B-Circuit Watch Design – B Version Rewired

Design submitted by Maciej Mandrysz from Poland.

Another exciting and creative concept from Maciej. He says “This is a tribute to one of the best Tokyoflash products: the B-version watch. Orange LEDs combined with a circuit board pattern is something that will be a real attention grabber. The design is very clean and modern without any wicked or crazy shape, something I think many people will appreciate.”

We were excited to see this reworking of a classic Tokyoflash watch. Reading time is still as simple as the original and follows the 12-5-9 system. The central circle is showing the hours with LEDs placed in same positions as standard clock. On left we have five LEDs-each of which is 10 minutes and on the right, 9 squares LEDs representing single minutes.

This design would be perfect for sci-fi, electronics fans or young people. The clean design and bright metallic case should suit both men and women as well as those who are looking for a more serious modern and fashionable watch. The horizontal layout is very easy to read and the unique LED layout combined with lines could create nice looking animation.

Maciej spent many hours on this great concept – he feels this is his best design so far.

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13 Responses to “B-Circuit Watch Design – B Version Rewired”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Love this design! Muck cooler than the original one. I also like the orange and silver combo.

  2. avatar Avatara より:

    I like the circuit concept, it’s a theme that goes so well with LEDs. It reminds me a bit of one of those kid’s electronic circuit sets with all the transistors and LEDs. The layout is pretty impressive too, looks like a kind of control panel or something. I liked the 1259B shape too. I would definitely buy this one if it came in white!

  3. avatar said より:

    No, I would not wear that because I don t like this case shape. But the graphic is cool.

  4. avatar honda より:


  5. avatar varhodes より:

    Nice redesign of this watch! I’m still hoping to pick up an original… and I’d like to have this one too!

    Could be interesting to use the circuit patterns as etchings on the band.

  6. avatar GabrielBB より:

    I like the concept a lot, but with a different case.

  7. avatar Roels Major より:

    Excellent…..and Ellegant….

  8. avatar Jared より:

    Cool concept, but the face is a little tin in regards to height. I would need more to look at if I was going to buy this. maybe make the display bigger and rotate it 90 degrees.

    • avatar Maciej より:

      Thanks for feedback. However i must say that landscape layout was the whole point of this watch. exactly like the inspiration (B-version). I agree that electronic-circuit layout could be used with portrait style, but it means reworking all the shape & with sketching on strap could create complete new design.

  9. avatar Samukun より:

    Nice technology :D

  10. avatar William wong より:

    I like it just the way it is. Landscape is the best match for this design.
    I just dont really like the band. I had a lot of other watches before my current one.
    The band never fits well for me. But I would still buy this design.
    I can careless about the band if it means I can have the design.
    Maybe it will fit me this time.

    • avatar Maciej より:

      Thanks William. I had the same problem with the bands. They’re never fit to my wrist. I got simple solution: as soon the connection between the case & strap is standard you can use different from any watch shop. That’s what i’ve done with my Shinshoku watch, now it looks completely different, it’s like having new watch.