Kryptonic LED Watch Design

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

This watch design has both bits of kryptonite and Predator concepts, which gives it a feeling of one of a kind, out of this world design. The multiple levels give it a control panel feel while the italic font flows nicely under the beveled glass lens. Small pieces of acrylic rise out of the stainless coated casing giving it a whole new dimension to the kryptonite.

Alarm indicator shows on the left side of the panel with a special feature where the kryptonite counts down when the alarm goes off. 10 seconds before the alarm sounds all lights turn on and beeps, and with each beep one light goes off until all the lights go out and alarm sounds.

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36 Responses to “Kryptonic LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Alright, now you have done it! The nicest Led watch design on here. The future is here the future is now Tokyoflash all the way! What a perfect blend of well everything! Dam getting a woody, better look at some other design.

    • avatar Blake より:

      I have always wanted to buy a Tokyoflash watch but have held myself back, if this watch was made, i guarantee I would buy it without hesitation.

      That watch is ***

  2. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:


  3. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    Do you only add 3 watches to the blog a day!? …. this is killing so impatient!! haha

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Yes we get many submissions so hard to get to them all. If the design is very unique and pictures are good most likely you’ll get posted. The pictures should be decent, idea must be interesting, and description good then you have a much better chance of getting yours posted. Recently we check to see previous postings and if they have a NEGATIVE result meaning more people would NOT buy than would, we avoid posting similar designs. So best to see what is popular by the star ratings, then make some good pictures, then write a good description. Hope that helps and good luck!

      • avatar mathemagicka より:

        Your submission page says not to be discouraged if we cannot submit 3D renderings and that the idea is the most important factor, but I’m becoming quite discouraged because I’ve submitted many designs mostly in 2D, a lot of them as good as or better than Logan’s for instance (no offense to Logan), but they are not being posted. My ideas are unique and they have a Tokyoflash feel. What am I doing wrong?

        • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

          Dont worry my friend, i too have sent many unique designs never seen on the blog…i think many of us have. but because there are so many designs they can only upload a few! :O

        • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

          Ok, sorry about this. I checked both of your submission. Heather, we will get some of yours up. We are limited in staff. I do apologize for this. I know you spent a fair amount of time on them. Also Some of Logan’s designs have had very good feedback believe it or not. Some not so good, but a couple are top contenders for sure. It’s hard to know what the world likes. Keep in mind this site is being viewed worldwide, so what maybe nice in one country maybe bad in another. We are always surprised!

          Calvin. I think you submit the most designs so far! We even ask how many from Calvin today? Every day we get many variations from you. Try spending time to make the best design possible instead of many. Thank you so much for the excitement! We feel bad as we can not post all this, so I wanted to say thank you and give a few pointers that may help.

          We need something different from the Rising sun variations. I think you sent us about 50 variations and one round one. :)
          We can’t keep posting the same design with a variation. (Need to make your own blog for that :) )
          Also maybe just do 2D is better.
          The 3D no offense is quite bad quality or try improving in this area. Pick up a book on sketchup might help.
          We decide what goes up by our previous experience of what was popular, Star Rating, The Thumbs for would you buy or wouldn’t you buy? Page views, and what we need to make, plus other considerations. We see many designs where we have 90% would NEVER BUY 10% would, so if any submission looks similar we won’t post. A good design will have 90% would buy.

          Everyone thinks their designs are the best, we think ours are the best too :) But we are really making the decisions on what feedback the customers and viewers are giving us. Often we get bad feedback on our own designs too so please do not take it personally.

          Another problem is we can only put 2D images into 2 maybe 3 designs a day so many people can not use 3D software, so we do not have the staff to be able to do this, as they are busy working on other things. If the design is good in 2D we put it on a watch. If so so and many other submissions, then sorry just no other choice but to do the other submissions.

          Maybe later we can accommodate everyone. We were thinking of having a separate page to put all these posts, but then again I think we will be upsetting people. It is a very fine line and want to keep everyone happy, just think it is impossible to do.
          If we come up with a better way of handling this I’ll let you guys know.

          Some hints.
          Analogue designs.
          Ladies Designs. (Meaning 100% for women) not fits both.


          Tokyoflash Design Team.

  4. avatar Ikebukuro_11 より:

    THUMBS UP!!! Is this in solid metal casing?

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Yes metal, as plastic would make this already strange design quite childish looking. Quality materials would best fit this design we feel. What do you think?

      • avatar WS64 より:

        Definitely agree. Any plans for more colors? I think red would be a nice alternative to green. Also, it looks like the “numbers” are protruding from the watch. Do you think it would be better to have them flush with the rest of the watch so it doesn’t get caught on sleeves?

  5. avatar Vladimir より:

    Всем привет из Москвы !!!
    Срочно! хочу купить эти часы. Дайте мне их скорей пожалуйста…..
    All greetings from Moscow!!!
    Urgently! I want to buy this watch. Give me them more soon please….

  6. avatar Avatara より:

    I love the form and the contrast in colour between the lens and case. It’s really a beautiful object. I will definitely buy this watch if it becomes reality. This will be the best design from Tokyoflash yet!

  7. avatar metalgrunt400 より:

    I really love the black and green colors, Tokyoflash, PLEASE make this, I will definitely buy it if you do.

  8. avatar Ace より:

    Kinda hard to read the time, but hell, this thing is worth it just for the awesome predator design. Can you make it in blue?

  9. avatar Arsonist より:

    Exelent! I always dreamed with a Predator Desing Watch
    Make the Desig comes to the Reality!!!!
    As soon as posible!!!!!!!!!!

    P.D.: The led Color will be better in Red!!!

  10. avatar onisan より:

    Awesome wrap-around case & strap. I think Plastic would be good for this watch design, or perhaps a combination of metal & plastic.
    Display looks great, but its a bit complicated. I think you can make it easier but still keep the same display.

    For the hours, just 2 more lines & you have 11 total. (12 can be no lights) Then its easy just to count.

    For the minutes, 10 mins groups are fine & then the single mins just do (dot light=5 mins) & the other 4 =1min each (total 9)

    Now very easy to calculate, but looks the same. The only part you have to remember is the 5 min light, everything else just count.

  11. avatar honda より:


  12. avatar slanro: より:

    Ohh…..damn….You gotta make this into the production line man!Will u??

  13. avatar cracken01 より:

    WOW!!! the Predator design it’s incredible, but I can not yet understand how can i read the time? I think the problem is that I am not a Predator … but It’s really cool!!

  14. avatar deception より:

    This design is amazing! I would totally buy this without an afterthought. But I agree, make it out of solid, quality components and you have a winner.

  15. avatar said より:

    Very cool design man! The fact itis a bit hard to read doesn t bother me personaly.

  16. avatar Lenin XD より:

    Estoy enamorado de este reloj!!! Cuándo lo sacan a la venta? YA QUIERO COMPRARLO!!!

  17. avatar marcoyee より:

    i love the style but not the display
    anyway, this is nice!

  18. avatar Watches より:

    PLease produce this I love It so much all my friends want it too!!!!!!!!!

  19. avatar Mario より:

    This is the best design I’ve seen in my life, please do it ;)

  20. avatar Dorraj Oet より:

    Hi Tokyoflash,

    I will suggest the alarm on/off word to be changed to some LED patterns similar to the one on the watch face. It will beat the purpose of a predator watch when predator might not actually be able to read English. :)

    Please change the alarm on/off word into some other LED indicators.

  21. avatar Samukun より:

    I’m not a fan of counting-shapes-and-calculating-watches buuuuuut this looks great! It reminds me of predator too. The alarm word should be deformed alien-ish too. Just write in the booklet what it means xD Offer several colors please, I would like it in red (predator color, yay).

  22. avatar @@ より:

    kaukara suguni uttekure!

  23. avatar Original Designer より:

    Hello everyone I am the original designer of the Predator watch. I was told about this design by a colleague of mine, and I have to say this one is much better than mine. I hope to see it made as I will be the first to buy.

  24. avatar Zimmy より:

    Their should be an option to change the colors on it = ) id rather see Red not green… but ill still buy it i got 2 on the way…

  25. avatar President Obama より:

    Produce NOW

  26. avatar Jon より:

    Love It!

  27. avatar pm より:

    The design of the case is very good and so are the raised parts. The alarm feature is nice and so is it’s ‘count down’ feature. However telling the time is a problem. I know many love this, but I think the general concept of appearance could be maintained, but as it stands, there is too much to memorise with respect to which ‘slit’ represents which ‘segment’ of time – particularly for the hours. The minutes seem to follow a ‘clockwise’ direction for increasing minute segments. However the hours seem more random in placement and will be very difficult to remember. Afterall it would be a bit embarassing if someone sees our great new watch and says: ‘so what time is it?’ and we hesitate becasue it’s diffult to remember the segments :-) :-) Just a thought.

  28. avatar Omar より:

    Pretty cool… would definitely get it for my brother as a gift…