Gamer’s LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Lukasz from Poland.

At a glance, this watch looks more like a gaming gadget than a device to tell time. But it tells time alright. The violet LEDs indicate hours, 5-minute segment for the greens, and single minutes for the blue ones. The orange dot indicates AM or PM. It’s a very easy read with a twist of fun.

This concept will appeal to young people who are into computer games. It indeed would be nice if it has a real gaming function, too.

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6 Responses to “Gamer’s LED Watch Concept”

  1. avatar said より:

    ho yes! The game function would be really really welcome on this watch!
    Good idea!

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Not bad for those ol skool gamers out there. Visually so so. So think if you are an OL SKOOL GAMER, you would buy this in a FLASH! Me naa, sorry.

  3. avatar onisan より:

    For this idea to work, it must be playable. Otherwise its just tempting you with something that looks real, but isnt.
    Definitely potential down this road though – licensed in collaboration with NAMCO (space invaders etc) would be very popular indeed.

  4. avatar Avatara より:

    Yeah, this is OK. I would agree with Onisan, if you could play Space Invaders on the watch too, it would add something a little bit unusual.

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Hey nice nice. Quicker time reading with 12-5-9 method. Besides that, it has to be playable. When you refer to this game, you must allow to play it. The case and straps are 80s. Not my taste but it fits the topic :) I think people would buy it then.

  6. avatar honda より: