Crystalline OLED Watch Design


Design submitted by Andreas from Germany.

Andreas says: “I wanted time to speak through the shape and surface, so I looked at a grown piece of crystal, the perfect symbol for time, and transformed it into a relief surface of my watch. The time is displayed by three circles of dots from inside to outside; Hours, Minutes, Seconds.

The broken, raised surface is reminiscent of crystalline grown structures, including the time factor in the design. The radical reduced “dial” consists of three circles of dots, cut into the clocks surface relief. An underlying OLED display shines through the cut holes and illuminates the three time circles.

This watch can be adjusted by connecting the watch to your computer via a mini USB cable. This watch design stands out through the relief surface and the relationship between the image of a crystal and time. Also, it’s designed without any interface and must be connected to a pc and a little app to adjust time or to reload the battery…human connected to machine…”


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14 Responses to “Crystalline OLED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Laszlo より:

    I like the idea, and the shape of the case, but I would reduce the distance between the dots of the hours and minutes. (Thus, the reading would be even easier.) Great watch, a joy to look at this! I can imagine with LED versions, it may be cheaper …

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Hallo Andreas, willkommen im Blog!

    I like your image of a crystal to represent history. The case looks really cool. I like the shape and the tesselation. To ease up reading, you could mark each 5 minutes somehow (maybe make the hours circle bigger, so the hours are closer to the minutes and make nice 5-min-indicators; maybe add some indicators, but each addition could destroy the purity… ). Is there a button somewhere? Or just tell me, it is touch-activated :D The red glare was a little irritating, I thought it was another LED (am/pm indicator). The overall appearance is cool though. Cool watch, cool presentation. You got my vote!

    Beste Grüße!

    • avatar Andreas より:

      Hi Samukun,

      thanks for rating my watch and your support. There is in fact no further interface except the usb connection to modify the time on a computer. Its i deed my aim to reduce the interface to the max and like to see the watch as a hybrid between a watch and a piece of juwelry. I agree that the red shine is a little bit irritating;)
      Thanks for your voting and best regards…


      • avatar Samukun より:

        Oh yeah, the idea about the usb time setting is great. When the watch really comes with it’s own mini app, then you can use any computer (not rare to find these days). What I actually meant was: The light will not be on continuously, so you might need a button to press… I know, that’s pretty picky ;)

  3. avatar Cory より:

    The irregularity of the case reminds me of a more angular Q-version; which is definitely not a bad thing.

    Perhaps to activate the LEDs you could go touch screen? I like what you’re going for here, it is very original, but also really within the realm of cool.

  4. avatar Andreas より:

    dear all,

    i was thinking about the lights and it won´t be consequent to add a button or another interface…so the main idea was to leave the lights on all day, because it should be no energy problem to let them illuminated all day…otherwise the touch sensitive aspect should be also workable…thanks for your feedback…i really appreciate this…
    best regards


    • avatar Keiron より:

      Great design Andreas, like the texture you’ve created and layout. I was hoping to do some thing similar with my href=””> binary watch it only uses 10 leds but more of them will be lit at one time. Seeing as you have USB connectivity even if you charge it once a month it won’t be a big problem. Would be interested to know how its calculated, i just worked out my watch would use 91.6 LED hours per day. I have no idea if this is high/low :s

      • avatar Keiron より:

        lol, thats the last time I try and be smooth like Cory and use a one word link – just google “ultra minimal watch” if you want to look ;)

        • avatar Samukun より:

          Press ctrl+U, then you see the source code of this page. Press ctrl+F (search) and search for “Q-version”, then you see the code, Cory used to make his link. You can replace the link and the placeholder word for your next time. Good luck!

          Nice calculation about the LED hours Keiron. That’s quite a task :D

          I wonder if it’s possible to let the OLED on the whole day (well 12 h).

        • avatar Keiron より:

          yeah, was pretty longwinded calculation. however andreas’ watch is very simple; 3×24=72 LED hours per day. my watch

  5. avatar Aphosno より:

    This one looks really nice, but it’s not really overwhelming. Hard to read the minutes. It wouldn’t be consequent to add a button? It would be nice to see the time though, because it will not be lit the whole day, because all watches have energy problems. Touch activation would be great! That would give the watch a nice feature. The crystal pattern is disturbing. Or the round display on the crystal pattern. These both elements don’t go well together I think. Solid design, no doubt.

  6. avatar Firdaus より:

    A nice watch, but imho, it does not represent the theme. 5* and Goodluck ;-)

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    Watch beautiful, nice work Andreas!