Decimal Time Watch Design

Design submitted by Xavier from Spain.

Xavier has found a way to control the watch in a new way, and rather than hiding the buttons, he exaggerated it to be more expressive and provide easy functionality.

24-hour day is divided into 1,000 beats, and this watch concept also includes alarm clock and date functions. It appears more mechanic with all options clearly exposed. It uses the decimal time used in lots of science fiction materials, such as The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov, Metropolis by F. Lang, Battlestar Galactica, and French Revolution.

This design is for the unconventional but practical people.

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Decimal Time Watch Design, 2.7 out of 5 based on 50 ratings

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5 Responses to “Decimal Time Watch Design”

  1. avatar Avatara says:

    Love the idea of splitting the time up into 1000 beats, but at first glance I thought it was some kind of medical watch because the parts at the top and bottom look like pills.

    I think if the “pills” were changed into some more interesting looking mechanical buttons, then this idea would be really cool. Very different. Oh and if you could add a more standard way of reading the time as a back up that would be a great option too.

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Reminds me of E pills. Might be good for that group of people. Maybe put your drugs in the capsules? Not sure who else would wear this. Colors are more for women, so maybe ladies. Looks fun for sure. :)

  3. avatar Samukun says:

    I like the decimal time! I want that! Hard to tell the actual hours though. Maybe pressing the cyan button reveals hh:mm mode, do I see it right?

    The design is fresh and cool. A little to pop-art-ish for me but it would find clients I think. When it has a cool name, this watch would be trendy… decimal pills or daily dosis xD Cool watch. Only one picture to tell everything, woohoo.

  4. avatar Rodpa says:

    Decimal time – thank you. I always wondered why TF hasnt used this mode yet – its an actual real time mode but just very unusual – A bit like Esperanto; it make perfect sense, but everyone is too lazy to change the old ways.

    The watch design itself is good too, not my favourite on here, but its different from the rest. So, hmm, I think a 4/5 because decimal time is very cool indeed.

  5. avatar said says:

    This decimal time concept is the good point of the watch. Maybe it could have been shaped in a cooler way?