“C” Car Styled LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: “I remember with a small nostalgia, sports cars which had retractable headlights. “C’ is a watch for in love ones with the cars of the Sixties to 80.This watch design has two interesting characteristics: a red version; a rare color for a watch and the system of removable LEDs. The reading system is very simple, after touching the button, there’s a short animation before the time is displayed.

Let Patrick know what you think of his concept watch design and if you’d like to see this design become reality, vote below.

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27 Responses to ““C” Car Styled LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Firdaus says:

    I voted you 5. Personally, I like your design to be available. Let discuss how to make it works technically. And as the illustration is work of vector, salute!!!!

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Firdaus thank you.
      For the technique, it will be more to the technicians Tokyoflash it will be closer, but I guess it’s possible to do so, the problem is the cost of production?

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    Wow that looks great. You have 5* from me too. I like the car-image you successfully implemented into the watch.

    I think you dont need the opening/closing mechanism – these LEDs can stay opened. That watch would be very easy to make then (wich is important too)

    I also thought about a car design watch :) Yours is really good. What about making the side lights yellow (like the blinkers / clignotants en francais j’espere) and the top light red (like the break light / feu stop) and the center LEDs white (comme ca peut etre: http://h-2.abload.de/img/patrick-car-watchb98r.jpg ). Anyway, the shape striking, elegant, hot, stylish… and I would buy this watch definitely!

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Sam hello, thank you for your comments very sympathetic nerves. Yes, the system d’ retraction is an additional gadget, but all the Watches of Blog are gadgets, then j’ in profits for m’ to amuse. Your bond does not function, j’ have the following message:
      Dieses Bild wurde entweder durch den User selbst oder von einem Administrator vom System entfernt.

  3. avatar Bernard Blanquet says:

    Patrick il est temps d’arrêter tes conneries !

  4. avatar Jan Landzaad says:

    Patrick, after looking…….I came to stoppage: marvellous. Jan

  5. avatar Jan Landzaad says:

    …….oh Patrick, do not forget to feed your reptile! Jan.

  6. avatar Cory says:

    5/y! I like the low profile of the watch, and the pop up lights. Would definitely get the red variation with yellow LEDs. Reminds me of the Renault Alpine concept sportscar. very sleek!

  7. avatar Aphosno says:

    I like this design. I like the smooth and elegant shape and the decent edges. The pop up headlights are cool, and the metallic look is great. Five stars!

  8. avatar Avatara says:

    Nice work Patrick. I really like the way you’ve created this. Top marks from me too. It reminds me of a Citroën from the 90′s. Retro yet cool. I personally can’t see a way of integrating the mechanism to lift the lights, but it’s definitely a cool feature. Love the red one. Well done mate.

    • avatar Aphosno says:

      I like the “C” more than the cobra. Smoother shape, more stylish finish. Similarities are obvious though.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Kira, if this model resembles the “Cobra ” is a pure coincidence, but I like the “Cobra “, so thank you!

  9. avatar bolter says:

    Very nice one, I think I would definitely buy it

    Greetings from France, Patrick :)

  10. avatar Patrick says:

    bolter, thank you!

  11. avatar TIm says:

    I like the idea of a watch that looks like the front of a car. That’s cool. I don’t like the way this watch tells time. It’s too obscure.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Tim thank you for your appreciation.
      The reading system is the main home Tokyoflash watches, like a trademark. When one is accustomed to, it’s very easy to read.