Tilt Sensitive Rechargeable Watch Design

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam had two ideas combined in this watch.  One was about placing the display on an edge facing the eyes of the wearer and use the free space on top of the wrist for a battery recharge mechanism.  Another idea was about having a tilt sensor and the fun you can have with it.  The result is this tilt sensitive watch concept with manually rechargeable battery.

The time display:  It has three display modes with different difficulty.  Red LEDs are for the hours, green for 10 minute steps, and blue for single minutes.  The LED rows start from the left and grow to the right.  You just have to count the LEDs.  In easy mode, the three colors are aligned separately.  In medium mode, the colors are partially overlapping which creates confusing but cool looking mix colors.  In difficult mode, the colors are overlapping completely.

The tile mode:  You have to press a separate button to enable the tilt sensitivity mode.  You can set the amount of sensitivity with the setting button.  Once you press the tilt sensitivity button, the current orientation of the watch is saved and is considered as “0,0,0″.  Any rotations in the x-, y-, and z- axis are shown now by red, green, and blue LEDs.  Since no one makes perfect moves, many LEDs will light up and light colors will mix depending on the display mode.  So whatever you do, the display flickers and flashes in different speed and colors.

The energy:  To compensate the vast energy needs, you have to use the charge slide on top of the watch.  Sliding creates a rotation in two internal generators which create energy that it saves in a battery.  If you slide once, the time shows up.  If you slide at least five times, the display shows a battery charge bar.

The secondary battery:  Besides the manually chargeable battery, there is a small battery which powers the watch memory.  So if your main battery is empty, the watch still knows the time.  Just slide a bit and you know it, too.

The tilt log:  Each rotation of the watch is recorded for 24 hours.  So even if your display is not in tilt sensitivity mode, the log saves your moves.  At the end of the day, you can download the log on your computer (USB) or smart phone (bluetooth) and analyze it.

This watch is for party people, statisticians and geeks in general.  It is a watch with a high fun potential.  The ever changing display and the manual recharge mode are pretty outstanding.


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36 Responses to “Tilt Sensitive Rechargeable Watch Design”

  1. avatar Firdaus says:

    Cool design from Sammytech. Did you asked Laszlo to do the spinning dance for the 1st image?

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      btw y now the video is not embed?

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Naw this time I thought by myself a 360 is needed cause the shape cant be understood by just stills. The video… it was set to private until now. Will be embedded soon. Thx for your input!

      • avatar Firdaus says:

        You don’t need to set the video as private next time, just set it as “unlisted”. BTW still a cool watch.

      • avatar Samukun says:

        Yeah I meant unlisted actually (private for a small amount of people) :D But obviously it wasn’t embeddable even then. Ty, Fi.

        • avatar Firdaus says:

          No la Samu, unlisted is different than private. Unlisted means only people who got the link can view or embed the video. The video will not be visible on search function. Mine was unlisted before and Tf was able to embed the video here. After couple of day then I reset the video to public.

  2. avatar jonathan cedeno says:

    I love this watch. I even love the idea of its design. this what TokyoFlash is about.

  3. avatar logan says:

    Sam, this reminds me of the Pimp series — similar “party people” vibe. The video illustrates the idea very well. Keep coming with the creative designs!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Yeah I thought, I’ll do a more twitchy, less tame design this time. Stay tuned for upcoming wrist covering deviced :D Thx Logan!

  4. avatar shobowbc says:

    Cool Watch i am still finding my self scratching my head over the difficult time.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      There are three reading modes. If the easy one is still too hard, that’s a bummer :) The medium and hard ones are made to make people cross eye and go like “What the hemp is that?” Thx for telling :)

  5. avatar Jordan from Canada says:

    Hmm… Interesting idea. I find the idea of hand charging my watch a bit impractical though.

    One small question… What use would a tilt log possibly have? I can’t imagine “hey look guys! These squiggly lines represent how much my wrist moved in the x y and z directions! Impressive, eh?”

    But with that said, the concept is still really nice. Multiple modes makes reading the time 3x as fun :) So at the end of the day, I’m gonna have to award you 3* and a no. Fun, but room for improvement (in my humble opinion)

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Impractical charge: Oh yes in comparison it is impractical, no doubt. But you have to see the big picture. It is FREE energy. No “awww I have to buy another battery” or “awww I need to recharge at home”. And that would be often, cause the energy needs are above-average. And some little thumb sliding can’t harm. If a tilt generator can be implemented without a big pice rise, then okidoki. But those are expensive as far as I could see.

      Tilt log use: Hehehe, it’s just for fun. I think it’s interesting :)

      What could be improved? I’m open for suggestions.

      Thank you for your honest thoughts! I appreciate them.

      • avatar Jordan (Jordair) says:

        What could be improved? Well, it’s an opinion thing mostly… I’m sure many people will fall in love with this watch just the way it is, but everyone likes different things. With the tilt sensor in the watch, you can set the time to display as a trippy light show (minute/hour colors are affected by tilt in the x, y, and z axis), the face could be smaller (or have more contents) as the charging slider looks quite lonely… And lastly, some numbers could be thrown into the light displays so you can know your tilt/time easier and more efficiently.

        Now for your argument with the charger…

        (To my knowledge) many not-too-expensive watches are equipped with a tilt charger. I had a Swatch watch awhile back that activated the backlight and gave the watch a small amount of charge when it was tilted towards you, and used the motion of your wrist to charge the battery otherwise… That was a $80 watch…

        Realistically, there’s probably many ‘free’ energy sources other than manual charging that [i]could[/i] replace your push switch like a solar panel, but I guess that would take the zing out of this watch. It’s like crank flashlights. Cool, but not used unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

        I can see that you designed this watch to be different. Unique. And it’s cool, but it’s not for me.

        Well, that’s my rant. I hope I didn’t come across too lamely. Anyways, your always pumping out concepts that I love, so 1 that I don’t love isn’t something to write home about. Keep up your great work Sam.

        Best of luck,
        Jordan from Canada

      • avatar Samukun says:

        Tilt charger in cheap: Oh cool, I take it then :)

        Solar panel: Seems not sufficient. In my Ito watch, which was mean to be compelety covered with solar cells, TF told me even that wouldn’t be enough…

        Lonely charger: Yes I thought that too. I suggest these insight windows but honetsly, I don’t know how it would look so I kept it away… What do you think?

        Thank you Jordan!

        • avatar Jordan (Jordair) says:

          Yes! Insight windows would be great! Maybe not symmetrical windows though… Some cogs on one side, springs on the other maybe? Some gravity powered wheels? A fan? The possibilities are endless!

          Maybe a version of this watch without the windows and another version with?

          This watch + insight windows and you’ve got my vote.

  6. avatar Akinori Nemoto says:

    Even if any mechanisms not include tilt or recharge system,I love this concept design.
    I imagined similar tilt-watch.
    If this watch can attach on camera’s hot shoe, will be more better product.
    (Horizontal indicator)


    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh yes that would be a cool usage… I can’t adapt the watch for this. Such an idea has to come at the start of a design, and I didn’t have it :) The recharge mechanism is necessary. 36 constantly blinking LEDs are energy intensive. But good, that you like it. Thanks for your comment! ありがとうございました。

  7. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    When i saw thumbnail pic i thought its not a good watch because the display is much tiny compared to normal watches…but when i open the watch and see the full design it looks damn epic, and unique too..it does not look like a watch at all!! it looks like…an alien device that is used to track spaceships co-ordinations throught the galaxy. HEHHEHEHE…i would definatly buy this 5* and YES

    • avatar Cory says:

      Alien device indeed, reminds me of the viewfinder that Mr. Spock looks into to get all his data on the bridge of the original enterprise :D

  8. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:


    • avatar Samukun says:

      Ok you had me smiling at your first comment, but I laughed reading your second :D Yeah you see it right, it was the initial idea to move away from traditional watch layouts. Wowow and you seem, you would have much fun with the watch! Thanks alot for your unique comments!

      • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

        If i had this watch…my life would be changed….hahaha, this watch til sensor is soooooo cool, that i would go out on the street and shake everybodys hand to that they can see my watch while im shaking theyre hand and they will know thati m cool (H) haha…if tokyoflash makes this watch it will be a dream come true!!!!!!!

  9. avatar Keiron says:

    Three very good ideas Sam, the edge idea is really my favourite of the them. The accellerometer/tilt sensor makes for a very neat, stylish and modern graphic, and slider is an nice idea to solve the high power consumption, but I hope in a few years time we have WiTricity pads to charge phone/ipods/watches so charging such items will be far easier. I love the edge display, its so original and so modern, makes a very striking watch! One problem you might have would be the centre of balance is shifted to that corner but im sure with the right materials you can make it make it comfortable. Hexagon watch is still my fave Sam watch, but this is a close 2nd :)

    • avatar Samukun says:

      You mention very good points Keiron! Energy production has to become more ecological. Ok, every watch here could be made with a USB recharge or a tilt generator – independently from the concept :) Here I tried a reasonable combination between energy production and the concept. Oh I also think, the off-centre weight can be handled with the right materials (friction) and strap segmentation (individual adaption). Thank you Keiron for your view! And hexagons still rock, hehehe

  10. avatar Patrick says:

    Sam, I will say a single word “wouaaa!
    5 stars!

  11. avatar Laszlo says:


  12. avatar Harry says:

    Really great idea! Like from another world. From where You get Your inspirations? Do You think to produce a state-of-the-art model in 18ct. gold for people who don´t know what to do with their money? Produce it and You will find a lot of guys which will buy it. At anytime, You have something on your wrist, what is like a tool from E.T. and also the power of the most value material on this planet. Gold or Platinum. Also there is enough place for a lot of diamonds to make it more and more value.

  13. avatar Harry says:

    I forgot… Look at all the ugly Rolex watches made of platinum and gold with diamonds and so on, the people pay hundreds of thousend dollars for it and in the end they have only a automatic powerd watch with a mechanical movement on their arms. A great idea Sam, really great.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Exactly Harry! I feel the same. I don’t see a purpose of those expensive and ugly watches. I think this all comes from high societey peer pressure. It’s like thoe uber expensive hotels. Why those fake 1850 appearance golden faucets? But that’s what a hobby geek like me never understands ;) I think a stylish futuristic gold bar design would bring some fresh wind and taste to the richer world…

      My inspirations… Actually anything can be turned into a watch. There are patterns, objects, artificial things, natural elements… these all plant thoughts in my mind which grow and then I need to let them out in my sketch book or sometimes directly in the computer. And sometimes the idea develops independent from the environment. I sketch, try out things an boom – idea o.o This watch is such a development :)

      Harry, thank you for your interesting thoughts!

  14. avatar Aphosno says:

    The only critique i have is the empty looking top. I totally want the suggestion you made, after jordair commented. Here this http://h7.abload.de/img/sam-jerichow-image-11-qusp.png !!! Besides this point of critique i must say i love the watch. Its alien, scientific, interesting and fun! I hope this can be made! *****YES because the good impression is stronger than the flaw.