Warp Watch Concept

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan’s latest watch concept creates a sense of depth and motion in this warp-themed display making the watch come into life.

Count the lit rings for hour, add six if the dot is lit.  The outer two rings contain five and nine segments to indicate the tens and single minutes.  There is also a spectacular animation where the five and nine segments animate as a countdown, then the inner rings to show warp travel.

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10 Responses to “Warp Watch Concept”

  1. avatar honda says:


  2. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    i like your design logo, this pattern reminds me of my rising sun design because they spirals remind me of rays of light or something xD. blue is not my favourite colour, but i would definatley buy this watch if it had red! :D

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    I’m quite fond designs with a pattern and this one is really really nice. It kind of looks like a whirlpool.

  4. avatar Maciej says:

    Yet another crazy, unusual concept from Logan, but i did understand it very quickly. It is more clear to read the time, much bettter than other Logans ideas. I just love the way this spiral plays with my eyes: Is it flat? Or does it trying to suck me inside, or just confuse me? Pattern is really nice looking and makes my brain twisted. with nice case, colours it is something i can clearly see it in tokyoflash offer.

  5. avatar said says:

    I like the unusual feeling of this watch but I would not buy something like that.
    I’ve seen better stuff from you logan!

    • avatar logan says:

      Thanks for the comment, said. I realize this is not everyone’s style, and it’s quite different than my other designs. Don’t worry, though, I’ve submitted more to Tokyoflash, so hopefully you can see more of what you like.

  6. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Hmm I don’t no…This has a very strong appeal to me, even thought the time display method is not so exciting visually the watch looks BAD ***!

  7. avatar david brophy says:

    I really like this design and the optical illusion.
    It looks like one of the toys I had as a child where you have to roll a ball bearing into a hole.
    Nice job.

  8. avatar onisan says:

    I like it, but wouldnt buy it myself because I prefer to wear something less psychedelic. It’s a great design though.

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    Oh a little art work watch, very nice. Too curvy for me, but there are enough people who would like it. Time reading is presented in a eyecatching way and is pretty easy. I say, when you can read it i 5 seconds, its good. For those who dont know the system, its still kinda stunning. The time in the renderings is 3:42 am I right? I bet you didn’t write it, because it soooooo easy :D Warp Watch is pretty tokyo flashy.