Solar Powered LED Watch Design


Design submitted by Olivier from France.

“I saw this new Logitech Keyboard with solar cells and thought it was a good idea for a watch too. As the original feature is a solar cell, I wanted the design to be inspired by the sun.The time is shown by LEDs, with the hours on the perimeter of the design in blue, five minute groups in the same locations in purple. Four single minutes are shown on the cross bars in the centre. This designs is ideal for people who want to buy the latest techno and stylized products.

I didn’t try not only to find a new concept to read the time like most of the watches in this blog but tried to bring something new about the style of the watch itself.”

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67 Responses to “Solar Powered LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Genghis より:

    Nice work Oliver ! Very futuristic and well rendered ;-)

    • avatar Olivier より:

      Thx Genghis:)

    • avatar LUIS HENRIQUE より:

      perfeito esse relogio com certeza se o preço estiver dentro do meu orçamento com certeza iria adquirir um.Agora dificil seria escolher os 3 sao show!!!
      Parabens ! Espero que nao fique no em papel!!!!

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Very nice watch Oliver!

  3. avatar carlsberg より:

    nice design, some original ideas and some old ideas blended nicely.
    but what happens when the hour led and the 5 minute led are the same? you can’t just use the hour led colour, otherwise how would you distinguish between say 3:00 and 3:15? the led displays would be identical.

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Great design! I like the light construction, especially the split straps, and the time telling system is so damn simple! I’m not sure if the solar cell brings enough energy, but if it does – perfect!

    Just to clear this out:
    1:05 is one LED on the 1h / 5min position
    2:10 is one LED on the 2h / 10min position
    3:15 … its easy.
    3:00 is purple LED on the 12h / 0min position and the blue LED on the 3h / 15min position.

    Only 16 LEDs to tell time :D

    Cool materials, very good and imaginable construction. 5* from me.

    • avatar Olivier より:

      Thx Samukun, there is also a battery in addition of the solar cell especially if you are in the dark ;)

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Man I should have known it, since I also submitted a solar powered watch wich gets help from a battery :)

  5. avatar Toys より:

    i love it

  6. avatar Olivier より:


  7. avatar Rob より:

    Very good. Maybe consider something like blue and red being the colours. That way for the “special times” that many people are worried about can be one purple dot? I would definitely buy it too! I really hope it gets produced!

    • avatar Olivier より:

      Nice idea Rob! I don t know if it is possible but it would be cool to be able to choose the colors in the settings;)

  8. avatar TheWhispofSmoke より:

    woopsys i didnt read down all the way now i get it

  9. avatar Johnny より:

    I would definitely buy this! It looks like it came straight from the future!

  10. avatar logan より:

    Beautiful rendering of a design with several interesting elements.

    Incidentally, to everyone reading this comment who has not seen the Tarkovsky movie of the same name, “Solaris,” you MUST watch that movie now or else you are missing essential sci-fi.

  11. avatar Aphosno より:

    Simple display. Very unusual case/straps. Cool materials. Nice name. Maybe straps could be wider for me. Cool watch anyway!

  12. avatar Cyril K より:

    Design très intéressant. Sauf le contour du capteur solaire qui va laisser voir la peau. Autre remarque, il faut voir la qualité des matériaux. Du titane et de la céramique noire seraient peut être bien.

  13. avatar vanszagen より:

    Damn boy, the energy does not arise out of a pea.

  14. avatar said より:

    Really outstanding Oliver!
    The way to read the time is not really brand new but the style is soooo cool!!
    Maybe you should consider a version where there would be space for a battery and some button, no?
    Anyway, keep it up the good work!

  15. avatar Olivier より:

    Thanks everybody for your nice comments:

    You can watch a video I made about this watch as well as 2 others at this link:

  16. avatar Papaya より:

    Awesome Olivier, good work, I love it however I don’t understand why the 2 others watches are not on the website?
    I’d rather the last one ;)

  17. avatar Olivier より:

    Thanks Papaya,
    For some reasons, Tokyoflash decided to show only the first watch which is a shame as the third one is the favorite of many people…

  18. avatar Bea より:

    The best watch. Good luck

  19. avatar DominiqueC より:

    Outstanding design, I love It !!
    As I see on the video you posted, you made three design on this theme :)
    I would say the three are good, but really love the first and third.

    First one for the simplicity and authenticity on the theme, third one for the pure design. Great work you’ve done !!

  20. avatar Olivier より:

    Thx guys, I’m glad you liked the 2 other watches too:)

  21. avatar Lia より:

    oh wow olivier, this is amazing. where can i buy one? xxx

  22. avatar leelou より:

    Great job i love it! Hope that this watch will be real soon!well done!

  23. avatar David より:

    They are truly beautiful. I hope you go forward to create them very soon!

  24. avatar rooh より:

    Lovely design!
    But I would like to learn more about the practical side of the envisioned end product.
    1. Does it show the time constantly, or do you have to push a button for the LED to glow?
    2. Does it have a backup battery, or does it rely on the solar cell exclusively?

  25. avatar Olivier より:

    Thx guys for your comments:)
    1. I guess if you’re not in a dark place, because of the solar cell, you could have the time displays constantly (
    at least for the 1st and 3rd watch)
    2. there is a battery just behind the solar cell

  26. avatar Akeif より:

    OMG!!! I want one. It’s absolutly amazing!

  27. avatar jaimee より:

    I really love innovative twists on an old idea. As something of a techno geek, I find this watch very interesting and really like the idea of a solar cell. The design looks quite sturdy too, and airy which will, I suspect, help eliminate that round sweaty bit we all find from time to time under our watch face. Lol. When will this go into production? I’d really like to get one once they are available.

  28. avatar Baurea Rippy より:

    Sticky, yo!

  29. avatar Artur より:

    When and where i could buy it?
    And the question: if sunny weather – is it usefull check the time?
    One more: it has conventional batteries?
    Thanx. 8)

  30. avatar Artur より:

    How it will show 17:26?

  31. avatar Olivier より:

    Thx guys:)
    @Artur, about how to read the time, read comments above.

  32. avatar Iver より:

    Fantastic design!!
    I hope it hits the real world at some point(soon)!!

  33. avatar Aafi より:

    I am from India, and I wish you get this to production… The design is awesome and I believe there will many buyers for this product.. Hope to see it soon..

  34. avatar Olivier より:

    Iver and Aafi, thx mates:)

  35. avatar Glenn Kitchener より:

    I love this design! it so cool! Would defonately buy one, for sure.
    Do you have any other work? as i am studying product design at university, and like to make a portfolio if interesting work

  36. avatar Olivier より:

    Hi Glenn
    Check out my website:

  37. avatar Glenn Kitchener より:

    Thank you, i will defonately have a look though that.
    Is it possible if you tell me what software you use to get those renders??

  38. avatar George より:

    Awesome watch! I don’t care if it’s hard to read the time, this watch was made for me :)
    When/where can I buy it?

  39. avatar Olivier より:

    I use mainly Maya and sometimes 3dsmax, After Effects and Photoshop, the rendering was made with Mental Ray
    Only Tokyoflash can answer that;)

  40. avatar Anthony Martin より:

    What a terrific futuristic design! I love it.
    I can’t think of how you better this. Pleased to hear there is a battery back-up! If you could put interchangeable sections in the face and change it from a watch into other gadgets too like, a camera, a micro TV, a telephone, remote, Mp3/4, a mirror, a lighter, etc. it would be amazing!
    When will it be for sale? Will you notify interested parties when it is?

  41. avatar Anthony Martin より:

    Also, if you could screw in to the face area a gadget for voice recording, a calculator, a torch, a warning light, a radio, a storage area, etc. would be great too.

  42. avatar Alex Russell より:

    I love all of the watches you submitted, Olivier. I would buy one of each, so I do hope they get made!

  43. avatar Tony Liao より:

    Great watch design Olivier, love it how it gives you a pick to the future fashion. and nicely done with the idea of solar energy.

  44. avatar Olivier より:

    Thx guys:)
    I think you probably need a smartphone ;)

  45. avatar junior より:

    Gostaria de saber p preço

  46. avatar Felipe Morales より:


    I am here to say I loved the clock Solaris V2, and if the clock goes on sale, I’d love that consumers have access to these clocks in Brazil, because I’d buy one.


  47. avatar anniely freitas より:

    adorei o solaris e um modelo fascinante,um design moderno.quando vi deu logo vontade de compra-lo.
    espero que comecem a fabrica-lo,logo.

  48. avatar wagno - brasil より:

    meus parabéns aos criadores, tem horas que parece que a tecnologia chegou ao fim, daí aparece alguém com uma idéia inovadora.

  49. avatar DForce より:

    I really think this one should win and be produced, I surley buy one

  50. avatar Andrew より:

    how can i buy it ????

  51. avatar kzk より:

    超かっこいい in JPN