ixtrio watch concept

Submitted by Augustin from Switzerland

The idea of the X shape comes from a traffic light’s sign (the red one) I was staring at this sign for long minutes, highly concentrated, to make it become green… my thinking slowly derivated far from the goal, but reached an unexpected idea…

The result of the 3 X and the other digits is nicely geometrical and lets many possibilities to display time, date, chrono and may be other functions. Despite a completely different way of displaying time than the classic hands, I think it is still easy to read. With training, it even must be quite quick to get it. Isn’t it the spirit of Tokyoflash ?

You and me… and all those who are a bit curious or looking for something different and exclusive. Of course this design is sci-fi style, so people wearing this should be a bit ‘geek’, but if the feedback on the idea is positive, may be I will make a new version in a minimal-contemporary style.

The way to display time is clearly innovative and the general feeling of the design seems to suit quite ideally the Tokyoflash collection.

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9 Responses to “ixtrio watch concept”

  1. avatar Arrimer says:

    What can i say? It’s just the best case-strap design i have seen so far. I like buttons on top of case & i love the way case goes in to strap. I like this minimalistic & unique shape. Display is very easy to read & understand. Maybe i would use different colours of the led. Maybe just white for contrast with black case. I will give 5 stars for that because i would buy it if its come to life.

  2. avatar Avatara says:

    I am quite fond of the way the time is displayed on this watch design, especially the way it moves in one direction. It’s a really nice pattern too. Personally, the case and strap are quite plain (on the black version above). The silver one has a bit more interest for me.

  3. avatar Paul says:

    Several things I like about this watch design, the case & strap fit together nicely & the shape of the case is interesting.
    The display is easy to read, but still looks like an alien countdown or something like that.
    The variation with purple in the strap is a nice touch.
    The display is slightly feminine, but not overly so. I think it would appeal to women, especially the purple colour.

    The only suggestion I have is to have a option for different LED colours. Purple for women & maybe green or blue for men. The white LED can stay. Obviously you can wear any colour you like, man or woman, but some guys might not be keen on the purple even if they like the watch.

  4. avatar honda says:


  5. avatar said says:

    I would never wear anythings pink or purple. But then, that s the only bad comment I would do for this watch because I really do like i. Strap, case display… all of it!!
    Great job Augustin!

  6. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    For me looks is everything. This is really main stream for me looks wise. Reminds me of some sort of Diesel watch, which never catch my eyes, so can’t remember which one. Sure!

  7. avatar syukran says:

    Awesome combination of purple and black..

  8. avatar Makkovik says:

    I would prefer another color than purple but it’s nice to have something different than blue, green or red light. It’s nice to have date/month/year.

  9. avatar Samukun says:

    Cool case! Cool led arrangement. Little hard to read but I believe you get used to it :) Stylish and buyworthy.