Quad Digital LED Watch

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

This watch design looks like a metal ribbon with randomly oriented C-shaped holes, some pointed up, some left, some right, some down (four directions, hence the name Quad).  The orientation of the 33 C-shaped holes has been carefully chosen so that the four digits of the time can always be displayed using two C-shapes per digit.  LEDs shine through the holes to show the digits.  The style is like Shinshoku or Fire, but you don’t have to do any math or counting to read the time.

There are extra C-shape holes continuing around the band, in addition to the 33 used to tell the time.  The extra holes do not light up, but make the pattern continuous.

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10 Responses to “Quad Digital LED Watch”

  1. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi says:

    Interesting design. But, 1 and 7 is difficult to read, a little bit confusing. Good work.

    • avatar logan says:

      Yes, I agree 7 is a little tough, but I think it would be easy to learn. Does anyone see how to make a better seven with the same concept? I think you’d have to add a second type of shape, a straight line, which would spoil the aesthetic — for me, at least.

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    Wow logan, I like that! I like your numbers and the watch design! It is easy to learn and anyway much more easier than counting and calculating. You just have to read it! I would buy that for sure! Maybe my favorite work from you :D

    • avatar logan says:

      Thanks, Sam! It’s one of my favorites, too.

      How do you like my attempt at a 3D drawing? :) I tried to use a CAD program before, for my 3×3 design, but people didn’t seem to like that, so now I’m trying to draw by hand/mouse. I don’t think I got the perspective quite right, but it illustrates the idea.

  3. avatar Aphosno says:

    Bought! Looks cryptical but it is so easy actually. I like the slim metallic bracelett very much. Nice pattern when the watch is off. And when it’s on, we see cool yellow c-spapes. Pretty futuristc.

  4. avatar said says:

    Wow Logan! A very interesting way to have hidden numbers inside a pattern! And the rendering from Samukun make it looks great!
    I see potential too! good job!