Madrix – LED watch in black

Design submitted by Adriano from France.

Adriano envisions this watch in black metal with white LEDs.  He wants to create a simple design that is both sophisticated and discreet, and he manages to attain this with the clean lines and conventional look of this watch.  The star-shaped arrangement of the LEDs is very unique and how Adriano designated the hours and minutes on each LED is quite impressive, with the middle circles showing 6-hour and 30-minute timings.

A rectangular casing with broader straps can also give this design a different feel.  What variation would you like to see?

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6 Responses to “Madrix – LED watch in black”

  1. avatar Avatara says:

    I’m not a fan of the way the time is laid out on this design, it’s not so intuitive. I do like the star pattern that the LEDs makes though. I also like the round case and i’d definitely go for a thicker strap.

  2. avatar said says:

    nice job!

  3. avatar honda says:


  4. avatar Makkovik says:

    It would have been good to have a diagram without the explanation, to have a better idea of the look. I like the star shape & the pins over & under the button like the expensive manual analog watch have. The 30 min, 6 h & 12 h light order could be changed. The 30m could be 6h. The 6h could be 12h & the 12h could be 30m. The wristband should be larger. I would’nt change the casing for a rectangle.

  5. avatar GabrielBB says:

    I prefer a strap for this one not thiner, but wider. It is interesting the design. Not my favorit, but very creative. great job.

  6. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    A bit of a more classic looking design with a unique twist. Love the black with white LEDs. Thanks for the logo as well. ;)