The Koi – LED watch design with a touch of Japanese

Design submitted by Anna from Australia.

Anna has appealingly incorporated the koi fish to this simple and beautiful design.  She says “I wanted to incorporate a symbol that I believe epitomizes something inherently iconic within Japanese culture”.

The image is embossed on a silver watch face and scales will light up on each fish indicating the relevant time.  The minimalistic design will surely appeal to a variety of people and Anna believes that such design will allow the watch to be worn in all situations, from everyday to evening wear.

We are impressed at how Anna has came up with a concept that visually represents Japanese culture and one that will certainly catch the eye of both women and men.  We love it as it is, but how would you improve it?

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The Koi - LED watch design with a touch of Japanese, 4.0 out of 5 based on 65 ratings

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15 Responses to “The Koi – LED watch design with a touch of Japanese”

  1. avatar cortjezter より:

    wow.. i love the idea. obviously this is a rough sketch, but the concept is solid. part of me would also like it if the fish were a sort of MC Escher pattern to fill the face instead of just the three, but awesome submission!

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Good overall concept. Never seen a Koi with a mouth like that though, maybe an Australian Carp. Also would be cool if you did the Koi in real colours like Orange, White and Black. Just like you see in a pond. Maybe even make the lens the colour of the water!

  3. avatar honda より:


  4. avatar Avatara より:

    Fantastic, this design embodies old Japanese culture and new Japanese technology nicely. Well done Anna!

    I would like to see that second carp the other way up, it looks a little bit odd upside down. Would also love to see a bit more colour going on, maybe some more graphics showing water – to fill some of the white space. There could definitely be more LEDs involved to make an exciting animation, water sparkling behind the carp for example.

    The overall concept is great though and I guess this may appeal to a more artistic audience.

  5. avatar Xyrxes99 より:

    Wow!!! I absolutely LOVE this design! It’s very stylish and I find the minimalism refreshing and appealing. Good job Anna! It’s definitely a versatile design and very funky. Brilliant.

  6. avatar just_dance_champ より:

    Wow this watch is PERFECT!

    I’ve always loved the designs on this website for all the cool different watches but I’ve never felt the need to make an account to post about how much I loved a design before. Until now that is!

    I’ve always loved Koi and Japan and the execution of this design is flawless. Kudos to the artist.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

  7. avatar johnny-cage14 より:

    I love this watch!

    The inverted fish design flows so perfectly on a watch, i can easily see how this would make a great additon to an outfit. It looks so japanese, and so modern, everything the watch should be. Congratulations to the artist, wonderful job, keep it up.

  8. avatar CaptainPlanet より:

    Wow !This design is Brilliant ! It’s very unique and appealing . There are so many watches I want to buy on this site and this is one of them ! Can I order one now ?

  9. avatar DaMilkman85 より:

    Very funky design, I can see myself filling many a christmas/birthday stocking with this one, very clever and relatively simple

  10. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Wow lots of good feedback for this idea. Interesting.

  11. avatar said より:

    Very nice, but I m not really into fish… can we get it with another japanese symbole? (spare me the sushi please!!)

  12. avatar shaneo より:

    That’s an amazing idea that you’ve brought together there. The slick band and unique stlye make it very appealing. I would love to see my partner wearing this. Well done Anna and good luck.

  13. avatar kwilkes より:

    Love, Love, Love this design. I usually buy watches for my husband here, but this is the first design I would buy for myself. I love that the main design is the artistic aspect, covertly functional. The design would be complete if the links could be made of something decorative as well, more like jewelry. I hope to see this available soon!

  14. avatar Lufromcalab より:

    I like the artistic quality of this one. Not just a bunch of lights, but an image that could be worn with a number of outfits and to various events.

  15. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow how cool. Nice interpretation of the 12-5-9 topic (you don’t need ten scales on the last fush :) ) Many images possible with this idea. Who made the case, you or Tokyo Flash? Because it is coooool! I love this shape. If you offer several image motives in a series, this watch would be a stylish and trendy piece of art. Woohoo!