123 Minimal LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says “The inspiration for the design was to find a method of displaying the time that fit in a small square matrix (in this case, 3×3), with no wasted elements.The 123 watch uses a unique method of displaying the time on a 3×3 matrix.  The idea is that each number 1-12 can be written as 1 or 2 times 1, plus 1 or 2 times 2, plus one or 2 times 3.  For example, 8=2×1+3×2 and 12=1×2+2×2+3×2.  This allows us to display hours, tens, and single minutes each using three elements, lit yellow for x1, lit red for x2, or unlit for x0.  So, there are 9 LEDs that can each light up in two colors, and this is enough to display the time.

The elements in the first column stand for 1, the elements in the second column stand for 2, and the elements in the third column stand for 3.  The top row shows the hours, the middle row shows the tens of minutes, and the bottom row shows the single minutes.

This is a watch for logical people, who see the beauty in mathematical design.  There are no gimmicks here.  People who like Tokyoflash for its groundbreaking watch concepts will appreciate this design. The watch also has a very distinctive appearance when off, with the 9 unlit prisms giving texture to the watch face.

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8 Responses to “123 Minimal LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Aphosno より:

    This is a top unreadable watch! If you learn it, people will look at you and wonder how you did it. It is the opposite of what I’m looking for. But I bet hardcore fans adore this brainexpanding watch.

    • avatar logan より:

      It’s really pretty easy to learn, as long as you can count to 3 and multiply by 2. Easier than a binary watch, I think.

  2. avatar Avatara より:

    You’ve obviously put a lot of time and thought into this concept Logan so well done. It is a bit mind boggling for me too though and not easy enough to read quickly. I know it would be easy to learn but I don’t think it has the character of some of your other concepts. I like the kind of designs that you did before where all elements of time fit neatly into a beautiful pattern.

    • avatar logan より:

      Thanks for the feedback, Avatara. I try to submit a lot of different styles, hoping that something will appeal to Tokyoflash. You’re right that some of them are more focused on aesthetics than math.

      • avatar Avatara より:

        No problem, It must be hard to find the balance of ease of reading + interesting aesthetic + character + something different in each concept. I for one like your designs so keep it up, hopefully one will catch people’s imagination.

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    Oh yes balance isn’t easy :) You try alot different approaches to unusual watches. There are people who like it easy, some really want it cryptic, the rest can handle both :) Impossible to convince the easy people here. But that’s ok. You really thought this through and I appreciate that. One has always has to remember, Tokyoflash watches do not please everyone too. But indeed you had stronger watches. I also finished a 3×3 LED watch (not to confuse with the one already submitted) and I’m sure it is too hard for quite an amount of people – that’s life :)

    Continue your ambitious work!

  4. avatar Bill より:

    Intelligent people need only apply, so I will apply. Sign me up I need to review my grade 2 math anyways! Fun Design Logan.

  5. avatar said より:

    I agree with Avatara. I prefered when you focus on the patterns. But I also see that it s in 3D now! Can you combine this 2 points now? That seems to be a chalenge you can take Logan!!
    Good job!