Fusion LED Watch

Design submitted by Samuel from Germany.

It’s all about duality with this LED watch design.  It consists of two watches, one for the hours and months and one for the minutes and days.  Press them together to illuminate and read the time, press again for the date.

The ciphers are displayed digitally within a 3×5 LED dot matrix.  Instead of adjoining two ciphers to display a number, they are superposed.  The first digit glows in red, the second one in  gee.  When the two digits are intersecting, the resulting color is yellow.

Case and strap are made of a slightly transparent matte black material.  The soft straps adapt perfectly to your wrist.

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10 Responses to “Fusion LED Watch”

  1. avatar werwolf より:

    loving the pressing together mechanic to activate the time display!
    also interesting concept to use simple additive colors as read-out reference.

  2. avatar said より:

    hahahaha! Yes! I love it! Perfect for night club and house music!!

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    I love everything about this design besides how the strap is in two pieces then blends into one. Strap would be best if one piece with the two cases. Really nice design then! Presentation 5 stars! Great work buddy.

  4. avatar onisan より:

    Very nice. The range of strap colours look great & the duality concept makes it pretty cool. Some people like watches with wide straps, so I think that would work. Like the discotheque display too. Good job.

  5. avatar Avatara より:

    Now this is INCREDIBLE! Bit difficult to read but I love the double screen and the glowing LED effect through the case! Sign me up for this one ASAP! Great design Samuel!

  6. avatar Samukun より:

    Hello peope, I made this design :) Thanks for you thoughts, you really saw my joy and my problems with this watch.

    About the strap: I thought about pressing the cases together about 5mm, so the straps need to be flexible enough. One wide strap wouldnt look good when squeezed I think. But I cannot imagine what is actually possible. The connection to the case wasnt easy. Maybe the straps should blend in, without andy hinge. Oh yeah, that would be consequent, since I like the soft plastic theme pretty much.

    About the time reading: It is actual reading, no counting shapes. It takes a bit to find your way to read it. I say: 1st digit is yellow & red, 2nd digit is yellow & green. When u have your way, you can read it pretty quick while other people just look at you like a car, lol

    I am proud to be here in this blog among so damn cool watches! Creating time pieces is fun and this is the right spot to show off :D

  7. avatar honda より:


    • avatar Samukun より:


      本田さん英語ができますか。あなたの答えにも重要です。Googleの翻訳は、スーパーではない :D

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Oh I forgot to translate for you (Google translator and little japanese knowledge help)

        Honda said, the double case it cool! The “1″ might not be easy to read. He suggested a straight, simple one without unfunctional ornament. And he would like me to think carefully about the display again.

        I answered: Thanks alot for your answer. Yes, a traditional number would be easier to tunderstand. But I wanted to use the full display for the numbers. People are willing to learn and so I think one number shouldn’t be a problem.

        And I asked if he can speak english because his answers are kinda important too.

  8. avatar Aphosno より:

    It was worth to see all the old entries. Tokyo flash should place one old watch at the blog front page, so people don’t forget them.

    This one looks cool. You need some concentration though. But not more than on other watches. Very clever to superimpose the numbers, thats really a new invention! The transparent case is ****, lol I would buy it.