Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design With Facets

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Have you ever seen a watch design with facets like this? Like a metallic bracelet, this concept has angled faces creating triangular shapes which are divided by strips of LEDs which display the time.The concept comes in three color variations, black, silver and gold. The time is displayed in three lines of red or blue LEDs, each line showing a digit. The top two lines show the hour (upper line 5 units, lower line 1 unit), the bottom two lines show minutes (upper line 10 units, lower line 1 unit). There is also a date function.

Can you see yourself wearing this watch design? If so which color would suit you best? Let Patrick hear your feedback on his latest concept watch design.



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22 Responses to “Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design With Facets”

  1. avatar Wills says:

    I will say that it’s easy to read the time and the animation is great but when I first saw it I thought it was a ring watch and not a bracelet watch.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Wills why not? It’s a good idea in a watch declined ring, if the LEDs are quite readable in small sizes?
      Thank you for this beautiful reflection.

      • avatar Wills says:

        Well, you know how a lot of rings have that thicker top piece of the band and then taper off toward the bottom and that’s what your watch looks like to me, I haven’t seen many watches do that, not that they can’t and I guess another thing was cause you can’t really see the “links” since it is a bracelet type. If the LEDs were spaced out enough for a ring then I believe it would be readable. I was wondering what type of material you were designing this around? Steel, aluminum, something else?

        • avatar Patrick says:

          For the bracelet (if I understood the Google translation?), this is a design to improve if it were produced.
          In the case of a ring, the metal used would necessarily be money or gold.

        • avatar Patrick says:

          Mistranslation, excuse me?
          In the case of a ring, the metal used would necessarily be SILVER or GOLD.

  2. avatar Genghis says:

    Damn it ! Great Work Patrick !
    I am working on a similar design with facets but i guess you were faster… I’ve already spent a lot of time on my design and I am now looking for a good display. I used triangles too but there is differences.
    Your display is cool and simple. I think I will post mine next week…
    .. si cela ne te dérange pas ^^ !

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hello Genghis,
      Quite often I see projects that I had in my head, so I try to do a little different.
      If your project is good, even if the facets, you must publish it!
      Merci pour ta réflexion et n’hésite pas.

  3. avatar Samukun says:

    Oh that’s a nice one. I like how you use the edges to house the LEDs. The black version is cool. The relationship between the case area and the strap is a little too big for me – the strap could be wider. The rest is good. Fashionable watch :)

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hello Sam, my drawings are drawn on a vector software, so I exaggerate perspective to give more appeal to my project. Free 3D software on the Web are “gasworks”. What matters is the idea, then if she’s lucky to be chosen, there will inevitably be adjustments.
      Freut mich, Sie auf dem Blog zu sehen, ich freue mich auf Ihr neues Design …

      • avatar Samukun says:

        Oh yes, I thought it is perspective, but I wasn’t sure :) I often play around with the exagerration of perspective but you cannot play around. Once you have the image, you cannot change it so quick, right? And you are right about the idea and the adjustments. I sometimes forget that. And I can tell you, the idea is good. “Blender” is a strong free 3D program, but it is difficult to learn because of the many buttons and menus.

        Merci et a bientot ici :D

        • avatar Patrick says:

          Yes Sam, “Blender” I downloaded it and that’s why I say it is a “gas works” will require that I am working if I want to continue my drawings?
          Thank you for the information.

  4. avatar firdaus says:

    Why not if this a ring watch? OMG if this is really a ring watch then it is so great! I have some analog ring watches and would like to have an led one too!

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  6. avatar Aphosno says:

    Lol poor pandora advertisement.

    I must admit, I also think this would be a cool ring. The watch itself looks simple a little jewelry-ish but quite serious too. The perspective you used to present the watch is too extreme, the strap looks too narrow to me. The gold and the black version would suit my suits :D I give you five stars because this watch is totally underrated.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Alphosno hi, thank you for your comments always nice.
      I design watches that I like and I hope they will appeal to many.
      I also hope that my watches are original and arouse curiosity, that’s my main goal!

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  8. avatar TIm says:

    The X1 X5 counting scheme confuses me. Sorry. I don’t like having to tell time this way. The design is great but the time-display method is too complicated.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      The reading system is common for most watches from Tokyoflash, but I’m glad you like the design, thank you Tim!

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  10. avatar kilkBiche says:

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