Cross-eyed Illusion Watch Concept

Design submitted by Mark from the Netherlands.

A watch concept that shows time in cross-eyed illusion. To read the time, you must be capable of watching autostereograms, and if you can, then you have a big advantage over your friends who can’t.

The time is simply in decimal, but the digits are rendered in a stereogram slightly raised from the background. For convenience, two dots of paint can be placed on the watch case above or below the display for easy view in cross-eyed vision.

This design challenges the optical illusion watch designed by our Tokyoflash Design Studio team. It also has an e-paper option which would be interesting to see. Great idea!

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13 Responses to “Cross-eyed Illusion Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Arrimer says:

    Well. Unique concept indeed, but absolutely hopeless. You just gone way to far with making this watch readable diffidently that standard watch. I just cannot imagine myself trying to cross my eyes to read the time on meeting or bus stop. I just know how stupid & silly people look when they trying to read stereograms.

    • avatar said says:

      hahaha! very good point arrimer!
      I probably succeded only 3 times to see any 3D on this kind of stuff while I tryed so many times!

  2. avatar Avatara says:

    I can see this if I stare hard but having to go cross eyed to see the time is a bit much. I like the display image though, it’s like a TV with no reception. The case and strap don’t do it for me at all, too bulky and square.

  3. avatar Mark says:

    Well, it’s meant for people who can easily read autostereograms, ao I expected these king of responses from people who don’t. If you can read them as swiftly as me then you can see the time in under two seconds.

    The watch and strap design is also a quick & dirty job in a 3D program, and are completely open for redesign.

    • avatar Mark says:

      I also thought of another option. When you press the two buttons at the same time, the display changes to normal (background turns black or something)

  4. avatar Lufromcalab says:

    Even knowing what time is supposed to be displaying, I cannot see it. No point in owning a watch on which I cannot tell the time.

  5. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    FOr the life of me I can not see the time on this thing. Even crossing my eyes doesn’t help. If it worked for most people then it would be cool. Wonder what % of people can see the time on this design? Cool idea though, just not willing to cross my eyes to get the time. Bit much.

  6. avatar Samukun says:

    ok ok :) two inconvenient elements come together here: the case (brrrr) and the reading (wth). First, its really many people who cannot read it, even when knowing what to do. Second, I dont believe it works on such a small area (just zoom out until the display has 5cm width and try again) It is a keen idea though. Forget the 3D design, noone said you have to be good in everything. The optional button pressing is a nice try, but its too far away from the concept. What can be done to save this watch?

  7. avatar Alex says:

    This is a great concept.

    You just need some practice and you can read the time without problems, but no other.

    It’s much better then the other tokyo Flash watches, because you must not calculating. Just have a (5 seconds?) look at the watch!


  8. avatar Rodpa says:

    The display looks pretty cool & I did manage to (just about) see the time, but I do find these stereograms quite hard to do, so probably not for me.

  9. avatar said says:

    Last time I tryed this, I gave up after 15 minutes because my eyes were getting painful. That s cryptic yes but a bit too cryptic for me I guess.

  10. avatar Gyoza says:

    I found it real easy to read, well on O-LED not so much E-Paper. I kinda like it

  11. avatar 24601 says:

    Very interesting concept. I too was able to read it, but it took a little bit to get into the knack of it. One suggestion: don’t put the numbers too close to the edges, especially the last digit, it becomes hard to read.