Glyph Buckle Watch Concept

Design submitted by Devindh from UK.

The idea for this watch design is mainly inspired by current fashion trends and Sci-Fi.  It is also an indirect homage to “jump hour” style watches.

The main case is in the form of a buckle that has 2 straps from the main cuff feeding through it.  60 raised dots denote seconds and 12 raised bars represent hours.  The arrow that points to the seconds has 5 divisions, one for each dot in the row of 5.  The bars illuminate one by one until 15 minutes have past then it ‘jumps’ to the next row.

The use of textures together with cutting edge technology is what sets this design apart from the others.

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15 Responses to “Glyph Buckle Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Avatara says:

    Quite a clever way to display the time, nice work Devindh. I like the leather strap too, but this is just a bit too much for me. Not sure if it’s the brass coloured case, maybe I would buy if this was black…

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @Avatara: Thanks. I had thought about rendering a ‘blackened’ version, but I decided that it would make it too difficult to see the second dots. Perhaps if it was silver it might make it more appealing?

  2. avatar Anders S says:

    Interesting concept, nice idea! Having said that, I think it’d be a bit too difficult to tell the minutes… Mostly because of the difficulty in seeing which row the arrow points to… Perhaps every other row of dots could have a slightly different shape? Difficult to do without compromising the design, I know (I’ve recieved enough similar comments to know…=), but it’d probably help the readability…

    The style isn’t for me unfortunately, but the images are killer! I have to ask, is it 3D? Which software?

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @Anders S: Thanks for your criticism. Your point about the visibility of the dots is a valid one. I thought about ways of making the divisions more distinct and easier to read at a glance, but as you say, IMO it would compromise the look I was going for. I try to keep things as minimal as possible. The watch was modelled and rendered using Luxology Modo.

      • avatar Anders S says:

        It’s always annoying when the function gets in the way of the form, and vice versa…

        I agree, less might not always be more, but more is very often too much…

        Ahh, I see… Obviously a good choice of software, and some nice skills you have too…=) I lok forward to seeing more of your ideas…

  3. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Love the renderings, fun to look at. It has a definite style or feel to it, which may hinder the ratings. A variation of this design in the right way may get much higher ratings. Just need to find that niche. ;)

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @TFJPDS: I think I will try to render some variations. I’ll probably use some subtler textures. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. avatar Samukun says:

    Ok the leather rocks! The metal plates are cool. Very creative to use them for time telling. It takes than 5 seconds in the first days, but you get used to it, I’m sure. Nice sci-fi look indeed! Reminds me of Bones’ sickbed monitor :) Maybe the closing mechanism has to be more geeky, not that traditional.

    Has a fashionable look in this leather, gold combination. The wide leather looks comfyyyyyy Produce-worthy imho.

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @Samukun: Thanks it’s nice to get a positive comment:) I think I should mention that the leather texture comes from an artist called ‘mytherea@Deviant art’. I found the texture map via the internet and I will try to send a thankyou message. I look forward to seeing some more designs from you.

  5. avatar honda says:


  6. avatar said says:

    I like the way the shape of the design help on reading this watch! I love the buckle too!

  7. avatar Aphosno says:

    I would buy it. It looks really cool. The different materials go well together. As a sci-fi fan I say: please make this watch!