Buckled LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Devindh from UK.

This design is partly inspired by the ‘Tokyoflash Waku’ range and partly inspired by Apple’s integration of LEDs into their products. Devindh says, “I like the way Apple has created micro holes that are very unobtrusive, but allow the LEDs to draw attention once they are lit”.

This concept bridges the gap between jewelry and timepieces in a “buckle style” watch. The hour indicators are micro drilled to form a central focus of the watch. The outer rim divides the minutes into two sets of 30 that are visible through pierced slots. The minutes are etched onto the casing.

This watch design with its style and material is for the fashionistas. It’s an elegant timepiece that will surely make a statement.

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21 Responses to “Buckled LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Arrimer says:

    What a fantastic piece of art!! I love the way it’s presented! Shape of case is not my style. i prefer more rectangle style. Less rounded at least. Love the strap & white leather. The black version looks much better, less posh i would say. I believe silver could be good as well. In general it is a nice piece of jewellery more that a watch but still nice attention grabber. I wonder is it possible to manufacture it. There is no much room for electronics inside this case.

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @Arrimer: Thanks:) You make a good point about the watch having enough space to fit the ‘mechanism’ the proportions might need to be reworked.

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Wow that is a beautiful design. Gives a whole new feel to a watch. I think this design would fit well with a lot of fashion that is in now. Big buckle image is quite popular. The rendering is also fantastic! Maybe do a whole lineup based on buckles???

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @Tokyo Pimp: Thanks. I figured that there are already a lot of designers who are basing their watches on a ‘conventional’ band and case pattern so I decided to come at it from a fashion angle and work on material combos. I have a few more buckle variations that I would like to try out, so stay tuned..:)

  3. avatar said says:

    That is from far the best rendering I ve seen on this blog man! great job!

  4. avatar kwilkes says:

    I like the idea of using the micro holes for the LED display. I don’t like the numbers etched on the side, superfluous. Honestly, the gold tone is gaudy.

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @kwilkes: Thanks. I initially intended to omit the etched numerals, but I decided to make things more obvious because there would be no way of knowing which way was up. I don’t think a gold/gold colored/plated case is gaudy, I think the way I rendered it might make it seem that way. If it was a brushed gold finish I guess it might makes things appear less ‘showy’.

  5. avatar Avatara says:

    Hey Devindh, great effort here. I love the beautiful 3D drawings. It’s nice to see a leather strapped watch design on the Tokyoflash blog for a change. I would like to see more leather. I’m not really keen on the buckle look, although I might consider wearing the black one if it came with a black leather band. Its different, unusual and I think some people would really like this.

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @ Avatara: Thanks. I think the design needs a bit more development. The main thing I would like to change is the thickness. I approached it from the perspective of a jeweller instead of a watchmaker. I also need to rethink how the strap remains in place over the buckle. At the moment it would be easy for the wearer to move it out of place. I’ll see if I can render out a black leather version. I agree it would look good in all black.

  6. avatar honda says:


  7. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Hi Devindh, Great job done on the buckle design. We think it’s much nicer than the WAKU design. Looking forward to the other Buckle designs!

  8. avatar onisan says:

    Great. Definitely a buyer.
    Damn TF, I hope you don’t make all of these new watch designs or I need a bank loan! Ha ha.

    Looks like this would be difficult to make though – where do you put the battery & circuits?

    Good thing about this is its very accessible to anyone, men & women, & the focus is on fashion rather than geeky LED watches.

  9. avatar Denis says:

    I wont this watch! Very stylish. Unisex?

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      @Denis. Thanks:) Yes the watch is unisex. I think the choice of materials and finishes will determine which gender it appeals to.

  10. avatar Samukun says:

    The style is not my taste, buuuuuut top presentation since the renderings make people drool :) This is a cool fashion watch for Gucci fans. I like the mini LEDs. Time reading is easy. Very good.

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @Samukun: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The design will not appeal to everybody, but that’s to be expected. Good luck with your entry.

  11. avatar sovy says:

    i love this one. when can i get this watch? dont make the price too high pleeeeeaaassseeeee

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      @sovy: Thanks. Looking at the prices of their current range of watches, I doubt that Tokyo Flash would choose to produce a watch with an inaccessible price tag. If they chose to produce it in pure 24carat gold, that would be a different matter….:)