Water Ripple LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

A concept watch design inspired by the shape of the wrist and the movement of flowing water. The connection to water is also carried over to the animated graphics showing the time, echoing rings spreading across liquid. The buttons are hidden to maintain a clean, watertight exterior.

The watch sits forward, almost on the hand. The body and strap blend, maintaining integrity. To show time, a ‘ripple’ animation flows across the display, lighting hour and minute indicators. Hours are shown by six bars colour-coded for AM or PM, minutes by ten bars coloured to indicate the half-hour.

Being watertight and having a liquid design theme, the watch is aimed at athletes; specifically swimmers. It also incorporates a stop watch function, in which case the minute indicators change to show elapsed seconds as well. Additionally, the sculptural shape makes it very wearable on other occasions, parties for example.

The appeal of this watch lies in its subtle and integrated design, with hidden buttons and slick, glassy metallic finish. The liquid theme is maintained throughout, and the stringent design would appeal to people looking for a sporty watch as well as the style-conscious seeking an addition to their wardrobe.

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26 Responses to “Water Ripple LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Looks like Space Plasma! Talk about futuristic. Makes Star Trek look ol skool. A Fine Swedish design.

  2. avatar Maciej より:

    I just love it. those thin LED’s and shiny look. Definitely grabs my attention, and i would not even say is feminine. Strange but i would buy it, it’s just out of this world. I can imagine this in glossy black as well.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      The dark silver finish is meant to echo the overall water/liquid theme, but yes, black would look very nice…=)

  3. avatar Avatara より:

    This is stunning! Is the material flexible or is it like a solid “bangle”? I wouldn’t consider wearing this myself but I can see women wearing it. The overall image is really attractive and the theme is interesting.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Thanks, nice to see people like it! =)
      The watch itself is rigid. It’s covered in glass or plastic (with a watertight lid on the back to provide access to the battery), but there is a section of it made from stretchy rubber, making it possible to put it on or take it off even though it is a tight fit, in keeping with the sporty/aquatic theme.

  4. avatar onisan より:

    Very nice looking object, but impossibly hard to tell the time.
    Sorry, I sort of understand how this works, but im struggling with it. I think it would be greatly improved if it was a little clearer. Those shapes are just hard to tell difference. I would stick with colours for blue=10 or green=1, rather than the shapes which look really similar.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Basically, each line has three LEDs in it, and the number each line shows depends on how many of those three LEDs that are lit. So one light in the middle=1, one light at either end=2, lights in the middle AND on the ends=3. It might be a little hard to tell from the images (although I much prefer the word ‘subtle’…=), but it would most likely be clearer on the real thing.

  5. avatar honda より:


  6. avatar varhodes より:

    Really like the shape on this and the materials. I wish the time telling system wasn’t so subtle. I’d like a bit more light in the display and an easier way to read the time… Not that it has to be totally obvious. It _IS_ Tokyoflash, after all!

  7. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow what a cool thing is that o.o

    The reading isn’t that hard. Add some contrast to the LED arrays and you can clearly see it it’s one, two or three in a row. I prefer reading the time instead of counting and calculating buuuuut I could live with that since its a hot thing!

    Cool strap idea. I like that the watch is one piece.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Thanks flr the comment! The real thing would most likely have better contrast between the LEDs (it’s tricky to get the right feel from a 2D texture…)

  8. avatar Shan より:

    It suck! Don’t like it

  9. avatar said より:

    Looks like a boomrang, can t see no water ripple in it so much… but the led effect seems to looks great on this watch!
    Maybe if it would look less like hard bracelet…?

  10. avatar Ben より:

    The concept and the design of the watch is very unique.

    Althought the functionality of the watch is difficult.
    1. Being able to read the time requires a lot of adding and knowing if it’s green or blue to indicate am or pm or 0-30 to 31-60.
    2. Realistically, I was thinking to think of how far a person would have to rotate their hand to see all the lines.
    3. Minutes in multiples of 3 makes a little harder than if it was just in 2. (For me, I can add 2′s a lot easier).

    Overall, the watch is a great idea. Although I could see this more as a fashion item than a watch. I would wear this more for something that looks cool than using it for a watch. Honestly, I’d keep the ripples effects on there and just add a digital clock in the middle. Maybe from 0-24 hours you have a ripple effect that goes across the entire band and just repeats every 24 hours.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Thanks for the comment, you make some interesting points…

      1. It doesn’t have to be green/blue, it could concievably be any combination of colours. It might even be possible to let the wearers set the colours themselves, to make it easier to distinguish ‘first’ from ‘second’… It’s a small point, but there’s more multiplication than adding, so once you’re used to it I think it’d be as quick to read as practically any watch made by Tokyoflash…

      2. Yes, that could potentially be a problem, and a production model would have to be tested to make sure the display’s visible enough… It might prove necessary to move the minute lines down a bit.

      3. I think that’s very much a question of habit. If you wore it, you’d soon get pretty quick at counting in threes…=) And if it were in 2s, there’d have to be 15 minute lines rather than 10, which would make point #2 even more serious…

      Adding a standard digital display would certainly make it easier to read, but it would defeat the purpose and the integrity of the concept…

  11. avatar lemoine より:


    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Could you let us know why? Shape just unappealing for you? Good to give the designer some feedback, like I don’t like the shape, or there is nothing about this design I feel appealing. It’s interesting to hear your viewpoint to better understand so this person can make revisions or learn from the comments if they feel so. ;) We all have our likes and dislikes.

  12. avatar Sheen より:


  13. avatar Dennis AKA FireSonic より:

    Very nice design. A little beat complicated minutes calculation, but just for a few first minutes….

  14. avatar fabianQ より: