Hex Screwed Watch Concept

(English) Design submitted by Jerod from the USA.

Jerod wanted to create an LED watch that referred to the geometry of a classic analog dial, but with a twist.  The goal was to create a unique, eye-catching watch, but keep a minimal, refined style which would not be too gaudy.

The hours and minutes fill the watch face in a clockwise circular pattern but the watch face itself is rectangular creating an intriguing contrast.  The band is simple, gray textured rubber, but attaches to the casing uniquely using four hex screws.  The casing and buckle are gloss black to further amplify the vivid colors of the display.

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20 Responses to “Hex Screwed Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Aphosno より:

    Beautiful design! Metal case and rubber strap look ****. I like the screws too. The display is easy to read and looks fine too. I’d buy it.

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    I would buy it too. The materials are very appealing to me. The display is sharp, colorful and intuitively readable. The only flaw is the green color ;) But thats very picky of me, tehehe. Please make this one for me!

  3. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi より:

    is not my favorite. Looks cheap. Because of the colour, it looks like is for women only. I like the screws, but I dislike the silicon strap. Maybe it could be improved by applying a leather strap and a single colour for display.

  4. avatar Landon より:


  5. avatar Laura より:

    I work for a global fashion consulting firm representing international luxury retailers (particular in developing markets such as india) and we would definitely recommend these to our menswear clients. A very easy sell.

  6. avatar Josh より:

    I’m not much for watches, but if I were to wear one, this would definitely be the sort. Living with a product designer has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of the unusual but practical, and this satisfies both, to boot. Perfect for making a statement refreshingly different from the cookie-cutter glitz of most of today’s designer watches without foregoing thoughtful craftsmanship. Well done.

  7. avatar Bethany より:

    Unique clean design. I enjoy the unique hour/minute tracking as well as the easily readable / contrasting colors. Certainly a conversation piece and a great purchase.

  8. avatar bethany より:

    incredibly innovative design. this is fantastic. i would absolutely buy one. would you make them in smaller sizes for women too?

  9. avatar melkirk より:

    This watch is brilliant. I love creative yet practical designs, and this watch is both. It has the appeal to satisfy the individual who desires a little edge on simple every day items. I’ll take 10. LOVE IT!!

  10. avatar hannah より:

    This is a brilliant design. After looking at hundreds of watches trying to find a unique and stylish one for my husband, I would definitely buy this for him and I know he would be proud to wear it.

  11. avatar david より:

    Amazingly stylish while at the same time being totally unique. Extraordinary!

  12. avatar Chad より:

    This is awesome! It looks like a throwback to the 80s, while being completely modern, even futuristic. Definitely stylish and unique.

  13. avatar Matt より:

    A nice, intuitive interface that still looks abstract enough to look more decorative than solely functional. Pretty sweet!

  14. avatar Bilbar Falarpkin より:

    Totally rad!

  15. avatar DianDi より:

    me liky

  16. avatar said より:

    Beautiful! The way the strap is attach is really interesting! Maybe another color variation for the display?

  17. avatar showroom より:

    This watch is similer to Laszlo’s watch LCD square.

  18. avatar Steve より:

    This watch looks like a prop from one of those 1970′s movies predicting what everyone would be wearing in the early 2020′s. It’s feasible without using any exotic technology to increase the price, so it would be easy to manufacture. It’s also fairly readable without a lot of effort. All in all, a good watch that could either be monochrome or color.