Rising Sun Watch Design

Design submitted by Calvin from UK.

Here’s another unique Japanese-themed watch design.  Calvin’s concept shows a striking and vivid representation of Japanese symbols.

The white exterior and red LED will without question attract everyone’s attention and interest.  People who fancies Japanese-related gadgets will surely go for this watch.

Top LED section shows the hours, second section indicates AM/PM, third section shows 10-minute segments, and fourth section shows 1-minute segments.  PM is indicated by a half sun sign and AM, a full sun.

We wish we could see it in a more 3D-rendered form but Calvin’s images are detailed enough to make us visualize the potential it carries.  How do you see the final structure of this watch?

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19 Responses to “Rising Sun Watch Design”

  1. avatar honda says:


  2. avatar TheWhispofSmoke says:

    looks like a fantastic idea but i was just wondering how would you tell time on it

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      first bar = 8
      third bar = 5
      fourth bar = 6 and if half sun symbol shows it means it is PM and full sun = AM.
      the second bar is reserved for the time is 2 digit like 11 or 12 o clock! :D

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Hmm. “Land of the Rising sun”. Think unless you are really a Japanese patriot you wouldn’t wear this. I wouldn’t wear any flag watch on my wrist, but think some would. Chotto Dasai. By the ratings seems like enough people would though.

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      Are u sure about that?
      There a t-shirts and fashion accesories all over the world with the ‘Rising sun’ Design on it!
      nowadays the rising sun flag is a fashion symbol of japan…i am not a japanese but i would definatly wear this watch and so would a lot of other people as u said. :D

  4. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    You dont have to be japanese to wear this watch, the japanese rising sun flag is so cool that it has become a symbol of fashion not a symbol of patriots!

  5. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Hi Calvin. Nice fun design! Love the boxy case and how the time radiates from the sun!

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      Thanks dude! all my other designs are not making it to the blog so i need some serious thinking, i designed a watch tha will be very familiar with you and your collegues at tokyoflash! just check the design challenge and u will see! :D

  6. avatar said says:

    maybe with the same case as the Koi fish watch but I can t really see it fitting me wrist as it is…

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      i dont think think watch would fit anyone..because it hasnt been made haha.
      but yes…the case could look better (rounded edges etc) if i had a better rendering program! :D

  7. avatar Avatara says:

    I like the idea and I can see that it would appeal to people with an interest in Japan, like Kanji t-shirts I guess. I think I worked out how the time is read. 12 hours in the first ray of light, 5 groups of 10 minutes in the second ray of light and 9 single minutes in third ray of light. I think this idea would go down a lot better in a less boxy case.

  8. avatar jenjkrai says:

    i just love thisss cool designedd japanese watchh and i love the “sun rising design watch” which signifies the national flag of japan….

  9. avatar kwilkes says:

    I agree with Said on the casing design. Any classic Japanese icon is instantly attractive. I would definitely buy it.

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      thanks dude! finaly i meet someone who agrees with me that the japanese flags are also a fashion icon and not just a flag! :D

  10. avatar Samukun says:

    Ok I take this as a sketch because otherwise I can’t judge it seriously. It’s cool you have the will to make your idea come to live even if you have not much knowledge in visualisation. I get your idea and with some further developing, this could become a good stylish japanese watch. I bet Tokyo Flash could make it a seller :D