Conduit Watch Design With Fly By Lights


Design submitted by Alberto from Puerto Rico.

Alberto says: “My childhood memories are the main sources of inspiration. Video games, music, and technology played an essential role in my life. They represent the many different aspects of growing up and becoming an adult. I have developed a concept watch design that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

I wanted to go with something unusual as I am mixing lights with technology.

Press lower left button for a short animation. Horizontal RED lines= Hours, Horizontal YELLOW lines= 5 MINUTES, Corners lines Cyan blue= 1 MINUTES. On each side of the watch, there will be a light that will fly-by every 30 seconds. The flashing color will indicate if it’s AM (Cyan blue) or PM (Neon green).

I can visualize it being worn by people who enjoy eclectic designs, particularly those who are involved in technological fields. It is mostly directed to a younger audience, but it’s also a design anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age range.

This watch stands out because it has fly-by lights to each side of the watch that flash every 30 seconds.  Every time it pulses, it will attract people’s attention. The watch stands out visually, and it has a very unique shape. It has a very original way of displaying single minutes. The belt of the watch also have cyan blue lines, which will be visible at nighttime.”

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Conduit Watch Design With Fly By Lights, 2.9 out of 5 based on 133 ratings

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30 Responses to “Conduit Watch Design With Fly By Lights”

  1. avatar Cory より:

    The shape of the watch face is very original, and reminds me of a motherboard. I like the circuitry look you’ve arrived at and the way you’ve presented it, very much a graphic arts kind of presentation.

    My one critique, is that the middle of the watch face seems to not accomplish anything. I think bringing the hour and minute displays further into the center of the watchface would help the flow of visualizing time.

    All it all a good design. 5*

    • avatar Beto より:

      I can fix that immediately!

      If I do, will they let me submit it again?

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Hey Beto welcome to the blog!

        Tokyoflash will let you resubmit, maybe they add your changed design or they replace it. Just ask them when resubmitting.

        I like your inspiration and what you made of it. The style is pretty tokyoflashy. For my personal taste it is a little to much edges, but just a little :) And the watch has a certain recognition value. You could use the center area for ever changing seconds or you could connect some hours/minues-LEDs in accordance to the conduit topic.

        Good luck!

        • avatar Beto より:

          Hey Samukun, first let me tell you that I’m still waiting for your watch to get manufactured, I really want it.

          Back on track, Alright then I will be fixing that detail. So how exactly do I let them know?
          Here’s my email:

        • avatar Cory より:

          wow, that’s good to know. That’s much better than just linking updates in the comments :D

  2. avatar Drakeo より:

    I like it :D

    I like the concept

  3. avatar Ileana より:

    I am loving the design of this watch, very original!

  4. avatar KingLex より:

    very unique – ill buy it =) – i think u should still add – a digital clock at the bottom

  5. avatar Greg より:

    This is a very unique and interesting concept.

  6. avatar Firdaus より:

    Good work Alberto! ;-)

  7. avatar Millie より:

    This watch looks beautiful, it’s a conversation starter, definitely a buy for me.
    Congratulations, keep up the good work.

  8. avatar Hector Eloy Glez. より:

    that is realy nice job. I only have a suggestion less yellow lines more red ones..

    • avatar Beto より:

      Hmm… what exactly do you mean by adding more red lines?

      There are supposed to be 12 lines as for counting the hours and 11 lines for yellow because each yellow line count as 5 minutes. I can’t add more yellow lines.

      Could you be more specific?

      Thank you.

  9. avatar angelica より:

    Very progressive and unique!

  10. avatar All Fusion より:

    Ey man, this looks boss. I’d totally ditch getting a Nixon over that.

  11. avatar SW より:

    WOW! that looks awsome i would want one if that won the contest. thanks to that it gave me a insperation on makeing one of my own really nice!

  12. avatar Beto より:

    Can anyone help me understand why my rating is now 3.6? it was 3.8 before…
    I don’t understand how this rating thing works very well.

    • avatar Aphosno より:

      Maybe some people don’t like this watch and rate it down. Maybe some of those are biased and rate without any awareness of the design. As I see it, a rating over 3 stars means, there are more people who like it, than people who don’t like it. And it seems the people who don’t like it are too lazy to leave a comment (only positive comments here). Well I’m not Sherlock and I don’t understand the rating system anyway. But I am sceptical about the ratings too. I like your watch by the way, I must have somehow missed it. These electronics just rock! 5 stars from me, I hope they help a little.

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      It will be rated lower and lower until it reached 30 days. It happens to everyone except to some guys who really got super solid design. Who did that is mysterious to me, but I dunno other people’s opinion, maybe something we like is disliked by some, or most, who knows? It also happen to me. So what you are going to do now? I suggest you try to submit another design that better than this. I believe in democracy, but I still believe there’s mystery behind it. X-files ;-)

  13. avatar Ileana より:

    I can’t understand the lower rating either! I really love this design. It is very different, very unique! :(

  14. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    Lol “It will be rated lower and lower until it reached 30 days.” Wtf. Why! The watch is more creative than many others on here and could compete with those in the catalog. Tsk, taste. The only thing is: the images don’t look ralistic. Are people that easy to influence?

    It is on 3.1 now.

  15. avatar Beto より:

    Hey AcanthaceousShrike, thank you for being so supportive and your kind words.
    I’ll try to upload a 3D render of my design, it will sure help a lot.