Zipper Bracelet Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

Andy’s idea for this unusual watch design is based on a heavy metal rock bracelets.

This zipper bracelet watch consists of a wide leather strap where the zippers display the current time.  Displaying time is done by pushing the central buttons on the wrist.  Each zip displays a single digit, which shows the complete time when combined together.

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25 Responses to “Zipper Bracelet Watch Design”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow thats fashionable! Very nice usage of known elements!

    Are the Zippers loose and can LEDs be that flat? Maybe this could be done, if the zippers are fully connected to the bracelett – more space for the electronics.

    Do you have a closing mechanism or will the bracelett bend into a rigid state?

    Well, this is really an unusual watch design and a good one too! I would take a black one :D

  2. avatar Nakamura より:

    I really like this watch, design is quite unique but I don’t know if Tokyoflash has this type of technology.

  3. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi より:

    very interersting. Maybe a black leather is better, and I would like to make the digits larger than here.

  4. avatar Jill より:


    How will the digital screen be that small?

  5. avatar Philly より:

    I love it I play in a punk rock band and this would be perfect for shows.

  6. avatar James より:

    I personally love it, but not sure how the processor will fit in such a thin area, if It can be done I would buy it for sure.

  7. avatar TokyoTerror より:

    Me likey Alot!

  8. avatar New Duke より:

    This is a really original design, it’s very impressive. I never imagined time on a zip, but it seems to be a really clever use of space.

    I wish I had half the imagination of the designers posting to this blog!

  9. avatar ChiCityMane より:

    Can I buy this now?

    How much?

  10. avatar snooki より:


  11. avatar Faina より:

    C.O.O.L. Мені дуже сподобалося I WANT IT :D

  12. avatar Jose より:

    Ni hao, I love this watch

    Taiwan Love

  13. avatar Avatara より:

    This is very different, so top marks for that and a very clever position for the time. It’s not something I would wear and I feel it is aimed at a younger age group than me, so this isn’t for me.

  14. avatar Andy Kurovets より:

    Thanks for you comments. Here is my personal site:

  15. avatar IamGo より:

    wow very trendy! Great watch disguise for sure

  16. avatar Aphosno より:

    Nothing for me but I see why people like it. Good unusual work!

  17. avatar Jillian より:

    waka pefo ucha kelouka mana taka ;)

  18. avatar Jack Watson より:

    I’m a clothes designer and I really like this watch, it would go well with a number of outifts, good job!

  19. avatar said より:

    With the digits raising out of the leather, I would have said definetly yes!

  20. avatar Lacike159 より:

    I would buy this product ^^. I like this watch, very good job.

  21. avatar ombre より:

    I like the watch, especially because it does not look like one.