Groove LED Watch

(English) Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

This watch design was inspired by the Tron watch concept posted on this blog.  Heather specifically likes the light showing along the band.

The time is simply displayed digitally in the groove.  The groove runs along the center of the band, and is lit up in blue on the walls and floor of the groove.  To display the time, the digits are revealed by parts of the light display turning off.

The design is very subtle and time can be read digitally.  It looks like a futuristic bracelet and can go with almost any outfit.

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13 Responses to “Groove LED Watch”

  1. avatar cortjezter より:

    this is exactly what i meant when said in another post how designs should be inspired and not just literal excerpts from some geeky franchise! i like that it’s not derivative at all of anything… really cool :)

  2. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Yes Heather, you have some good ideas. Thinking outside of the box which is always nice.

    • avatar mathemagicka より:

      Thank you so much for the compliment!! It’s nice to feel appreciated. :D Some of the amazing graphics in the entries on this blog are so intimidating because they look so polished and realistic. I’m not a graphic designer by profession — I don’t even have great software — but I DO have ideas, and I try to get them across with the few graphic skills I have…

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    Heather did it again! Great work! Looks very cool. Only one thing… oh no, I forgot ;) Buyworthy!

  4. avatar DENDEN 500 より:

    this watch is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooool. I would totally by this watch. I really hope it comes to stores

  5. avatar Skinbyte より:

    I don’t know what’s going on with those flat 2D renderings as part of the blue band is sticking out of the black.

    In any event, this has a strong appeal to me for its shear simplicity and subtlety. Easy to read, doesn’t look like a traditional watch, yet still cool with something extra. Doesn’t scream look at me, more like hey, I am cool with myself.

    The one thing I would suggest is a wider band for men.

  6. avatar adam より:

    good job love it!!!! :)

  7. avatar weirdo より:

    i would totally buy this keep making more great watch designs

  8. avatar honda より:


  9. avatar Juli1010 より:

    i love how this watch is just like a bracelet! it matches everything! i would definitely buy it!:)

  10. avatar Sibren より:

    I love the design of the watch. However, I would have a concern on the readability of the time. Would be interesting to see an actual prototype.

  11. avatar Merinoredhead より:

    This is best idea! So simple, so sleek. I like this better than the other Tron inspired watches I have seen. Hope this makes it to production.

  12. avatar said より:

    Like everybody else on this blog, great job heather!

    I would love it better than though, if it would looks a little bit more difficult to decypher.