Sprocket – The Machine Behind The LEDs

Design submitted by Maciej from Poland.

Maciej says: “I called it Sprocket. Sprockets, springs & other parts always remind me of traditional exclusive watches. It is a simple concept combining Tokyoflash technology with the complicated mechanism of traditional watch. The way of reading the time however is very Tokyoflash. We have three groups of LEDs; the central one is for hours, 10-minutes groups are on the left and single minutes are on the right. All together, this feel of dimension and the graphic at the back makes you feel like these sprockets are really working.”

Well done to Maciej for another super concept wrist watch design. This is a perfect example of how an interesting and emotive graphical image can be turned into a fascinating and easy to understand time display. We love the way that the theme of cogs, sprockets and springs harks back to the days of traditional mechanical watches but is shown in a truly futuristic manner. The color theme using greens and oranges and the smart tapered strap also exude a modern look.

The only question is – what do you think about this concept? Do you like the theme and color combination? We’d love to hear from you!

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9 Responses to “Sprocket – The Machine Behind The LEDs”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Think it looks bad ***! I would love to know what materials are being uses for the face? If just LEDs, and some silkscreen I think it would look very bad. You need to dimension basically real sprockets under the face on say a carbon base. The strap is also very nice. Looks like micro holes. Cool! Could call it GEAR HEAD. People into bikes or cars may go for this design. You could do some interesting animation as well like a rev meter or rotating like a sprocket moving. Nothing like it up to now. Good one Maciej, you are quite the designer!

  2. avatar bitethestars says:

    Very clever concept and definitely something I would buy, wear and recommend. An intelligent dichotomy of old and new. The impressive twist to the overall design is the shape of the watch which is almost old fashioned. Nice LED color combo’s and an easy to read interface too. The trick is to get the finished product as close as possible to the conceptual design.

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    Yeah, this is cool! Simple clean layout and a nice mechanical theme. This is right up my street. I don’t like the strap so much but I just can’t take my eyes off the display, so simple to read and fun! Well done Maciej!

  4. avatar varhodes says:

    Like the modern twist on the old-school watch parts. Nice design!

  5. avatar onisan says:

    This looks gorgeous! Loving the detail on the strap with the tiny holes. The cogs look great & its simple to read. Colours are perfect, i like the dark & dusky feel it has.
    This is Maciej’s best yet of the ones ive seen. Definitely would buy this.

  6. avatar said says:

    the combination mechanical/LEDs is great!

  7. avatar Ace says:

    That’s very cool, I like the perforated bracelet too.

  8. avatar Makkovik says:

    Amazing! I like the idea to put the 2 buttons used to change the time on separate side of the watch. ( if it’s not that then tell me why they are not on the same side ) The cogs could be another color, silver or yellow-gold. I have 1 question : Why is the bottom-part darker than the upper-part ?

  9. avatar Roels Major says:

    I Love simplicity……..and beauty………