Squared LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Maciej from Poland.

Maciej has put together a simple watch design with a fun way of reading the time.  His target is to surprise people when they realize how easy and obvious it is to read the time.

Time is shown in rectangular LEDs beneath a mirrored glass.  It has a total of 40 squares which light up creating a layout of numbers in digits.  It has a variation of colors that can be customized to fit your mood and style.

We can say that this watch concept is the ‘positive’ of our Tokyoflash Negative watch.  The slender casing and strap and the variety of colors make one attractive watch.

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14 Responses to “Squared LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Ikebukuro_11 より:

    Ok I like this one. If it’s in leather strap nicer!

  2. avatar werwolf より:

    simple to read, yet interesting enough not to be boring.
    yes, definitely liking this one.

  3. avatar Avatara より:

    Nice idea! I was a big fan of the Negative watch. I think this is a great tribute to that design. The curved case and the kind of see through looking strap give the redesign a little bit more of a modern feel. I would love to see this concept become a reality and would definitely consider buying it. Would that be colour changing like the original Negative watch design?

    • avatar Maciej より:

      Yes, idea is to have colours changeable. Similar to Negative watch. However Negative watch was not my inspiration. I agree, it is similar & general concept is same, but my one has got much less rectangles to display single digit – less obvious when you see it first time. I think I’ve achieved combination between obvious numeric display and tokyoflash confusion. I can see strap & case in different colour variations as well as the display, but this is up to tokyoflash developers. I have still plenty of ideas but still trying with different techniques. And this is first time i did use a little help of 3d rendering. I am still learning as a graphic designer, but i think i am on good way.

      • avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

        Hey Maciej your designs are very nice indeed. I hope to see more. You are a good designer for sure!

  4. avatar nonoreso より:

    the image with 4 watches is a mirror image, it is impossible to read the time.

    • avatar Arrimer より:

      Yes it is mirrored image. I think it does not change concept it self, and that’s all this competition is all about. Concept it self is nice & clean. I am sure that quality of rendering is not to be concidered. not everyone is master of graphics.

  5. avatar Just amazed! より:

    Is there a store for Tokyo Flash in the Philippines? I like to have this one:


  6. avatar said より:

    Probably needs a bit of a training to read it but that s really tokyoflash and really cool too! Having different colors is also a good idea I think. I would go for a daker blue if you add this color variation Maciej!!

  7. avatar onisan より:

    Niiiice :-) The numbers work great with just 2 columns instead of the usual 3.
    Pretty much perfect as it is i think. I’d buy this on the spot if it was a good price.

    LED or LCD – actually i saw some LCD watches with a colour LCD – so instead of being the usual black & white it was blue & white – that would work well with this watch.

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    Smart smooth simple. I’d buy it.

  9. avatar honda より: