In’Yo Yin/Yang LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: “Yin and Yang should be present in everyone’s mind. The symbol of Yin and Yang is known around the world and reminds us that the fragile balance of two entities is essential to the harmony of cosmic forces.”

Patrick’s latest original concept watch design is activated by touching the display. A common theme among Patrick’s concepts is that they can also be activated by touching them against something else, if your hand is occupied. Hours and minutes are split between the Yin and Yang so that without each other the time cannot be told. See the picture below for detailed time telling information.

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11 Responses to “In’Yo Yin/Yang LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Toys より:

    nice design and very cool, but in my opinion keep it simple, just time, because its about ying and yang maybe the leds could change colour, between green (earth) , blue (water) , red (fire) and yellow for wind?

  2. avatar Anders S より:

    I like the idea, and the shapes of the design, although I suspect that it might be too much for some (judging by comments on some other submissions)… It reminds me a bit (only a little) of my own ‘moebius’ concept ac´tually (posted ages ago)… But this is much more organic, obviously… Overall, nice work, if perhaps a little too fancy…=)

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Anders OK, I went to see your “Moebius” more subtle level the playing time, very interesting.
      I am fortunate to have (among others) the ‘Barcode’ which has a reading that really attracted me because I use it for more than two years as Senior Watch, so I’m looking more at drawing because first of all I am happy to look at my watch, even at rest (one day I will make the effort to seek a different reading of the time, if I can?).
      Thank you for your constructive comments!

  3. avatar Mark Ford より:

    I like the design a lot, but my own preference would be a black and gold design. As always, I would also love to see a matching limited edition designer range… in other words, same design but top spec materials… in this instance I would like to see platinum and 22ct gold, along with a few diamonds.

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Whatever the material, of the idea appeals, it will have versions of the application,
      Mark Ford, thank you for your comment!

  4. avatar Genghis より:

    Nice work Patrick ! The design is very good. However I think it could be better with a wider strap… but it’s only my point of view ;-)

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Genghis yes, when sending files, we do not have too much recoil on our work and thereafter, there is evidence that appear …

  5. avatar Ryusaki より:

    Very cool design, it would be great in diferents sizes or in a elastic material

  6. avatar Fantasmatic より:

    Simplicity and grace. I would buy it even for my girlfriend!

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    My idea was to design a watch in a lucky charm?