Strap Watch Design Concept

Design submitted by Bharat from India.

The basic idea behind this design is to build a watch within a strap. The three different displays adds up to the uniqueness of this watch design. Time is divided into three sections, one for hours, one with units of 10 minutes each, and the last one with single minutes (1-9 minutes).

This is probably the only watch with three displays and three different patterns of telling time.

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24 Responses to “Strap Watch Design Concept”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Wow cool design from India! I like to see what different designs are like from different people around the world. This design is nice in the sense that it looks more like an accessory than a watch, but has the added feature of the time!

  2. avatar Rodpa says:

    Very good. I like this a lot.
    Nice subtle colour choice, seems like it “really is futuristic” rather than “trying to look futuristic”.
    The hours in 3′s is very easy to see at a glance, grouping them like that works well – so instead of having to count 10, at a glance you can see 3, 6, 9, 10

    Top marks for this one.

    • avatar Sandy says:

      Great design it is, very original & unique and also not so complicate to read time, moreover it really doesn’t look like a watch, I love to buy something so unique

    • avatar Bharat says:

      thank you so much for your appreciation your positive comments are encouraging, I’ll try to do something better then this.

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    This is different, I like it! The color theme and material choice look fun and different. Would be a bit like a fashion cuff or something.

  4. avatar honda says:


  5. avatar Sunny says:

    Such a cool nd different design seems like a time gadget reather than watch.I got very attractive with the color
    combination and it’s way of showing time.moreover it dos’t looks like watch but still it’s very easy to read.and even I could imagine myself very fashionable with this time gadget.

  6. avatar Samukun says:

    Cool thing! No case – it’s just a strap! Very produce-worthy. The 12-5-9 topic is interpreted very nice.

  7. avatar said says:

    The fact the strap is part of the watch concept is always something I like but here, it looks like leather will lit!!? Don t know if it can be done but that would be awesome!

  8. avatar Rahul says:

    Awesome watch, i have never seen this kind of watch and if it comes to the market i’ll definitely buy it.

  9. avatar jas says:

    very unique idea and this watch looks light weight as well . i realy wana have it on my wrist.

  10. avatar jyoti saini says:

    its really awesome n gorgious watch u made, damn fantastic innovation. i would really love to purchase it n wear it on my wrist, its spectacular creativity. LED concept is truly beautiful thinking and as a whole, watch looks just wow!!

  11. avatar Lavina Jain says:

    Cool design, wow indians are really getting ahead everywhere, way to go champ!!!!!!!!

  12. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Is there any more cool designs from India? Also very interested in what Indian people like in a watch design. Spread the word my friend.

    • avatar Bharat says:

      First of all thank you for your appriciation, I’m already working on some exciting new designs which I’ll be submitting in next 2-3 days, which hopefully you gona like it.
      Now as far as Indian taste is concern, I beleave India has got very versatile Market and peoples lifestyle is changing very fast & so does there tast, In a watch mostly people like elegant designs & in the same time time should also be easily readable, but peoples between 18 – 25 age group are ready to adopt, modern & bit complicated designs, if these products are presented well in the Market there is lots of scope.

      • avatar comrad_in says:

        I have just submitted another design which is my best work so far, please do consider that, you will not be disappointed

        • avatar Bharat says:

          I’m getting a huge response at my end for my new design “Eclipse” this design suits Indian Taste as well everybody is appreciating this design here, also good responses at the blog as well.

    • avatar Bharat says:

      I’ll give you some more feedback after some reserch

  13. avatar ashish says:

    very unique idea and this watch is looking like very stylish

  14. avatar navjot says:

    WOW What a watch. This is the best design i have ever seen. Such a wonderful design is worth more than the maximum praise it can get. I can even spend all my money to buy such a watch

  15. avatar Prince Thomas says:

    This is a wonderfull & unique design.I realy like product lot.and my dream is to wear it. fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. avatar suraj says:

    wow its an unique design, i like it……..