Alternative Digital Display watch

Design Submitted by Heather Sable from USA.

The idea came from thinking about a new way to display time as “digital”. I designed “digits” that can be used to represent 1 through 12, or 0-9 as needed. The new “digits” are based on analog number placement, which is familiar to many.

The watch itself has a metal band and a brushed metal face with a diagonal screen cut out to display the time.

The screen is black and displays these futuristic looking “digits” using green LEDs.

The first digit represents hours, the next groups of 10 minutes, and the last single minutes.

This watch can be easily read by almost anyone, yet it appears as an enigma to those that don’t know the trick – perfect for Tokyoflash!

The design of the face and the new “digits” make this design stand out from others. It is easy to read – no counting, multiplying, or adding involved.

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6 Responses to “Alternative Digital Display watch”

  1. avatar Avatara より:

    I love the overall appearance and the numbers running diagonally is something I don’t think i’ve seen before but it doesn’t look readable at a glance. Hopefully like most Tokyoflash watches, I would be able to crack it in a day or two and be reading it like a normal watch from then on.

  2. avatar said より:

    Clever display! I m pretty sure you can make something more exciting with it Heather! If you change a bit the balance of the case (a little strange I think) I m sure you can have something really really good!!

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Doesn’t scream BUY ME like many of the other designs on the blog, but still alright. What makes this special?????????

  4. avatar onisan より:

    Very clever ;-)
    Your idea for telling the time is brilliant, this is a great time concept that I have not seen before.

    The watch case itself is not very appealing, but I think the important thing here is the way it tells the time. Maybe tokyoflash can but the display onto one of their cool looking 3D models?

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow that watch made me look like an isane person xD Thats actually my calculating or counting face. The time telling it very good! Not much counting, just remembering the position on the analog watch. Even if this watch does not look fantastic in this state, we have an idea. Pretty tokyo flashy.

  6. avatar honda より: