FOXI Concept E-Paper Watch Design


Design submitted by Sunci from Hungary.

Sunci says: “I simply had a dream about FOXI in which I saw every detail sharp and clear from the time-telling to the strap’s pattern, even the colours. The e-ink idea followed quickly, I wanted to create a watch that doesn’t require button pushing to check the time, but shows it constantly.

The time-telling is very intuitive. The hours are triangle and square shapes taking the positions of analogue watches’ hours (24h permitting), the 10 minutes are mainly the basic roman Xs (consisting of two 5 minute tallies) and the single minutes are the rectangle frame of the screen.

This stylish jewel-like prêt-a-porter watch, if produced in different sizes, could be warn by all ages and both sexes, but I mainly had women of science in mind when elaborating the design (there are way too few geek watches designed for women, although I believe the demand is there).

The design is equally focused on unique but intuitive time reading, convenience and jewel-like appearance, a combination of traits hopefully welcome by the market.”


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FOXI Concept E-Paper Watch Design, 3.8 out of 5 based on 216 ratings

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37 Responses to “FOXI Concept E-Paper Watch Design”

  1. avatar Cory より:

    Very intuitive indeed! the time telling method is brilliant imo! great work.

    The hand stitched look of the strap is really cool and unique also.

    It has a very bracelet like feel to it, which many would go crazy for!

  2. avatar Firdaus Rohman より:

    Very artistic concept. Woman who loves expensive handbag will love this ;-)
    Gratulálunk az ötlet, Sunci;-)

  3. avatar Toys より:

    Very very nice and elegant watch. 5 stars , GREAT

  4. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    Really looks like a Gucci style product. The beige color is very unusual and the leather straps look really nice. You said you don’t need a button pressed to show time, but you still have two buttons o.O Probably for light and time setting. The always on display is a wonderful idea, if energetically practical. Damn it looks a little too feminine to me. Outstanding!

    • avatar m_sunci より:

      Yeap, the buttons are indeed for light and time setting. Don’t worry about the Gucci look ;-) , if Tokyoflash selects FOXI for production, I’ll make you guys a masculine version.

  5. avatar DarkLord より:

    Elképesztő és ötletes, mind a dizájn, mind az időmegjelenítés. nekem bejövős, ha lenne pasi stílusban is. :D

    Amazing and clever, both the design and the timetelling method. I would buy one, if there would be in a more masculan style.

  6. avatar Cory より:

    “I mainly had women of science in mind when elaborating the design (there are way too few geek watches designed for women, although I believe the demand is there).”

    I applaud the attempt at another ladies watch on here! My wife likes a lot of the watches in TF’s current catalog, but she and many other girls I know would like to see more ladies oriented Tokyoflash watches.

    • avatar m_sunci より:

      Thank you, Cory. You speak from the heart of many of us, gals (I think). Fingers crossed that some girly design gets through.

  7. avatar Gabi より:

    Congratulations! It’s great and original!! I really like it.
    This is only the beginning of your dream I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities to express your ideas in some other designs.
    Good luck !

  8. avatar Drinda より:

    I love the design. At once elegant and functional. You were truly inspired, Sunci.

  9. avatar Simo より:

    I really like the watch. Modern, stylish and elegant!

  10. avatar VighSz より:

    This is very cool watch. Does not matter, that effeminate, my girlfriend would agree.

  11. avatar Avatara より:

    What’s interesting about this design is that it is unlike a typical Tokyoflash watch. It looks more like something from Louis Vuitton. But maybe this would appeal to a certain group of people out there…

    • avatar m_sunci より:

      Thanks Avatara (and AcanthaceousShrike and basically everybody). Wow, Louis Vuitton and Gucci references, you make me blush.
      I must say though that my design is not that foreign to Tokyoflash. I’m pretty sure, in fact, that one of my subconscious inspirations comes from their Infection, where the patterns on the face harmonize perfectly with the patterns on the watch’s stylish strap.

  12. avatar Maria より:

    Such a beautiful jewel, even if I couldn’t read the time from it I would buy this wath to show it off :-) .
    Well done, Sunci.

  13. avatar Feri より:

    If this watch was not bracelet-like but had a standard strap and more silvery-black color scheme, nobody would call this design feminin. But I like it the way it is, and would buy one for my wife (accountant) and daughter (engineer) as well.

  14. avatar onie より:

    VERY stylish and great time telling method. Ditto the 5 stars…

  15. avatar páll krisz より:

    Na ez tényleg kurva jó!

    I really like it! Beautiful.

  16. avatar dora gilanyi より:

    i love it!!!! where can i get hold of these watches once they on the market???

  17. avatar Peter Palffy より:

    wow!!! this is really brilliant! it would be nice to be the first who will get it but probable I wont have the money for that :P

  18. avatar Hakapes より:

    Great watch design!
    When will it be available?
    Do you plan a version for men?

    • avatar Hakapes より:

      And I want to add – the reading is really simple, despite the fancy first shock complexity – I LOVE IT!

  19. avatar Akos より:

    It’s awesome, my wife likes it very much. You did great! :-)

  20. avatar Janka より:

    Great job, Sünci! Ügyes vagy! :)
    My only critique is that repeating the triangular/romboid pattern on the strap and the metal framing is a bit ‘affecting’, ergo too much. This way you lose the uniqueness of it as a time indicator.
    Anyway, cross fingers for the production! :)

  21. avatar Gabor Cser より:

    Unbelievable!!! Amazing!! There is no word to express how much!
    I would definitely buy it! Of course looking for the masculine version.

  22. avatar Dez より:

    Hey, great stuff… wish it to reach production phase soon! A bit feminine and then what? Women has a better taste as far as style concerned :) Push it…

  23. avatar Jenny より:

    Beautiful design but too complex for me!

  24. avatar Buffo より:

    Mind-blowing futuristic design!
    Puzzled at first…but the time-telling is very intuitive indeed…right on!
    Egeltje will astonish loads of ‘scientific’ women with this, in fact, anyone will like this sleek and pure design!
    Cannot wait to see the male-version of it!!!

  25. avatar Judit より:

    Fine, elegant, beautiful jewelry.
    Great job, Sünci!

  26. avatar giuseppe より:

    this is innovative and refreshing, stylish!

  27. avatar Dea より:

    Love it :)

  28. avatar Sushi より:

    Wow, it is really great! One would need a little time to learn how to read it, but as someone mentioned above, I would certainly wear it and show off with it! It is nice, and smart. I suppose you need to be smart to read it too :) please tell me when it is available to order! *and if you would prepare one version for guys, well, I know someone who would surely get it :) congrats Sunci!

  29. avatar Claudio Delrio より:

    I like it!

  30. avatar Speculater より:

    Hardly seen anything like that: exceptional combination of design and the mind-opening function. From now, I rephrase my humble ideas what the touch of the XXI century may be…!

  31. avatar Phantomsue より:

    One sweet watch!!

  32. avatar Agnes より:

    Brilliant idea, excellent design!

  33. avatar m_sunci より:

    Time’s up.
    Dear friends and strangers,
    Thanks for your votes, your rates and taking the time to share your thoughts. I’m delighted to see all these positive and enthusiastic comments of people from all over the world, accumulated over the past month. It’s an honour. Thank you. Now let’s hope Tokyoflash finds FOXI worthwhile for production.