Time in a Box Watch Concept

(English) Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A three dimensional empty box with stripes that tell the time.  Twelve LED stripes show the hours, eleven LED stripes show 5-5 minutes, and four LED stripes show 1-1 minutes.

The box is uniquely positioned on a rectangular face watch that at first glance looks like a plain hexagon with lines.  Another interesting concept from Laszlo.

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12 Responses to “Time in a Box Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Great idea! Very artistic display! The case has too much empty space for my taste but nevermind. The display is wonderful. And your packaging…. very cool. Good work Laszlo!

  2. avatar Avatara より:

    Very nice work again Laszlo. Love the display but the strap, on the side like that is a bit too unusual for me. Refine the strap a little & then count me in!

    I just bought the RPM watch btw, can’t wait to get it. Well done to James!!

  3. avatar Maxwell より:


  4. avatar Mike より:

    Psychedelic! Love the design.

  5. avatar fabianQ より:


  6. avatar Christian より:

    Very odd (I love it!).

  7. avatar Aphosno より:

    Too many shapes for me. Good watch though.

  8. avatar showroom より:

    Yo, I want to buy it!

  9. avatar said より:

    I like the 3D effect (which is actually 2D light effect)
    That’s really bring something interesting!
    You should dig this idea!!

  10. avatar Erik より:

    Love it. I’m a Hexagon fan to begin with so it’s a given I’d buy this!

  11. avatar Kitti より:

    Nice shape it has, very interesting and unique.