Henso, A Designer’s Watch Concept


Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

The display and strap of this concept are continuous, like a black metal braid that surrounds the wrist. Vivid sharp LED lines make up the display.Six orange bar indicates the hours, and the six white lines indicate ten minute groups. Four square segments indicates single minutes 1-4. The animation consists of two parts. The first is the hours and the second the minutes. Laszlo considers this design to have an easy to read interface.

Let Laszlo know how you feel about his latest concept.

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14 Responses to “Henso, A Designer’s Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Beautiful watch! I like the Black-white-yellow color scheme and how you continued the pattern in the straps.

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Nice animation!

  3. avatar Daniel より:

    Seriously, just make one of Laszlo’s watches already, any one – he pretty much makes half this blog on his own!

  4. avatar Avatara より:

    Love Laszlo’s designs too. I must decide which is my favourite but there’s no doubt they all have a certain look that just oozes class and style. Great work Laszlo!

  5. avatar fasp より:

    Very beautiful design! Awesome work hope one day it will be on store to buy it! Congrats!

  6. avatar teamJAM2 より:

    Please make this watch too be sold ..
    I’d sell my grand father for this .. seriously.

  7. avatar Leah より:

    very nice work just like always, good luck.

  8. avatar Ferenc より:

    durva vagy embör.10 pont
    bár nekem kék fényekkel jobban tetszene..de így is meg teszi :D

  9. avatar mkornel より:

    Whoah, this one’s a great one!
    The colors kick ***, the shape is exciting, the display is clearly readable.
    I don’t want to quote my own words all the time, but this is another masterpiece!
    I can’t recall any occasion when I wanted so much watches so bad at the same time, but thanks to Laszlo I could wear a different watch every single day! :)

  10. avatar firdaus より:

    crazy design! soo artistic in my opinion…

  11. avatar Joe Mohos より:

    Cool colors, nice design, easy to read. Well done Laszlol!

  12. avatar CarlosMiguel より:

    This design is really cool. I like how it gives sort of a three dimensional effect because of the positioning of the lines. This is a watch thta definately has a TF style and could go into production. The only thing I don’t understand is 12:00-12:59. During that whole hour, none of the hour lines turn on? (Considering they only go up to 11)
    In short, a very nice and new design that I would most definately buy if released. Overall rating 5/5

  13. avatar akicam より:

    Very consistent with the design, the display resolution is fantastic. In short, I join with those in front of me, I want this watch!!!!!

  14. avatar TANRailgun より:

    Awesome design, I would defiantly buy one in a heart beat.