Tokyo Groove LED Watch Design with ‘Quick Read’

Design submitted by Devindh from the UK.

Devindh says: “I studied your existing catalogue of watches and looked at the media coverage (fashion magazines). I combined some of the linear design elements with a bit of glamour, hence the name ‘Tokyo Groove’. Reading the time is easy compared to most of the ideas that have been submitted so far. The watch features a red duotone digital display indicating minutes. 12 ‘cross bars’ are tipped with LED indicators showing the hour numerals. The version shown in the main render is ‘quick read’. A second version replaces the conventional numerals with pure coloured tiles. A different colour is displayed for each hour. This is a design for anybody who likes to be different/unusual. It combines modern styling with some conventional elements giving it a broad appeal.

Devindh is right, the display is easy to read at a glance and it’s nice to have the ‘quick read option’ as well as an option with tiles replacing the hour numbers to create a more mysterious effect. The color combination of red and black is very modern and the “cuff style” shape is something we haven’t seen too much of in recent designs. It’s a little bit different to a standard case and strap shape, almost like a bracelet. Great effort Devindh!

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9 Responses to “Tokyo Groove LED Watch Design with ‘Quick Read’”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    I think if it’s made in plastic it would be ok, but not metal. A little bit on the average side for Tokyoflash, but that maybe good for people who want a bit different and not too crazy. Nice and easy to read for sure.

  2. avatar said says:

    Look too much like a big piece of motors to me but I like the font style

  3. avatar Colored circle says:

    @Tokyo Pimp.
    Thanks for commenting. The main body of the watch is intended to be realised in a material such as kevlar, or polycarbonate. The strap/cuff is intended to be realised in a rubber compound. I think you are right that the design does not have the kind of wow factor that other Tokyo flash watches have, but I think there is enough variety in the product range for it to find a place.


  4. avatar GabrielBB says:

    I like it, is very intelligent. The shapes and angles of the case looks very interesting. I will buy it for sure.

    Great job.

  5. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    It’s nice to see how the time is woven into the case itself. Makes the design very complete.

  6. avatar Colored circle says:

    @GabrielBB, @Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio.

    Thank you.

  7. avatar kwilkes says:

    Very cool design. This would appeal to many men I know.

  8. avatar kwilkes says:

    I like the quick read option rather than many designs that require counting flashes or what not. Very classy styling.