature consumes light as one of energy source, you don’t need to worry about it’s lifetime too. Do you think I am not serious with my comment? No, I am serious here… Thank you for the wish for Nirvaana!!!

  24. avatar daemos1 より:

    I want one, hell, I want 3!

  25. avatar Pete より:

    Not my cup of tea, but very “eye” catching. Stunning visuals, very professional looking. 5*

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Thank you Pete. Ok since it’s the last day before comment and rate are closed, I’d like to summarize the feedback. Rating is fair, not bad, and not too good to be true. Comments are encouraging. As design proposed for Tokyoflash, the feedback IMHO is quite good since Tokyoflash watches never mean for everyone, it’s unique, original and either you carve for it or hate it (or probably jealous of it). Being featured on some known gadget blogs, reflects that professional geeks know what this design deserves. So the verdict is, this design passed this stage and the next stage is it’s up to Tokyoflash to consider making it.

      Thank you all for every feedback. All are appreciated. Regards.

  26. avatar Pete より: