Sport Mode


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9 Responses to “Sport Mode”

  1. avatar GabrielBB より:

    yeeeeeeesssss. We have a great design. And is so complex. I just love it. I will buy it imediately.

    It looks very modern. I would like to have a wider strap for this one, not as wide as the watch, but wider than it is.

    It would be excellent if the temperature indicator can show also the outside temperature. Maybe if you take off the watch from your hand, and left it for 20 minutes, it can also indicate de enviroment temperature, which is really great.

    The heart beat rate is a great improvement.

    The metalic case is great, but maybe a darker colour, like titanium or something. I preffer green colour, it is like wasabi, but I think if the other indicators are with different colours it will be excellent. Not too many. Maybe just two. The hours and single minutes can be green, and the 5 minutes groups can be purple, raspberry. The heart beat can be also purple, and the temperature can be in green again.

    I just love it, is so complex and cool. AWESOME TOKYOFLASH !!!!

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    I would get this in a second! Need it for my workouts. I hate the look of my sport watch now and would trade it in a Tokyoflash second.

    Please make!

  3. avatar coolte より:

    This is awesome watch.. Like it so much.. If the heart beat and body temp indicators can change to different colours then it will be excellent.

  4. avatar FuzzyGoodle より:

    I know I usually leave long complicated comments, but I won’t for this one, mostly because I don’t like it that much, but I have some concerns: What are the units on the heart rate monitor and body temperature indicator? Without any indicators, they are pretty much useless…”Oh look my heart rate is higher than it was before. I must be exercising” or thinking your body temperature is unusually high and you have a fever when its actually normal. These indicators also seem like they would be unreliable and have tons of room for error, which kind means they are just clouding up an already convoluted display.

  5. avatar Avatara より:

    I’m kind of with Fuzzy on this one. I like the overall design but there’s no gauge and the measurements seem vague. I would prefer something that tells me precisely how fast i’m running or how far. It would have to be linked to a chip in my shoe I suppose. I do love the tapered stainless case and black strap combination, beautiful.

  6. avatar pm より:

    I like the asymmetrical style and the prospect of different colours selectable by the user. I think a day/date feature could be added. I think the watch face and strap go well together, despite the different colours. Very futuristic with a touch of retro – very good.

  7. avatar Tynan より:

    this watch is great! i think i’ll buy it :) but i agree with the above comments. it definitely needs indicators for the temperature and heartbeat indicators. also, if someone wanted the colour of the leds to stay the same, it might be a bit of a hassle if the colour change button is always getting pressed (if you bump into things)

    • avatar Tynan より:

      sorry, i meant units for the indicators. and also might i suggest that the button to change the colour of the backlight be located so that it cant possibly be pressed accidentally. or you could have it so that it can only be pressed with a pointed object like a tooth pick. anyway, good job on this watch tokyoflash! keep up the good work!

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    Definitely an eye-catcher! Hard to read though, but that’s only a matter of… time :P The complex display with same colored LEDs look cool. The indicator arrangement looks sporty indeed. A little too much different shapes for my taste. If there really is a heartbeat and temperature indicator, I would buy it right away!