Homage to Predator – A Binary LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “I like Sci-fi movies and this watch is a homage to Predator (1987). I wanted to design a binary watch what resembling the Self-Destruct Mechanism of the Predator.

The watch face is divided into 3 parts. The first part: the hours, the second part: the minutes and the third part indicates the seconds. (In binary format. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32). The seconds indicator creates a spectacular effect.”


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45 Responses to “Homage to Predator – A Binary LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow how cool is that! I became friends with binary (check back soon for new design), so my statement definitely is: buybuybuy! It looks damn good Laszlo! Simple appearance, brainy time reading – tokyoflashy.

  2. avatar nimrod より:

    get to the choppaaaaahhh!!! definitely buy this one, one of the greatests from you laszlo, congrats!

  3. avatar Firdaus より:

    I would like to see a female predator wears this, maybe a little (and cute one) predator girl playing with watercolour…. that’s my imagination though….. recently I engaged with many interesting things and they made my mood mixed between laughter and crazy… hahaha cute one Laszlo…

  4. avatar Cory より:

    Come OOOOON! Kill MEEEE! Kill me I’m HEAAA!

    Awesome design, Laszlo. *****/y!

  5. avatar Mares より:

    Ez SZÉP!!!

  6. avatar RelaxAndRawr より:

    Very well done. Would take some time getting used to the time, but that’s what these watches are all about. And, the thing is that the symbols are very recognizable, so anyone who has watched Predator will know.

  7. avatar akicam より:

    The most “predatorish” watch I’ve ever seen. The colors of the sign system is very effective. The seconds are formidable. (Again I feel the atmosphere of the film). The time to look worried, but I like it. The film is often looked at, I would love to wear a wristwatch. If sometimes invisible, yet it would be more original. (Of course, this should be alien technology). Five stars!

  8. avatar MisterD より:

    Damn man. Wished I could finaly be able to render my idea. Slowly it will just get a copy of everything ._.”

    welll well.. Still a nice watch :P 5*

  9. avatar Laszlo より:

    …then this is for your sake…

  10. avatar Norrok より:

    wow these watches are great!!!!!! It would be so good to have a watch like this one…… Please produce it!!!!!! :-)

  11. avatar Aphosno より:

    I like this one! It looks a little cheap, I am not sure why. But if the price is right, it is mine. Maybe you hide the leds under a black translucent cover? Then it looks better for me. The reading is hard but the display looks great when on.

  12. avatar Arawn より:

    My god, it’s just the greatest watch i’ve ever seen! I want it!! (That’s a very good job Laszlo !)

  13. avatar SW より:

    hmmmm its a no go for me seems to bland for my taste instead of all gree try making each of the sec a diffirent color like the sec minuets and hours not each little stick

  14. avatar Chibikuma より:

    I love this, please get it made NOW! I want one! It looks amazing, and it’s in Binary!

  15. avatar yum-204 より:

    Could you make that: half a day glows green LEDs, other half day – red LEDs. And separated segments like the Predator’s gadget has. As well as an alarm clock and stopwatch with a characteristic sound!
    That will be like make Ubiquam U300 with SD. :)

  16. avatar Jon Antilles より:

    Wow I want one of these, please make them.
    Should be water resistant than the watch would be perfect!!!

  17. avatar kishen より:

    i really like this work may buy in the future woud love if i got it free

  18. avatar cliffdover より:

    I would buy this!

  19. avatar brunoj31 より:

    Purified design, simple lines and easy reading. This one is wonderful. Very good work!!!

  20. avatar Yves より:

    Searching for such a watch for a long time. I will buy it ;) pls inform me when it’s done…

  21. avatar Lil より:

    Just another piece of your brilliant works Laszlo.. there`s nothing else to say. :)

  22. avatar Jonny より:

    I would buy this watch for myself, for birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts.

    Please make this watch.

  23. avatar Chibikuma より:

    PLEASE can this watch be made already? I want it NOW!

  24. avatar igor より:

    What is likely hood this will be released within 2011??

  25. avatar igor より:

    for the tron inspired led watch the seven r zero n

    they should make an orange one, same with this orange and black is great

  26. avatar Dylan より:

    By far my favorite watch on the forum and in production. I love the whole predator binary theme. It reminds me of the black satellite watch but with more complexity and coolness factor. Only thing that could make it better for me is an added date option and possibly a flashy animation. (The more ways to show off my awesome predator watch the better) But I would buy one without these features.
    Please make this watch a reality Tokyo Flash. I would buy one immediately.

  27. avatar steve c より:

    Laszlo…once again you have come up with a great design. my brother alan would love this,it’s his fave flick. Mine’s,however,is blade runner,hmmmm…wonder if someone could design a nexus 6 or tyrell watch. just sayin’ is all.

  28. avatar mkornel より:

    What a beauty watch is it?
    I love this concept. I like the binary way of time displaying.
    Very good,thank you Laszlo!

  29. avatar peter より:

    Ohh, I like it very much, I want it!

  30. avatar eva より:

    I want this watch for my husband. When can I buy It? Could you design for the ladies?

  31. avatar Bogarte より:

    This is an amazing design and should be published along with the 7r0n they would both be top sellers. The company should invest in these

  32. avatar Bogarte より:

    Is the 7r0n being made