The Dot Watch

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

The dot watch design is made of a single flexible strap which is covered with a stretchable and retractable PVC-based sheet.  In the center lays a mechanism which consists of three cylinders.  One cylinder is always visible as it presses against the sheet from the inside.  You can only see a dot, not the full cylinder – this is the ON button.

When you press the button, two more cylinders rise up and press against the sheet from the inside.  The dot that was pressed down is now seen as the center of an analog watch.  The two additional dots indicate the hour and minutes.  The big dot which is closer to the center indicates hour, the smaller one farthest from the center indicates minutes.

After five seconds all dots disappear except the center one.  If it is too dark to see the time, the center dot can be pressed twice and all dots will lit up.  Holding the center dot for 10 seconds brings you to the set mode.

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18 Responses to “The Dot Watch”

  1. avatar Bharat says:

    This is So very beautiful, Very clean Design, just a strap, more like a fashion accessory, will suite both on Man & Women, Colour choice is great.

    “Sam you are one super creative person.”

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    Took a while but now here it is. Now I have an imagination of how much Tokyo Flash has to do, to keep this blog alive. Ganbatte Tokyo Flash! Thank you for posting this quite unusual watch ;)

  3. avatar Colored circle says:

    All of your designs are highly imaginative and unusual, this piece is no exception. It might prove to be quite an engineering challenge to produce it, but it would definitely stand out amongst the ‘ordinary’ watches on the market today.
    My only crit would be that it would be very difficult to ‘quickly’ get an accurate reading of the time if it was needed.

  4. avatar Colored circle says:

    PS: It would make a great ‘Braille’ timepiece.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Yes you cannot have an exact reading. People would need to think about it. It’s like an analog without scale.

      Braille hm? You make me think…

  5. avatar Anders S says:

    Ahh, the beauty of minimalism! =) Nice work, great concept, not much to critique, really… One thing that would make it even more to my taste is if it were slightly narrower, but as I said, that’s just my taste…=)

  6. avatar Tamás Pál says:

    So, this is your design that you mentioned in your comment in Vector thread! I like it very much! This watch would be the best accessory for this car: (Gina Bmw concept car) :) I’d like to buy both of them!

  7. avatar Aphosno says:

    That’s the new generation of analog watches ladies and gentlemen. It’s maybe too far away from what tokyo flash intends to do but if they do, they would win I think. I never saw something like that and the fact, that it looks rather like a wider minimal bracelet is a good fact. Well mostly I need the exact time (work) but in my spare time, when going out, this watch would be my choice.

  8. avatar Skinbyte says:

    Wow, thanks for that link, that concept car is awsome.

    As for the watch design, I think it lends itself to similar interpretation as the car with similar challenges. The main issue I see with this watch is the stretchable surface material. Maybe Tokyoflash or product designers know more about this but it seems to me the material would eventually or even quite quickly lose its memory. Essentially leaving a ghost image or loose spots from the continuous stretching and fatigue on the material.

    I suspect considerable time and money is being spent developing a material like you might seek by the automotive companies. Chances are it will be proprietary.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh cool, critical input :) Such material is already used in architecture for individual ceiling solutions. Several companies developed it. There is no memory loss. You can crumble it and it will return to its original state, if there is tension. A little 3mm pressure (as wich the cylinders would apply) is nothing against what this material can stand. Well the long term durability would need to be researched of course. Hmmmm, I have some thoughts about a quick sheet change option… Well if it can be done or not and how much it will cost could be an issue, if this watch reaches a spectacular rating. Let’s pretend this will work and concentrate on the design ;)

  9. avatar honda says:


    • avatar Samukun says:

      Honda said, the idea is interesting! You don’t only see the time but also feel it.

      Them I’m not sure what was meant. Something like: there can be many variations of this type of display.

      本田さん, コメントのために再度感謝

      Again a tactile interpretation of the display…

  10. avatar said says:

    Hey! Another great post Sam! That design is really good. The simplicity of it is great. I wonder what kind of technology you would need to activate the dots to raise and I wonder if it would fit in a thin bracelet like it does on the picture but if it would, that would be a really really great watch!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      I believe electro magnets would work in a this bracelett. Some small motors might need more space. But I don’t know about the energy needs… batteries need space too.

      I can imagine one cylinder for the hours (or minutes) wich moves around and comes out OR already installed cylinders (12 for hours and 60 for minutes) wich are in position and one comes up depending on the time.

      Thank you, said :)

      • avatar Samukun says:

        I forgot to say, that the bracelett is thicker in the time reading section. You don’t see it, because I made the outer edge thin. This is a nice trick to make it look light. You maybe see this on the narrow ends of the straps. On the time reading section the bracelett is three times that thick.