Which Way? Unique LED watch design.

Submitted by Heather from USA.

Since people are familiar with number placement on an analog clock, it is simple to work from there.

The design is called “Which Way?”  The arrows on the face accentuate this concept.  To read it, the main numbers we look for are 12, 3, 6, and 9.  The watch points which way from there the hours (big arrow) or minutes (small arrow) appear. i.e. up from the 3 hour position would be 2, or left from the 6 (30 min) position would be 7 (35 min). There are 4 triangles in the center that light up as single minutes.

Anyone who likes a watch with an angular look will enjoy this design.

This is a way of telling time that none of the other watches submitted to date has used.  It looks futuristic and fun.

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Which Way? Unique LED watch design., 2.4 out of 5 based on 52 ratings

7 Responses to “Which Way? Unique LED watch design.”

  1. avatar Arrimer says:

    Nice try, but i wish to see some usage of this arrows. Maybe they could be included in time reading pattern. Or somehow cooperate with design to not be just bulky piece of case. I hope it’s clear. :) Reading the time is not that easy. In general LED layout to small compared to case layout. Does not fit in my opinion.

  2. avatar said says:

    It s got a heavy metal image which not really fit my style. Maybe if you get rid of the arrows and find an more subtle case shape I would go for it. The display itself is quite interesting!

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Sorry Heather, hate it. Just me. Visually unappealing and hard to tell the time. The watch looks angry. No idea why I feel this way, and maybe just me. Lacks WOW factor as well, just says WTF!

  4. avatar onisan says:

    Quite ingenious the way it works, but perhaps a little too clever – needs to be simple solution & this a bit bit fussy for me.

    I saw your other design, & you can obviously think your way around how to display the time in a different way, just need to find a more stylish way to present it i think. Good try though.

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    I dont get it :D But I believe it works :) You should always try you own watch. If you can read it within… 5 seconds (thats long when u count it) it is good.

    It would look cooler, if the case would be flat. Simplicity is underestimated xD

    Ok before it submitted, I went up and gave it another try. Its working fine. I believe many people aren’t willing to try out and give a not so good rating because the watch doesnt look pleasing. If Tokyo Flash would take care of this watch, it could become a hit!

    Controversal but good work, both watches, Heather :)

    • avatar mathemagicka says:

      Thank you for your comments! I appreciate your taking the time to look at it. :D The main idea was the time-telling….The drawing part is not what I’m best at.

  6. avatar honda says: