Polaris – Astrological Watch Design

Design submitted by Isaac from Mexico.

Based on the Mayan vigesimal number system, this LED watch concept is both futuristic and elegant with its sleek bracelet-type band, yellow LEDs, and small color accents bordering the watch.

Lines are in units of 5, points in single units, center red points in twenties.  2 short lines indicate AM/PM.  The upper lines indicate hours and lower lines indicate minutes.

The LED arrangement resembles a constellation which makes it a unique and matchless design.  It’s a beautiful concept that will appeal to both women and men.

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Polaris - Astrological Watch Design, 4.4 out of 5 based on 191 ratings

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18 Responses to “Polaris – Astrological Watch Design”

  1. avatar Arrimer says:

    Design look very clean & modern. I like the way shape, bracelet & general concept works together creating one lovely piece of art. However i am guessing that will be more liked by women. 4 starts for that one.

    • avatar cracken01 says:

      That’s right!!, that is one of the reasons for which I made 2 versions: one in white and the other in black. I had even contemplated one third aluminum option with the black details, …that could be unisex or not?

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    I also think this would be a very cool watch for ladies. The Black maybe fine for men as well. I say that as the case looks very detailed with it’s gold stripe. Kind of reminds me of some Prada or Gucci item. Looks really nice.

    • avatar cracken01 says:

      in fact I had contemplated that option but more focused for the legend or brand, however I believe that the black with the details would be seen quite elegant in gilded, very fashionist!!

  3. avatar wimpy_kid says:

    Wow!!!! This watch is such as an amazing modern design I like it!!!! in fact I would like to have a red color option!!!
    Good job!!! We have a real mexican talent!!!! I’m mexican as well so go for it!!! Congrats for this

  4. avatar Avatara says:

    5/5 for appearance, this looks really great, but 2/5 for readability, it’s too complicated to add up. I might buy it for a girl to wear as a bracelet though. Great rendering effort.

  5. avatar honda says:


  6. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    What we like about this watch design, is the way the case is done underneath, and the yellow detail. The width works well for both men or women, giving a more jewelry feel to it. Would go well with many types of fashion.

  7. avatar Vladimir says:

    Это просто прелесть !!!!!!
    дай ! хочу эти часы себе и любимой девушке.. Скорей мне их..
    It simply charm!!!!!!
    Give! I want these hours to myself and the girlfriend. More soon to me them.

  8. avatar onisan says:

    I agree with Avatara. It looks fantastic, but reading the time is awkward.
    The white version is prefect for girls & i can imagine it appealing to them as a cool accessory, but just too hard to tell the time.

    Actually, I dont think there is anything wrong with telling the time in the way you did it – but i think for a fashion accessory watch like this (its not a geek watch) it should be very easy to tell the time.

  9. avatar Paulina says:

    Wow!!! It’s very cute and original, I love the design!

  10. avatar Nancy says:

    It is beautiful and also practical, with that kind of reading numbers not only innovation but also demonstrate originality.


  11. avatar Samukun says:

    Looks cool. A bit to feminine for me. And the reading is too hard. You need to count and your eyes have to travel a long way on the case. It would find its fans anyway since it is stylish and unique :D

  12. avatar Ricardo López says:

    This incredible and I want one.

  13. avatar Miguelon says:

    Ahuevoooo! Un diseño mexicano!!! Vamos isaac por el 1er lugar

  14. avatar Mildred says:

    Está increíble este diseño, me encanta su forma de abrazarte , el color y que es muy fácil de leer además de que me parece perfecto tanto para hombre como para mujer, sin duda lo compraria , YA LO QUIERO!!!