Gold Ring Watch Design

Design submitted by Pasquale from Italy.

This watch design is as simple and straightforward as it appears. Pasquale came up with this concept from his wedding ring. It’s like a modern “Lord of the Rings” ring, not with text but with a watch on it!

It is a finger ring but can be made to a bracelet if it is bigger. Recharging can be done with the movement of the hand. We wonder how that works but the idea is very interesting.

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11 Responses to “Gold Ring Watch Design”

  1. avatar said says:

    Better not be late or the eyes of sauron will destroy you kind of watch? ;)

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Hmmm sure. Ladies??? What do you think of this watch design? Me as a guy, sorry never. But nice picture. Too Gold and bracelet like. Time also too easy to read. That is only my 2 cents. I am sure many other love it!

  3. avatar Maciej says:

    I would definitely buy it if it was actually size of the finger ring & silver plated. I am hoping that sooner or later it will be possible to manufacture this size of watch. Nice idea though.

  4. avatar onisan says:

    Looks nice, but i suspect impractical to make.
    Need some futuristic nano-technology from star trek to fit a watch in a ring 3mm thick.

  5. avatar syukran says:

    I am a ring person, so i would love to have this..
    And maybe with a diamond will be great because it can be made as a wedding ring.

  6. avatar Avatara says:

    This would be tiny. I’m not one for jewelry myself so this isn’t for me. I wouldn’t consider it as a wedding ring either.

  7. avatar Gundaris says:

    PLease make this watch available before xmas. This is the perfect gidt to my wife.

  8. avatar Samukun says:

    You would need 144 compartiments wich represent 5 minute spans. When you make the 12 that big it eats up the space for 15 minutes, so you need 24 more compartiments. Nevermind :) What I try to say: you dont have enough length for this size of text. I had this problem before, tehehe. With some more brainstorming and sponsors this ring could be made. Not very tokyo flashy but its a cool idea anyway.

  9. avatar honda says:


  10. avatar Merinoredhead says:

    I like the design. The numbers are a bit steampunk. Something burnished would appeal to a different audience.