Liquid Plasma Watch Design

Design submitted by Pasquale from Italy.

This is an extraordinary watch concept from Pasquale.  It is like a time experiment where liquid is pumped to the transparent tubes to display time in three quadrants.  The clear glassy exterior of the watch including the strap presents this design in a delicate and fragile finish.  It also has a dangerous feel in it that makes it an overall exciting watch design.  Absolutely for those wanting to be different.

We applaud Pasquale for this brilliant and original concept.

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20 Responses to “Liquid Plasma Watch Design”

  1. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    Wow…:S confusing hahaha. if i was a doctor i would wear this. and use it as an injection :D hehehe

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Can I change the Plasma for Guinness? If so I would buy! Just load up the watch at the bar and there you got the time. You could call it HAPPY HOUR! Good fun design love the idea.

  3. avatar Ikebukuro_11 より:

    Haha! Looks like it’s going to break anytime. It would be cool if it’s made from thin fiber glass and the liquid is illuminated. Maybe solid metal casing and band would be nice too.

  4. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Or Helium so your wrist can feel lighter! Designed for writers and can put on the wrist you write with!

  5. avatar werwolf より:

    this one is sure to appeal to the steampunk crowd. not my cup of tea, though.

  6. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Though this watch design may not be a watch that most people would wear, it it really nice to see the thought behind it. Often forward thinkers are leap years ahead of what the general public are thinking. Thank you very much for the design submission. :)

    • avatar pasquale より:

      I’m very happy and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to have participated Best Regards Pasquale

  7. avatar Selendrile より:

    Neat design. looks fragile though..

  8. avatar Avatara より:

    Extraordinary indeed. This is a great idea but how on earth would it work? Maybe three tubes that slowly fill with LED light? It’s fun and novel but too unusual to wear. Looks like a weapon from Ghostbusters!

  9. avatar Arrimer より:

    Definnelty has got potential. I love everything what is steam-punk, post-apocalyptic style. I would not buy it in current version but idea of it, is perfect. Maybe someone could redesign it to be less crazy, possible to manufacture & fit tokyoflash style – then who knows. You are on good track though.

  10. avatar Ace より:

    Is that thing even possible?

  11. avatar onisan より:

    Yeah, its very steampunk. Probably impossible to make, but some creative product design could make it happen.
    Seconds are unnecessary, but I like the glass/plastic tunes & radioactive liquid. I wonder if some kind of thermometer or that ferrofluid idea could make it happen.

  12. avatar honda より:


    • avatar pasquale より:

      Thanks honda, but i don’t understand Japanese ;)

      • avatar jjcasalo より:

        Translation from Google :
        Waa, I’m quite got *** (lol). But I think I’m easy to read at times like, what is technically possible commercialization of that? If it were I can commercialize it might be interesting.

  13. avatar carlsberg より:

    i love this design, although i would be concerned about it’s fragility. would be great if the liquid was UV reactive as well – great for nightclubs.
    maybe having thin black-lights within each tube (would reduce the amount of liquid required to fill the tubes) and would provide the illumination when required, as the liquid itself would be glowing.

    wouldn’t be able to wear it when flying though, security services wouldn’t like you getting on a plane with tube of un-identified liquids strapped to your wrist. :)

  14. avatar Jérémie より:

    WONDERFUL !!! I want it asap ;-)

  15. avatar said より:

    haha! really fun design!! But I wonder, where does the liquid supposed to go at 12:00?

  16. avatar Denis より:

    This concept very well. I wish to buy this watch. A little reminds steampank style.

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    Yeah steampunky. Cool idea! That would get many attention if you get asked on the street.